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The Legend of Autumn Hollow

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By Stone Culdesac

The Legend of Autumn Hollow - 3rd annual Halloween event.
Here is a sim worth visiting, they have a pretty good Halloween treasure hunt, it does cost you some lindens, 50 for a 24 hour ticket. If you find all of the items you are entered into a drawing on November 1st for 1/3 of the proceeds they make from the sim. I just gave up, still have to find three items. Here are some screenshots, but no hints!

Make sure you read the legend, included below, and the rules before starting.

Legend of Autumn Hollow Reading Material

Legend of Autumn Hollow Maze

Finally, out of the maze!

Legend of Autumn Hollow Outta the Maze


Legend of Autumn Hollow I Look Scary

So, can you fellas tell me where any of this stuff is?

Legend of Autumn Hollow Crows

Here’s my audition for this weeks CSI:NY episode.


Is that the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?

Legend of Autumn Hollow Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

The Legend of Autumn Hollow

It was 3:00 am when Stephen Fonzarelli reached Autumn Hollow, a sleepy little town tucked away deep in the woods.

He was cold and tired and needed to rest. He built a small fire on the outskirts of town and sat down on a log next to it.

Straining his eyes to get a clear view of the landscape, he could see the porch light of an old country farmhouse in the distance. Lights on but no one’s home, he thought and felt a shiver run down his spine. Then he spotted the church. That’s it, the old church his late grandfather Dr. Mario Fonzarelli told him about. He remembers his grandfathers dying words as if it were yesterday.

“Please right my wrongs young Stephen, journey to the town of my youth. It is there where I made the greatest mistake of my life. When I was a young man, my father, while trying to repair our windmill, fell 80 feet to his death. In my grief, I became selfish in my thinking and created a potion I believed would bring my father back to life. All I needed was a test subject. One day my mother told me one of our dogs had died and asked me to bury him. I agreed and carried the dog into the woods behind our house. I laid Jasper, that was his name, on the ground and searched my pocket for the potion. I dropped one drop of the liquid into his mouth and stepped back. Jasper just laid there, as dead dogs do, and then to my amazement one of his eyes opened and then the other, and he lifted his head. Before I could blink he was on his feet growling and snarling, he seemed to be growing larger and larger. I slowly stepped back away from the rabid dog in small careful steps. When I got a good distance away I spun around and ran. I ran as fast as I could towards the house.
“Did you bury the dog, Mario?” My mother yelled as I got close.

“Yes Mom!” I said and I ran into the barn.

I began to think of what I could conjure to counteract the beast I had created. Hours and days went by but nothing was working. I was testing feverishly on every insect and rodent I could catch. Hoping I could find the remedy before Jasper got hungry. Then it happened, some farm animals had been killed in a particularly violent manner. Three days after that they found Herb Nightlinger dead in his field, well what was left of him anyway. He was mostly bone, his flesh had been ravaged.

That night the men in the town got their rifles and headed into the woods to kill the beast. Unfortunately they were not successful. They found the beast but bullets wouldn’t kill him. Five more men were shredded in the melee, only 3 returned to tell the tale. The townsfolk that weren’t killed quickly moved away from Autumn Hollow, including my mother and I. I have lived with the guilt my entire life. Autumn Hollow is now deserted and filled with the ghosts of the friends and neighbors I helped kill. Please grandson, you must find the Arc of Relics. Heed my words and release the restless spirits of Autumn Hollow, before its too late for me”.

Good Luck!

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