Oct 30

The Librarians and ABC Island

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Looks like ABC is joining the ever growing group of TV shows that are appearing in or featuring a virtual world like Second Life. According to Australia’s Second Life News Source, SLOz, the Australian made comedy, the Librarians makes it’s debut this week and there is a tie-in event scheduled on the Melbourne Laneways section of ABC Island. While Second Life doesn’t appear on the program, I don’t think, they are drawing people in for an event on their Island, so it will probably be worth checking out to see if it is funny and to see what kind of stuff they are going to do inworld. If your cable company does not offer it, you can watch it online here after 10pm, I assume that is AEDT time zone. The following night they will hold a discussion about the episode.

When: Thursday November 1st at 7:30pm AEDT, 5:30pm (WA) 1:30am SL time (PDT).

Where: Melbourne Laneways section of ABC Island

The Librarians, is a new six-part comedy series from ABC TV, based around the highly-strung head librarian of an outer suburban Melbourne library.

This new social satire premieres on Wednesday October 31 at 9.30pm AEDT. Or if you can’t watch it live, you can view it online at http://abc.net.au/tv/librarians/from 10:00pm.

Then on Thursday night, in conjunction with the ALIA, Emerald Dumont - a librarian avatar from the Australian Libraries Building - will host a discussion.” Source: ‘Librarians’ tie-in on ABC Island this Thursday

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