Oct 31

Saving Lindens and Inworld Fashion

Category: Second Life Money, Shopping by Stone Culdesac

Just some news and posts about sales and fashion in Second Life.

Laynie’s Weekly Wrap - Oct 31, 2007 Then I popped over to Diversity for their sale. That Cobain style everyone’s been wondering where it is? It’s back, and retextured so it’s even better than before.

Unique Skin… Made Affordable by Tête à Pied It looks like skins are the new black on the grid. Everyone and their mother seem to be determined to make skins. I’m not judging the quality of the efforts here, but it is hard to keep up with the industry these days.

Calico Creations Items reviewed: Elizabeth, Diana, Sarah II and Calico hairstyles.

As mentioned before in my silent sparrow review, I met Ms. Ingmann through the Simone! Supermodels contest. I won’t rehash, you can go read the silent sparrow review. I’ll also note that I was supposed to be showing Calico hair at that show I couldn’t model in, sooo… here’s the review instead! Hope that makes up for it somewhat. I’ve been meaning to do a review on her hair anyway, since I wear it a lot and use it in my jewelry ads.

Review of Fetch Alternative! I’ve got more pics than usual for you, so pay attention. There is some cute clothes from Fetch Alternative that I want to show. The designers are Vanessa Cardway and Matteus Boa. I was lucky enough to score a pair of jeans that aren’t even out yet, and I practically live in jeans, so I am a happy girl!

Twinsanity! Lots of bargains listed at the bottom.

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