Oct 18

TUi NEO LVL1: Hand Saw

Category: Building, Design, Halloween by Stone Culdesac

Here is a good class that will work out well for you on Halloween.

What: TUi NEO LVL1: Hand Saw

When: 8:30 pm Second Life Time, umm, right now!

Where: Noble Classroom

Description: Are you a fan of Horror films? Know someone..errr…something that need chopping up? What you need is your very own Hand Saw. I’m not talking about your everyday carpenters’ saw, but a saw to replace your hand for finer control. Cost for this class is $0L, nothing, nadda, zilch, zero (and it’s free by the way). This is a LVL1 Class, and no prior building knowledge is required. Class is limited to 15 students. Class will be in the Noble Classroom at 8:30pm.

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[20:17] TUi NEO LVL1: Hand Saw

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