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Second Life News for October 31, 2007

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Linden Lab responds to Wonderland scandal Linden Lab has responded to our request for comment about the Wonderland scandal with a statement. The statement was issued just minutes ago by Lewis PR, Linden Lab’s external public relations handler.

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life Now, I know that a lot of people are skeptical these days about whether it’s even possible to make money in Second Life. Much of that skepticism stems from the fact that there was a huge amount of hype over the last year about big companies coming into SL and setting up six-figure builds, only to discover that they don’t quite know how to make them pay off.

Second Life Lawsuit Lands in Real-World Court Here’s a legal riddle for you: how does one party manage to sue another for the theft of items that, in reality, don’t exist?

A federal district court in Brooklyn, New York is facing such a dilemma. Six Second Life merchants that sell their wears in the virtual world of Second Life are suing a Queens’ man for the theft of their – go figure — “adult-themed virtual objects.” Most objects are not adult-themed and include shoes and clothes. But others are more exotic.

Cisco Announces Winners of Connected Life Contest Earlier this year, Cisco invited consumers to share their ideas for future telecom services and entertainment options through the Connected Life Contest. The most innovative and compelling entry would receive a $10,000 grand prize, and 10 runner-up winners would earn $1,000 each. Here are the winner.

Paedos target Second Life online Paedophiles are targeting the online virtual world of Second Life, it was claimed today.

Police are investigating reports that “child” computer characters are offering sex and pandering to the sick fantasies in the virtual world which has 10.5 million members.

CNN: User Generated Journalism in Second Life Reuters embedded a reporter in Second Life. But starting the week of November 5, CNN is venturing into Second Life, giving Second Life citizens kits that will allow them to transmit photos and information back to CNN.

The Office in Second Life - An Update I just received the following, from Kiwini Oe of Clear Ink, as a comment on my recent post about The Office in Second Life. Rather than leave it there, where few might stumble upon it, I thought I should post it so that more people get a chance to read it…

10pm MDT Second Life chatlecture on building community 9pm PDT (SLT as well) tonight Tom (and myself since he invited me) will be talking about building community virtually. If you read this blog, or the conference blog, or Tom’s, you’ll know that building and supporting community are big deals to us.

CSI:NY Shrinks By 93% A virtual recession may threaten the metaverse, as service workers hired to meet and greet noobies suffered mass layoffs today. The layoffs are part of a significant downsizing in the number of CSI:NY sims - perhaps due to a less than enthusiastic response to shark jumping, couch potato marketing of immersive games to television viewers. At this time last week, some enthusiastic reports were suggesting that CBS television’s CSI:NY/Second Life hookup could yield as many as 1 million new players. However, that enthusiasm has been tempered by reality.

What’s next for the Electric Sheep? Do Electric Sheep dream for Avatars ?

The Electric Sheep Company, perhaps the world’s largest content design company for virtual world platforms, has big plans beyond its high-profile CSI:NY experience in Second Life that includes more movie and television mash-ups, possible widgets, and a viewer for mobile phones.

Quicklinks - Brooklyn Law Review on Virtual Defamation, Dove Lane on Going Mainstream, and Orient Lodge on a Trademark Cease & Desist Letter VB runs “Virtual Law Quicklinks” whenever we have a backlog of interesting items that aren’t big enough for full posts. Here’s today’s batch.

Can Twinity Foster Creativity and Economy in Virtual Cities? In a few months, Twinity, a virtual world based on virtual cities, will open in beta. Metaversed got an initial brief, and tour of the alpha system last week. The overall impression was encouraging. Some of the differences in how the system will work over other worlds may make or break the fledgling world created by German company Metaversum, who are keeping many of the final details under close wraps. One things for sure though: Of the many new worlds in pre or closed beta currently, this is one of the most exciting.

Abuse Report I missed part of the office hour today with Robin Linden, but I’m told it was about griefers with particles, lack of response from trouble tickets, and copyright theft. It’s funny, we live in a blogosphere and Twittersphere and Concierge chat and we think “everyone” knows about Stroker Serpentine’s case — leading to one of those famous great New York Post headlines, “Booty and the Geek” — but in fact not “everybody” knows.

Unexpected chat at BNT financial meeting reveals Hacking Incident So on Sunday evening I went to a meeting for bank customers of BNT financial aka M2B bank. I was pretty much hearing the regular PR pitch from the Bank exec about hope for the future and the expected opening of their ATM’s. I should mention only 6 or 8 people came to the meeting which is a sad display of SL resident’s interest in banks at this point in time.


ASTRALCOM SL Deploys Mobile Aerial Messaging Solution in Second Life ASTRALCOMSL, the in-world division of ASTRALCOM Digital Business Solutions a US-based company, today announced that they have completed their commission to develop a solution for its Boston, MA client that wished to provide messaging services in a mobile aerial format in the skies within Second Life.

The messaging solution includes the deployment of a customized airship, or blimp, that can be flown throughout the skies in Second Life and will allow for passengers to fly in the blimp, while also displaying messages via side panels on the blimp as it flies.

Second Life is powerful teaching tool The online program Second Life has been taking the world by storm for four years now, according to www.secondlife.com. It is an online world where the players create everything you see besides the land space itself. It can be used for many different purposes including: social networking, business strategies, stock market play, business ideas, product development and now education.

WSPA to open in Second Life World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has become the latest brand to use virtual world Second Life to raise awareness. The charity has begun building office space, meeting rooms and an auditorium in the virtual world.

Kathy Schrock’s Second Life Challenge Those of us who have been in Second Life for a while will likely nod our heads in agreement with much of Kathy’s October 26th post on her Second Life-specific Lighthouse Learning blog. (Kathy is well known to many educators by way of the Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators).

Katharine’s Second Life The creator of Ajaxlife has decided to leave Second Life, one of the reason’s cited was that a significant portion of the grid seems to hate her. Katherine, I bet we can find a great spot for you on an Island, who cares about the rest of the grid. Via Second Life Insider.

Second Life Havok4 Beta Preview (2007-10-31) Simulator and Database Refresh starting at 5:00 PDT Tonight we will be taking the Second Life Beta Preview offline for maintenance starting at 5:00pm PDT. The Beta Preview is expected to be back online by late Friday, if not before. During this offline period we will be performing a set of updates…

Knowledge Base Article of the Week, Volume 2 This week’s Knowledge Base article is about how to sell land, with emphasis on selling land to a specific Resident. Whether you’re playing the real estate market or just transferring a parcel to a friend, it pays to make sure your sale goes as planned. By following these steps, you can protect yourself from any unwelcome tricks this Halloween… at least as far as land sales are concerned!

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