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Avatar Hair Guide for Beginners

Category: Appearance, Editing Your Appearance, Hair, How To by Stone Culdesac

Found this blog post from April of 2006, Hair Editing 101: The Ultimate Salon Guide for Beginners, that is still a very good resource for users who want to modify their hair in Second Life.

Prim hair is an addiction that most of us female type creatures have in SL. But, even with our favorite designers, there are many styles that suffer from “if only” issues:

If only the tint were slightly darker…
If only that one strand wasn’t in my eyes…
If only I could shrink the whole damn thing just a smidge…

With most hair, this kind of minimal editing is possible. It’s detail work, but with a few simple precautions and some close attention, you can have your perfect hairstyle, and wear it too. Source: Hair Editing 101: The Ultimate Salon Guide for Beginners

Some of the topics covered:
Step I: Fitting (Moving/Adjusting Entire Wig While Worn)
Step II: Rez and Copy
Step III: Edit (Resize Entire Wig)
Step IV: Edit Linked Parts (Moving or Resizing Strands)
Step V: Unlinking Linked Parts (Removing Individual Strands)
Step VI: Tinting (Entire Wig or Individual Strands)
Step VII: Texturing (Entire Wig or Individual Strands)

As one of the commentators said, “WOW.. ok.. I think that is the most helpful how to that I’ve read yet.” And they are right, check it out.

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