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Avilion Medieval Fantasy Role Play Community

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I saw this ad in Avastar when I was looking for the Design award winners about a one year anniversary celebration and a Masquerade Ball. The Ball will be held on October 31st, 2007 from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM SLT, in Fae Garden (Avilion), Dress in your Sunday Best the Music will be Classic Rock and the Hostess will be Lady Osiris. One will be held 6:00pm - 8:00pm SLT in Fae Garden (Avilion) Dress in your Sunday Best and the Music will be Classic Rock and the Hostess is Lady Juniper Darrow. Anyway, there is a huge role playing sim featuring a Medieval Fantasy environment, here is the note that greets you when you arrive.

Welcome, Stone Culdesac, to Avilion! You are entering a Medieval Fantasy Role Play sim. By entering the sim, you are here-by declaring that you have read and understand the laws of Avilion. Touch the gate to open it. You must “agree” to the laws to proceed into the sim.

If you are looking for the Avilion Mist Store, head the opposite direction from the gate, and head up to the Fortress!

Avilion is NOT a Gorean sim, nor do we practice slavery here. Should you try to do so, there are Drow whom would be happy to sell your body parts and Dragons that are hungry.

This is a beautiful sim, or should I say sims, there are at least four of them, and lots of stuff to explore, check out some of the beautiful shots below. While I was walking through I saw this pop up in the chat, but didn’t see anyone anywhere, so there is definitely some stuff to explore. “Knight in the Shrubbery whispers: Ni!”


Check out the huge statues as you come in, didn’t even to think to check to see who they were.

Avilion Statues

Check out the calender, lots of stuff happening here.

Avilion Lots of stuff going on

And guess what some of them were doing? Yep, dancing.

Avilion Dancing

Some beautiful shots here for sure.

Avilion Beautiful

Of course I found the mead really quick. ;)

Avilion Mead

Avilion Garden

Avilion Waterfalls

Avilion Lots of stuff to explore

This is behind the waterfalls and is now my new favorite spot, all it needs is a couple dance balls!

Avilion My new favorite spot

Second Life URL.

Avilion Order Charter

After the King, King to all, Christians and Pagans alike, passed, those non-believers sought to destroy his work. Those that loved him, believed in him, followed him to the Island, to where he was laid to rest, and it was agreed that those of this land were not yet ready for Peace.

Those with the gift of the mind, and of the sword, exiled themselves to the Island, and with the power gained by their unity, chose to save the Island by shrouding it in a Mist. Those of the Isle gave up all that they possessed, and chose the peaceful co-existence on Avilion Isle.

You stand on the shore of this peaceful lake, as you have many times before, but this time something has changed. The Mist, which had always been there, starts to fade, and the shape of an island is seen. Could this be the island that legend foretold?

Be Welcome to Avilion Isle

The lands of Avilion are Medieval Fantasy role play sims. It is important that those visiting realize that there is no “visitor tag” nor “observer” status. When you are upon these sims you are subject to each and every rule within this charter–just as anyone else.

We welcome all to our land, human and creature alike. All visitors must make an earnest effort to fit into the setting, with their character, persona, and story, and also abide to the rules within this charter. It is -strongly- suggested that all those upon these lands participate in the role play.

There are private residences here upon the lands of Avilion. These places are private and will be kept as so. Entering a private home without being welcome will result in being removed from the sim and perhaps lose of the ability to ever return to these lands.

Avilion Order Administration

Administration of the lands of Avilion and Avilion Order:

The lands of Avilion are governed and controlled by the Lord and Lady of the land. Any final decision regarding Avilion Order or the lands of Avilion rest with them.

Serenity Sieyes — Sim Owner (”Lady of the Order”)
Malakh Giles — Sim Owner (”Lord of the Mist”)

Those whom bear the title “Ancient of the Mist” are the administrators of Avilion Order. They have been tasked with enforcing this charter as well as upholding the standards of Avilion Order.

Rules and Guidelines


Clothing worn upon these sims must be medieval in nature (16th-17th century). Everyone must wear appropriate clothing on the Avilion sims, whether you be a guest or part of the community.

If you require clothing, we have provided free clothing for both men and women at the gates and telehubs of these sims.

Clothing is NOT optional. If you walk on two legs, you WILL have clothing over your body. This rule applies to everyone, including furries. Your “fur” is still considered to be skin. The -only- exception would be if you are wearing a complete AV (such as a dragon), which doesn’t make “sense” to wear clothing.

Please note, this is a mature sim, however, that doesn’t mean you can put on leather straps and pasties and call it clothing. We EXPECT all those here to exercise common sense in what they wear. You must have all your “parts” covered–no exceptions. These are not “sex sims”.

FANTASY CREATURES: These include and are not limited to, Elven, Drow, Dragon Faerie, Pixie, Dwarf, etc. You may wear clothing which “fits” the characteristics of your race. There are many choices in clothing you may wear, but you must exercise common sense in what you wear, and it MUST fit the race/character you have chosen to play.

Please note: You cannot simply state you are of a fantasy race or you are role playing a fantasy character. You MUST look and play the part of the character you have chosen. For example, if you wish to be Elven, you must have the characteristic long ears. If you are a Pixie or Faerie, you need to have wings.

HUMAN CHARACTERS: Human characters have a different dress code than fantasy creatures. If you are playing as a human female, you are automatically a “Lady” upon these sims, and must wear a gown. There are no exceptions to this rule. Human males must dress as they would have in medieval times.

SHAPE SHIFTERS: Your “current” form is subject to the above rules. If you are, for example, a human female whom shape shifts into a Drow, your human form is subject to the rules for a human female, and your Drow form is subject to the rules of fantasy creatures. You MUST make sure your current form meets the dress code.


Combat is ONLY permitted upon the sim Avilion Isle. The sims Avilion Grove and Avilion Mist are NON-COMBAT sims.

When upon Avilion Grove or Avilion Mist, you MUST have your combat meter removed or TURNED OFF, and any weapons MUST remain sheathed.

ALL weapons MUST be medieval in theme.


Avilion Isle is a combat sim, and there will be constant duels and battles taking place upon this sim. Please note that the rules of engagement and rules regarding combat upon Avilion Isle are subject to change, and will as time passes.

Combat System: The current accepted and authorized combat system is called “Spell Fire”. This system requires special weapons to be used.

Spell Fire is available at Stone Keep

NOTE: The Spell Fire combat system is temporary.

Rules of Engagement: The current rules of engagement are always available at the telehub on Avilion Isle (at the Battlegrounds). These rules will be changing frequently, and announcements when new rules are added will be issued.

Below are several rules which are absolute:

1. If you are wearing a combat meter, you agree that you are flagged as being COMBATIVE, and acknowledge you may be approached and fought at ANY TIME. There is no “pause” or “time out” button. If you are wearing the meter, you have flagged yourself for player-vs.-player combat.

If you do not wish to be flagged for player-vs.-player combat, do NOT wear the combat meter.

NOTE: Once combat has begun, you may NOT remove the meter. You must accept the outcome of the battle. Should you remove the meter you will be subject to the wrath of the administration.

2. Homes, residences, and merchant areas are strictly NON-COMBAT. Any area outside of these is open for combat.

3. Disputes regarding combat should be worked out by the conflicting parties. This is for FUN, remember that. We are adults, act like one.

4. All “shields” (scripted shielding system) are not permitted and must be removed.


You are welcome to join us, however, we ask that your sub/slave is not leashed, and they not be expected to perform sexually in the public eye. We do not openly practice any kind of slavery here, please respect this.

ALL subs/slaves MUST be dressed according to the dress code. This dress code will be enforced.

You may do what any two consenting adults want to do, in private and behind closed doors.


Why can’t you fly here? Because you have to have permission from the Lord and Lady.

To be able to fly, you must be of a race which allows it. To be accepted into the “Winged” role, you must meet qualifications in terms of your character and must ALREADY be in Avilion Order.


The lands of Avilion have a very limited space for merchants. All merchants are chosen and picked in response to the needs of the community.

This is due to the merchant space being free. To apply for a store here upon the Avilion sims, you must send a notecard with a description of the wares you sell, why you wish to have a store here, and also a landmark to your largest/main store.

Send your request to Serenity Sieyes or Malakh Giles, along with an IM stating you have done so. Your request will be evaluated based upon your descriptions in your notecard as well as the needs of the community.

Merchant space is very limited here, so it is very possible that no merchant areas will be available. If so, your request will be held on file until a space opens.


Be responsible while upon these sims. If you bring someone here, you are responsible for their actions. If you bring your group here to role play, the leaders of your group will be held responsible for your actions here.

Have common sense, use your head, and most importantly, remember this is for FUN. We are all adults, so let’s all act like one.

How to Join Avilion Order

To join Avilion Order, you must agree to the above rules and guidelines. You will be responsible for upholding these guidelines and your actions will directly represent the Order. Once you have joined Avilion Order you will be responsible for any friends you bring here. It is your duty to make sure they know and accept the above rules and guidelines.

If you agree to the above, you may fill out an application to join Avilion Order. The application contains several questions which need to be filled out to the best of your ability.

Please note: Your account must be at least two weeks old for membership.

Lady Serenity Sieyes and Lord Malakh Giles will uphold the rules within this charter. Those in the Order whom choose to break these rules or act Intolerant will be removed and banned.

1. Residences upon the lands of Avilion:

There are residences available upon the lands of Avilion. These residences are -only- available for members of Avilion Order, and have special requirements.

For more information regarding residences, please contact an Ancient of the Mist, Malakh Giles, or Serenity Sieyes.

2. Sub-Groups within Avilion Order:

You may not create and use groups in the name of Avilion Order nor any of the Avilion groups without the permission and blessing of Serenity Sieyes or Malakh Giles.

This includes any references to the lands of Avilion in group titles, charter, or structure.

The only sanctioned and accepted sub-groups of Avilion Order have Malakh Giles or Serenity Sieyes as both founder and owner of the group.

Ending Comments

The sim administration reserves the right to change and/or modify these rules at any time and at its discretion.

Avilion Grove, Avilion Mist, and Avilion Isle are privately owned and operated sims. The owners of these sims are Serenity Sieyes and Malakh Giles, and ultimate authority rests with them alone.

Please be mindful, that being on these sims is a privilege and not a right.

End of charter.

Definitely worth checking out. Lots of things to explore and see, and if you are into role playing medieval times as well, this may be the sim for you.

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