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Second Life News for October 22, 2007

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By Stone Culdesac

CSI:NY Comes To Second Life Wednesday Second Life is bracing itself for an influx of new members this coming week with the long awaited episode of CSI:NY does Second Life to be shown in the United States on Wednesday.

The episode will see Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) entering Second Life to pursue a killer who has killed a Second Life user in a case of virtual stalking gone too far.

New mantra: get a Second Life Now, you don’t have to wait to die to have a second life; there’s one available online, thanks to 3D Internet.

In virtual worlds, of which Second Life is the most popular, you can create an avatar and live a parallel life — own land, a home, have a boyfriend, go dancing at a nightclub… and now, watch Bollywood movies. People can also make money in SL (as its “residents” call it) where real commerce takes place among not just landowners and buyers but also those offering goods and services and the avatars that avail of them.

Electrolux Sponsors Second Life 100,000L$ Inventor Contest Better hurry to get your invention ideas to Electrolux, because the deadline is November 1, and the contest was just announced on October 18, 2007! Your challenge is to create useful devices that solve specific challenges in Second Life. What’s at stake is up to 100,000 Linden Dollars (L$s)!

Parents face real bills for fantasy real estate Teenagers are using their parents’ credit cards to buy thousands of dollars’ worth of virtual property, including real estate, on websites such as Second Life.

BloodSpell Launch Party in Second Life 10/21 11am PDT Hugh Hancock, coiner of the term “machinima”, sent me this tidbit about his production company, Strange Company, premiering their feature film cut of their BloodSpell series.

Video game cheats get a more serious look Assuring fair play takes on a new dimension with real money at stake.

A shopping trip, aisle by virtual aisle Butler is the founder and chief executive of Kinset Inc., a Marlborough start-up that plans to launch its first online stores this week. Kinset’s stores combine e-commerce with the kind of visually rich, three-dimensional environment that has been made popular by the virtual world Second Life and such videogames as World of Warcraft, but that would feel familiar to a conventional department store shopper.

Second Life and Cyber-Activism I have always been more than a bit skeptical about cyber-protests and virtual demonstrations. Among other things, it does not seem to me that virtual contention is very, well, contentious. Nor does it seem that participants will gain the same sort of emotional and other solidarity benefits sometimes associated with physical activism.

Serious Games Institute shows applications for the real world At a recent cocktail party, David Wortley set up a video camera to record images of the guests in the room. The video was streamed, live, into a computer-generated version of the party in Second Life, the online virtual world, where participants’ “avatars” could watch them sipping their drinks.

Is Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance Coming to Second Life? In recent days, there has been a lot of activity as investors in Second Life corporations attempt to recover assets from failed companies and their owners. The actions, as well as discussions surrounding these actions raise the question of whether Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance might be coming to Second Life.

Dresden Gallery - The Inside Gulp! I’m almost speechless… but that’s not much use to you, gentle reader, if you want a blog post to read. Following on from my last post, this is the inside of the Dresden Gallery in Second Life.

Gehry Technologies Recruiting in Second Life During the relatively brief time I’ve spent in Second Life (its only been 18 months!), I have met some incredibly high caliber architects, designers and engineers from around the world, and I think Gehry Technologies is right on target looking for recruits in Second Life with the help of arcspace.

Check out this Brand Map of the brands now in Second Life, here.


Wizardry Tournament @ Aglarond Elvenvalley I wish I would’ve seen this yesterday, but this is a sim I will be checking out this evening as a wizardry tournament sounds pretty cool. Anyone know anything about the HUD they use?

Morally Blind Prokofy takes the SL Bar Association to task again.

Day 391: Creating Poses Part 1 (Standing Pose) In this tutorial, we are going to use QAvimator to create a simple standing pose. We will upload this pose to SL and try it out on our avatar :)
Second Life: A Virtual Universe for Real Engineering First there was the drafting table and the pencil. Then there was 2-D CAD; next came 3-D drafting utilities like SolidWorks and ProEngineer. Now, San Francisco-based Linden Lab has evolved computer-aided design to its next plateau, offering free access to a computer-generated alternative universe called Second Life (SL) where users can build anything. Ironically, the SL developers did not intend to design a solid modeling tool. SL was just another massive multiplayer online experience until users spontaneously began utilizing it for engineering design.

One hundred = nine million, says orchestra Some say 100, some say 9 million, whose right? I think we all know the answer to that…

Second Life: MyControl Speedway official race The next MyControl Speedway official race is now scheduled for Thursday 25th October, with qualifying starting at 12PM PDT, with the race beginning around 1:15PM. There’s a lot going on this time, and it’ll be a great race to see. Being a Nascar fan, this is another sim I will be checking out this evening, as I have meant to in the past, just never works out that way.

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