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Second Life News for October 29, 2007

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Playing Catch-Up: Business News Briefs Manchester Evening Star has a nice follow up article on the launch of virtual Manchester, UK last February. According to the story the Manchester International Conference Center has plans to offer virtual exhibit space to compliment exhibitors’ RL installations.

Fashion & Fantasy Ball and Costume Contest to Draw Fashionistas and Residents to Sim Elysian Isle is hosting a Fashion & Fantasy Ball on Wednesday, Oct. 31 at 5pm SLT for Halloween and the event will include a Fashion & Fantasy Costume contest with celebrity judges. The event includes dancing, refreshments and Second Life celebrities and will take place on Elysian Isle in the Rose Garden.

Google Making their own “Second Life”? The Arizona Republic notes an interesting rumor— Google is reportedly working to create a virtual world that will take-on Second Life. The company may be testing the project at Arizona State University.

Day 398: Zero Point Zero Point is one of the Second Life Galleries. It’s undoubtedly one of the best light and texture displays in Second Life, and an amazing exhibit of modern art.

Live Second Life in a virtual world It was with some chagrin that I remembered the Gleamers after I began to form my disdainful opinion about people who participate in the virtual world called “Second Life.” Second Life is a community in cyberspace in which an SL member creates a virtual “self.”

What will the month of November tell us? Well it’s just about here, November, will it be a month that starts revealing a few answers? Will the concurrency levels, hitting over 50,000 residents online more frequently now, continue climbing?

The Office - A Viral Approach to Second Life Almost - but deliberately, not quite - slipping under the radar into Second Life this week was the hit US TV comedy: The Office. Based on the UK version, but reworked for an American (and indeed worldwide) audience, The Office purports to chart the fortunes of a small, struggling stationery company through the eyes of a fly-on-the-wall documentary team. Unlike most such remakes, this has been a critical success on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ten Questions for Daniel Terdiman about Second Life Entrepreneurship With all the hype surrounding Second Life and claims of its burgeoning ecosystem, it’s not surprising to see a how-to book come to market.

Resident-Reported Inventory Loss Survey Launched This post announces a survey that is a new part of the Resident Inventory Loss Analysis project. The Inventory Loss Reduction Initiative, that this project is part of, has already eliminated one major cause of inventory loss. We are now working to identify and eliminate all other causes.

YAAR! The Pirates of Sanchon The captain and crew of the barque HMS Endeavour, a 400 ton SL replica of Captain Cook’ ship of 1860, find themselves press-ganged into fighting a series of sea battles aboard pirate brigantines purely for the entertainment and amusement of the pirate Admiral Benson Willis. During a sword swinging melee ashore the Endeavours become cornered in the old Ben Bow tavern. In the ensuing dust-up Clasico Cassini’s foot crashed through rotten floorboards to reveal a rusted strongbox . Back on board, the crew pried open the strongbox to discover an ancient map.

“Creating Your World” sells out first print run I’m at the in-world book launch party being thrown for Kim Anubis (a co-author of Creating Your World: The Official Guide to Advanced Content Creation for Second Life), and she is in a great mood.

Suncorp GM: Second Life trumps videoconferencing Second Life is potentially a better communications tool than video conferencing, according to Gavin Keeley, General Manager of Solutions at Suncorp Metway.

“I believe the conversations before and after the meeting can be as important as a meeting itself,” Keeley said in an interview with SearchCIO.com.au. “In the sterile environment of a conference call you do not get the pre-and-post-call interaction.”

CNN Goes Virtual As news organizations slash budgets and scale back bureaus, CNN is expanding—except not in real life.

In the week of Nov. 5, the news giant is set to open a news-gathering outpost in Second Life. And unlike news service Reuters, which embedded a real reporter in the online virtual world last year, CNN will rely on Second Life “residents” to do all the legwork.


20 trends defining virtual worlds in 2007 So, I spent two days soaking up presentations, viewing demos and talking to people at the Virtual Worlds Forum Europe conference in London last week. I’d label myself as an interested participant - I’m enthusiastic about the potential of virtual worlds - but nowhere near as steeped in their culture as most of the other attendees.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 20 trends and ideas that I picked up at the conference, which seem to be the most important and/or interesting ones affecting the development of virtual worlds right now. They’re entirely subjective, of course, but I think they’re all valid points. See what you think…

More Second Life Lawsuits Just last week, Eros LLC was finally able to name a John Doe in its trademark case, and now Eros is caught up in another suit. Along with five other Second Life content creators, the company has filed suit against Second Life user Thomas Simon for copyright and trademark infringement after Simon allegedly duplicated and sold thousands of products using the avatar “Rase Kenzo.”

Ginko is Gonezo Ginko is Gonezo? Yes, so it seems — as the phrase on the SL forums has it — but the fat lady hasn’t sung — or rather the blue fox.

Shaun Altman, who, as the largest stakeholder, took over the attempt to liquidate the Ginko assets, is going to be posting something Nov. 1st. I won’t steal his thunder, but it’s one of those “good news/bad news” sort of things, I guess depending on how you look at it.

Metanomics Event Today 11am - Building, Marketing and Media in Second Life Today at 11am SLT Metaversed presents another compelling session of the Metanomics series. The event’s host, Professor Robert Bloomfield, has entitled it Building, Marketing and Media in Second Life.

Second Life to get mobile client in Japan? My Japanese language skills aren’t what they should be (i.e. I can’t read a word), so I can’t say much about this story on the TokyoZERO website. However, the images should be enough to give you an idea: they appear to show a full Second Life browser running on one of Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo’s FOMA handsets. Meanwhile, the diagram indicates Sun’s involvement.

Cavalli for Hennes & Mauritz… Did He Shop in SL First? When a few weeks ago I saw above campaign shot (by Terry Richardson), mise en scène during an actual party at Cavalli’s Tuscan Mansion I could not help but notice how similar the clothes are to things I already own in Second Life. Lets take a closer look for comparison.

An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of Second Life, with particular reference to its use in education.

‘LivePlanet’ Dies In ‘Second Life,’ ‘Warcraft’ As I predicted, a pair of news sites launched by LivePlanet to report on social world Second Life and game world World of Warcraft failed to live up to expectations.

Neither Grid World News, which aimed to be “the premier media outlet for Second Life,” and Azeroth World News, which boasted it would “exclusively report all the news within the [Warcraft] universe,” have been updated since the beginning of October, after having been announced a few months earlier.

Games Conference Hosted on Second Life Island The University’s School of Computing and Intelligent Systems at Magee, broadcast its first conference live on Second Life – a virtual world populated by seven million users worldwide.

The Serious Games Awakenings conference, hosted by the North West Regional College, in collaboration with the University of Ulster, brought together key figures from the world of software game development.

September 2007 Service Quality Metrics Posted We have updated and expanded the Second Life Service Quality Metrics page through the end of September 2007, and as promised, we’re including the Viewer and Region crashrates and performance statistics on that site instead of in the Economy metrics where we temporarily posted them in July.

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