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Second Life News for October 30, 2007

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By Stone Culdesac

Here’s one I hadn’t seen mentioned before the Dazzle Project from Linden Labs, from Torley, Introducing Second Life’s ‘Dazzle’ user interface update! At Linden Lab, I have an opportunity to work on many projects which are both intriguing and exciting. In hopes of sharing such intrigue + excitement with you, I wanted to let you in…

I’m helping to get the word out about the Dazzle project, which is our codename for the Resident Experience (Rx) Team’s visual update of the Second Life user interface — you know, all the windows you move around, buttons you click, and other things you interact with to control your inworld experience.

CNN Supports Citizen Journalism. In Second Life. In an experimental move, the news company is not only moving into the realm of virtual reality, but it’s enabling Second Life users to create the content. What’s more, is that CNN will also be providing tutorial resources for breeding these virtual citizen journalists. Guidance will be offered by heavy hitters like Larry King.

Is Second Life a Panacea? I read a heartwarming article in the Seattle Times on October 7th about Second Life improving the quality of real life for many. It talks about a wheel-chair bound woman who is able to find physical freedom to walk, run and dance in Second Life, an autistic fellow who is able to learn social cues by chatting in Second Life and a man with agoraphobia (fear of going outdoors) who was able to conquer his fear of going outside by taking one step at a time from Second Life out to First Life.

Does ‘Second Life’ need CNN’s resident journalists? On my way to work this morning, I came across an item in MediaWeek talking about how CNN is planning to inaugurate a substantial citizen journalism project in the virtual world Second Life.

The idea is that CNN will distribute kits to Second Life residents that will make it possible for them to “transmit copy and photos” back to the network, which could, presumably, run the stories or images on its Web site.

Immmersive Second Life platform: Real 2nd Life! At the Laboratory of Eidomatics of the University of Milan, in cooperation with Eximia, the RFID company, a new interface has been developed for visualizing Second Life environments, and interacting with them.

SLPTO Offers Second Life Content Creators Suite of Intellectual Property Protection Tools The Second Life Patent & Trademark Office, has opened its doors, offering Second Life users a suite of new intellectual property protection tools.

Too many arrows spoil CSI: NY Don’t tell anyone, but I decided to get an alt so that I could get the full experience of downloading the ESC viewer and experiencing CSI: NY. In this rendition of my CSI experience, I won’t go into all the troubles I faced getting my alt, my experiences with the Electric Sheep Viewer, OnRez, and the disappointment I felt being unable to meet up with ace reporter Justine Babii, so we could strut our stuff as virtual detectives.


Second Life: It’s Everywhere! Have you seen the CSI: New York episode where they go into Second Life (SL) to catch a murderer? It was an interesting episode but, even more interesting, is that they have created a version of New York within Second Life along with virtual crime scenes and now allow you, the viewer to play games, investigate crimes and become involved with all aspects of the television show virtually.

Book party for “Second Life Herald” by Peter Ludlow and Mark Wallace Of all my favorite memories as a reporter, there may be none higher on the A-list than what happened in Peter Ludlow’s hotel room late one night in Austin, Texas.

Welsh researchers hold their forum in Second Life’s virtual amphitheatre In what could be a fitting way to present research and development findings about digital learning toolkits, a research team from the Institute of Digital Learning at the University of Wales, Newport held their forum in a virtual amphitheatre of the popular Second Life.

Second Life Sex Toys Spat Spurs Real-Life Lawsuit Six vendors operating in the online virtual world Second Life have filed a real-life lawsuit against users they claim stole their intellectual property. The suit dealing with acts in Second Life is the first of its kind. “Punching through the veil of the computer to go after avatars is the brave new world of cyberlaw,” said technology attorney Raymond Van Dyke.

Podcasting Roundup Okay, it’s Monday. You don’t want to watch the fake news or lame entertainment or listen to the rant-and-shriek radio… what is there to do?

Why, listen to some SL-related podcasts, of course!

OnRez rezzes… As I mentioned once before, in conjunction with the CSI event, the Electric Sheep Company released its new third-party Second Life viewer, named OnRez. It’s now freely available to all SL resis, whether you’re doing CSI or not (though, for the time being, it makes you flip through a CSI intro screen, I expect that will end fairly soon).

Virtually Halloween Chris and I went to a Halloween party lastnight. Not a conventional one mind you..but a very cool virtual one. We were actually the hosts of the party.

New search functionality has promise I’m encouraged by the work being done on an improved search interface in Second Life. Here’s hoping he’s right and this will help newbies at least.

Protest on IBM’s SL campus causes exit of top IBM exec? In late September, IBM’s vast Second Life campus was inundated by an international coalition of labor union supporters, who arrived as avatars to protest a paycut levied against staffers in the company’s Italy division. (Among them, a pro-labor banana and at least two off-message geometric shapes.)

Real Lives, Virtual Worlds, Real Reputations The Financial Times has the article, Real life intrudes on the virtual world, which might be worth taking a glance at. The premise is pretty straightforward, and has been something debated for some time:

“On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog,” says one pooch to another in front of a computer screen, in the famous 1993 New Yorker cartoon.

Deruth-ing HUD Just what it says, a De-ruthing HUD.

Kick Me in the Virtual Nuts Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert is coming to Second Life and says you can kick him in the nuts.

DK enters ‘Second Life for Teens’ Dorling Kindersley is reaching out to teens to promote its Christmas title Do Not Open, with a new promotion through teen-focused online virtual world Habbo Hotel.

Tips for Second Life Presentations Previously I have discussed the interface of the standard Second Life client. But on this post I’m looking at how people can step up beyond their usual real world methods when giving a presentation or talk in Second Life (SL). Now I’m not an expert on Second Life, but I have noticed a few things that work and don’t work when presenting a talk.

Tateru Nino’s Mixed Reality Headcount: Top 10* Corporate Sites in Second Life How well did RL corporate sites engage SL’s community? Tateru counts heads…

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