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^ASL^ Texture Basics & Practice

October 28th, 2007 | Category: Building, Design, Education, Textures

What: ^ASL^ Texture Basics & Practice

When: Oct 29, 2007 7:00 am - 8:00 am (Monday)

Where: Eson Second Life

Tags: Education Eson learning Second Life Ziyal Ochs

Description: The Academy of Second Learning Presents… Texture Basics & Practice Instructor - Ziyal Ochs

In this class you will learn the basics of using textures in Second Life including theory and background information about textures; how to upload and download textures; and getting hands-on practice using textures by building a little lamp for your nightstand.

This class is INTERMEDIATE.

PREREQUISITES: ^ASL^ Basic Building 101 and ^ASL^ Basic Building 102 Students should be able to do the following comfortably: rez prims; work with basic functions in the Object tab of the Build window; link, name, and save objects; and apply textures and colors to objects.

ASL - Taking you to the next level!

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Mystical Mastery’s Journeyman 2 Animated Envelope

October 28th, 2007 | Category: Animation, Building, Education, Textures

What: Mystical Mastery’s Journeyman 2 Animated Envelope

When: Oct 28, 2007 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (Sunday)

Where: Mystical Mastery Second Life

Tags: DrFran Babcock Education learning Mystical Mastery Second Life

Description: Mystical Mastery’s Envelope Greeting Giver NEW CLASS-Looking for guinea pigs, er, beta testers.

Sunday, October 28, 2007 1 PM SLT Room 727 on Mystical Mastery’s

So, the holidays are coming, and you want to send cards to your buddies in SL? This class will teach you to make a large envelope and a notecard that will pop in and out of the envelope to deliver a greeting or invite, or love message.

The back story: DrFran won the services of Sendao Goodman at auction last Relay for Life in Second Life, and the scripts for the envelope are the result of that auction.

So, if you are ready to try something different, something fun ( I INSIST ON FUN IN MY CLASSES)

The usual stunning textures and helpful teaching will apply.

Instructor: DrFran Babcock Journeyman 2 Location: Room 727 Slurl:

Prerequisites: Rez, edit, link, copy and manipulate prims; put scripts in prims, and be creative! Cost: Free class.

Second Life URL.

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NCI Class: Sculpties 1 - Basics & Rokuro

October 28th, 2007 | Category: Building, Design, Education, Sculpties, Sculptured Prims

What: NCI Class: Sculpties 1 - Basics & Rokuro

When: Oct 28, 2007 10:00 am - 11:00 am (Sunday)

Where: Fishermans Cove Second Life

Tags: Education Fisherman’s Cove learning NCI Writer Second Life

Description: NCI Class: Sculpties 1 - BASICS & ROKURO Instructor: Metaphor Box & Gramma Fiddlesticks Location: NCI Beach (Fisherman’s Cove) Sky Classroom When: Saturday, 10am to 11am, 1 hour

Pre-requisite: Building 1 - Basics

Learn to make sculptured prims in Second Life!

Move over torus. Sculpties are here! No longer are we limited to pre-defined building block shapes in Second Life. The new Sculptured Prim allows residents to define their own prim shapes!

Learn what a “sculptie” is, how they are created, and how you can get started creating your very own sculptured prims (without losing your shirt on expensive 3D modeling software).

Please download and install “Rokuro” ( ) prior to attending this class.

Second Life URL.

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Treasure Quest

October 28th, 2007 | Category: Treasure Hunt

What: Treasure Quest!

When: Oct 28, 2007 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm (Sunday)

Where: Bunyip Second Life

Tags: Bunyip Education learning Rudhmellowen Laguna Second Life

Description: “Ahoy all ye mateys, comeon’ aboard, the next Treasure Quest has begun!”

The quest has become so popular we have added new locations and extended the number of days it takes place. You now have the last ten days of every month to enjoy this fun with us. THAT’S RIGHT 10 DAYS !!!

Explore Second Life, and the many wonderful locations it has to offer in pursuit of treasures as you get clues, solve puzzles, and gain wonderful prizes along the way! Can’t wait? Neither can we!

First clue located at the Treasure Quest Head Quarters!

Be sure to join the Treasure Quest Hunters group for help, extra clues, friendly banter, and updated information about the hunt.

Second Life URL.

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Avilion Medieval Fantasy Role Play Community

October 28th, 2007 | Category: Places to Visit, Roleplay, Sims Worth Exploring

I saw this ad in Avastar when I was looking for the Design award winners about a one year anniversary celebration and a Masquerade Ball. The Ball will be held on October 31st, 2007 from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM SLT, in Fae Garden (Avilion), Dress in your Sunday Best the Music will be Classic Rock and the Hostess will be Lady Osiris. One will be held 6:00pm - 8:00pm SLT in Fae Garden (Avilion) Dress in your Sunday Best and the Music will be Classic Rock and the Hostess is Lady Juniper Darrow. Anyway, there is a huge role playing sim featuring a Medieval Fantasy environment, here is the note that greets you when you arrive.

Welcome, Stone Culdesac, to Avilion! You are entering a Medieval Fantasy Role Play sim. By entering the sim, you are here-by declaring that you have read and understand the laws of Avilion. Touch the gate to open it. You must “agree” to the laws to proceed into the sim.

If you are looking for the Avilion Mist Store, head the opposite direction from the gate, and head up to the Fortress!

Avilion is NOT a Gorean sim, nor do we practice slavery here. Should you try to do so, there are Drow whom would be happy to sell your body parts and Dragons that are hungry.

This is a beautiful sim, or should I say sims, there are at least four of them, and lots of stuff to explore, check out some of the beautiful shots below. While I was walking through I saw this pop up in the chat, but didn’t see anyone anywhere, so there is definitely some stuff to explore. “Knight in the Shrubbery whispers: Ni!”


Check out the huge statues as you come in, didn’t even to think to check to see who they were.

Avilion Statues

Check out the calender, lots of stuff happening here.

Avilion Lots of stuff going on

And guess what some of them were doing? Yep, dancing.

Avilion Dancing
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Second Life 1st Annual Architecture Competition Winner?

October 28th, 2007 | Category: Awards, Places to Visit, Sims Worth Exploring

I was just checking out the four finalists for the 1st Annual Architecture and Design Competition in Second Life, well, I was just checking out the three you can visit at your leisure, the first one listed, Berliner Tanja Meyle’s “Living Cloud” project, is a cloud surrounding her avatar Creatina Ferraris and is not only a transportable house; its variability brings in an association with the idea that the house is just an extension of the body of the person who inhabits it. “Living Cloud” is thus a fascinating metaphor involving what could be referred to as the private sphere. It also brings about concrete encounters and communication in virtual space. You have to instant message Creatina Ferraris to get a look at it, here is a pic from the SL Awards site.

Living Cloud

The second listed finalist is Whitenoise by Max Moswitzer from Vienna and it consists of so-called freebies, which are comprised of a growing architectural structure of virtual objects that can be acquired free of charge. The objects require only a minimal number of so-called prims, the construction elements in Second Life. Here are some pics I took while checking it out.


Whitenoise 2

Whitenoise 3
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Second Life News for October 28, 2007

October 28th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

World Bank Presents Global Doing Business Report in Second Life The World Bank presented their fifth annual global Doing Business report in Second Life yesterday. It was a notable effort to expand knowledge and understanding about the work of the World Bank to end poverty across the globe. Case in point as to the need for that very effort: Nobody Fugazi and Canuckflack (two very tuned-in people) wonder how the clients of the World Bank “many of them living in remote corners of the internet” were supposed to sign on to hear the presentation.

World Bank Launches Report in Second Life Another international organization is hitting the beaches of Second Life. On October 26, the World Bank is releasing the latest report from the Doing Business group:

“…“Second Life, as a global community with residents from more than 100 countries, is an ideal venue to host a virtual launch of a report that compares how easy it is for people to start and operate a business in 178 economies,” Dahlia Khalifa said.

World Bank In Second Life The World Bank is holding an event within Second Life to present the ‘Doing Business 2008 Report’; the event is listed here.

SL Creators File Suit Last Wednesday, I posted about a long-running permissions bug that has allowed certain unscrupulous individuals to duplicate content in Second Life and sell the items for profit. I fully expected either a DMCA takedown to be issued, or possibly a lawsuit.

Helping Newcomers - and Listening Last night, after posting the IIR piece, I joined my friend and fellow blogger ugotrade (Tara5 Oh in Second Life). She was just back from a conference in London, and wanted to see what she’d missed in Second Life over the last week. I suggested she might want to form her own opinions on the CSI:NY islands, and found her the busiest orientation site I could - with around 12 people on it.

Distinguished Speaker Presentation at Colorado Technical University, October 27, 2007.

Second Life Security Remains The Undiscovered Country The Wishfarmers debuted a new Second Life project for a client today (it went swimmingly, thank you!) and of course spent a little while afterward, reviewing coverage.

Along the way, I ran across a discussion about “Second Life Security” on one of the newer ‘in-world’ media outlets. I haven’t seen one for a while, so I gave it a read wondering if perhaps anyone had yet realized that what actually constitutes “virtual security” has hardly, if ever, even been discussed.

Have you been to Manchester’s Second Life yet? Manchester’s alter ego in the virtual world of Second Life is now over six months old. So, have you visited yet? If you haven’t, then you’re certainly not alone because not many people have.

Are Land Barons Obsolete? The dream of every geek, especially the nihilists who hate middle-class civilization, is to remove land valuation from the equation of virtual worlds. They really hate it with a passion. They know deep inside that land — land in the old meatworld sense of earth, or land even in the sense of space on a server — is a bulwark against their own powers and “code as law”.

Kelly Services Expands Presence With Launch of Virtual Headquarters in Second Life Kelly Services, Inc., a global human resources solutions provider, today announced the launch of its virtual headquarters in the three-dimensional, on-line world of Second Life.

The second half of Kelly’s virtual presence will debut on Friday, October 26, 2007 at 9 p.m. EST (6 p.m. SLT). Grand opening activities will include a streaming, live blues concert by renowned musical resident Komuso Tokugawa (come early as his shows tend to fill up quickly).

My first book, ‘The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life,’ is published Well, one of the things I’ve been doing for the last seven months is working on a book, and it was published on Monday. The title is The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life: Making Money in the Metaverse, and, as the title implies, it’s a guide to planning, building and maintaining a profitable entrepreneurial venture in the popular virtual world.

The Diner at Eternal Flames Our newest venue boasts a retro feel, lots of music, and burgers on the grill! Events can be held indoors or out, and the venue is in clear view of the media pier, for those Saturday nights at the drive-in. The road around the island is almost complete…bring your Hogs and Vettes, and take you honey for a spin!

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Second Life News for October 27, 2007

October 27th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer Release Candidate Update Linden Labs has posted a new release candidate, but, it has numerous bugs that keep it from being “officially” released. Some residents in the comments who have tried it say it has helped them, one was having problems with textures, others report it is worse, while most are just going to wait, like me.

The Geek Keyhole on Second Life This is a post about the huge perception problem we all face in SL, and it’s time for those of you who can understand this to declare war on it, in ways that I’ve hardly been able to do in Second Life as much of an Infamous Antagonist as I’ve been — the walls of geeky perception really need to be broken down and the geeks really, really need to stop seeing through their keyholes.

Some Random Thoughts on CSI:NY As the hubbub starts to subside on the whole CSI:NY thing, I thought I would record some of the stuff that’s been rattling around in my head over the last few days.

Dwight Schrute gets a ‘Second Life,’ still needs a first one On Thursday night’s episode of The Office on NBC, dweeby Dwight Schrute (played by Rainn Wilson) revealed himself to be a Second Life addict–something that doesn’t require any suspension of disbelief.

Mobile operator Orange launches Orange Island in Second Life More from the virtuality / mobility crossover: operator Orange has opened Orange Island within Second Life, taking a different tack to Vodafone’s recent debut of Inside Out. Instead of letting SL users make virtual calls, Orange is trying to build more of a community experience. The island is the work of agency Metaversatility, which will be helping Orange’s team on new projects and content going forward.

The future of virtual worlds The Virtual Worlds Forum in London this week brought together a bunch of business people, technologists, entrepreneurs and marketers to network and exchange ideas around virtual worlds. I had wondered if there was enough activity in the UK for a conference like this to make sense in the UK, but more than 400 people showed up and it felt to me as though it caught the wave just about right.

Make-Believe College Emerges in Second Life Those who want to relive their college years — the Greek houses, sporting events, or late-night cram sessions at the local pizza parlor — can now do so thanks to a role-playing game, Kindly State University, that arrived this month in the virtual world, Second Life.

Who Has ‘Metaphysical Jurisdiction’ In Second Life? Before the end of this sentence you will have to make a choice between the blue pill and the red pill, for as soon as we step over the period we will enter an alternate reality and it will not be easy. Lawyers are looking into virtual worlds like Second Life, studying whether the environment is suitable for regulation and asking who has “metaphysical jurisdiction.”

UK government to police virtual worlds like Second Life The UK government has pledged to start policing virtual worlds such as Second Life. Government minister Lord Triesman was talking at the Virtual Worlds Forum in London when he vowed that the authorities would start to address causes for concern such as ID fraud and money laundering.

CSI:SL — The Dawn of the Mainstream Second Life A page gets turned, and Second Life is now mainstream.

For us residents what this means is that from now on, we’re not “early adopters” any more.

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Second Life News for October 26, 2007

October 26th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

By Stone Culdesac

A Second Look at Second Life…A New Practicality Emerging For Virtual Reality Technologies? A few weeks ago, I was far from the first to speculate pessimism on the viability of virtual reality site Second Life as a marketer’s dream. A few recent articles have prompted me to revisit the topic of virtual reality; one which validates my thinking on Second Life, but a couple of others that discuss remarkably exciting and practical uses of 3-D and virtual reality technologies.

‘CSI: NY’’s Second Life Adventure Was Delightful — But Not Revolutionary. At Least Not Yet. CSI: NY’s episode in Second Life was a total blast. I went into it with pretty low expectations, and was delighted throughout. It was a heck of a lot of fun — and it got Second Life right in spirit, even though the SL portrayed on the show was much faster, more stable, and had much better graphics than the real thing.

Don’t miss the CSI:NY “Down the Rabbit Hole” featuring Second Life! Gwyneth Llewelyn finds a BitTorrent so she can watch the CSI:NY episode, Down the Rabbit Hole, since she doesn’t have a TV. She writes a nice review though.

‘The Office’ Gets A Second Life Seems that Dwight Schrute is all about the new technology, as he’s going to show off his Second Life avatar in an upcoming episode of The Office. We can only imagine how this will be treated within the context of the show, which should be hilarious, especially given that it’s Dwight.

Dwight explores Second Life on NBC’s The Office tonight The NBC comedy seems to enjoy taking on the occasional geeky topic. On October 25, or tonight, the show will take another step in that direction. In an episode titled “Local Ad”, Dwight will log onto Second Life, and, well, hilarity is bound to follow.

Librarians and Second Life The latest discussion in Second Life, the virtual world, was What is important for librarians to learn about Second Life and what role should they be taking? This discussion was led by Maggie Kohime (Lyn Parker in real life) yesterday in the Centre for Information Literacy Research, Eduserv Island.

Presentation to the National Library of Australia. 14 February 2007 by Kathryn Greenhill, coordinator of the Australian Libraries Building on Cybrary City in Second Life.

“Second Life” Challenges the Boundaries of Law in Cyberspace Virtual reality is fast becoming a mainstay in today’s modern culture of computer savvy citizens all over the world. [1] It is a concept of real time and space existing within a construct comprised entirely of a dynamic, streaming assembly of 1’s and 0’s of binary programming language, translated into an individual’s online world.

CSI:NY airs episode featuring Second Life - impressions Popular CBS crime-based science-fiction series, CSI:NY aired last night across North America, featuring Second Life as a major feature of a two-part story, the second part of which is due to air in February 2008.

House of Flames Festival in Second Life The House of Flames is offering a unique opportunity for an artist to open an entirely new marketing channel by performing as part of a festival taking place entirely in Second Life. With just a little preparation, an artist can play to an international audience, with the ability for listeners to click through to a web site to purchase or download the artist’s music.

Underworld: A second life for virtual bluesmen Technologies has launched its Innovation Isle in Second Life, a popular virtual world internet site. Wipro is said to be the first Indian company to establish a virtual brand presence.

Five Quick Tips to Enhance Your Second-Life Experience Photos: Make the Prim a Light Source. One: When creating pictures for your Second Life home using snapshots, consider turning the prim into a light source to make the image look better.

Torley’s thoughts on the CSI:NY Second Life episode Ah, popularity! Some or many of you may’ve heard that there’d be an ep of CSI:NY featuring Second Life, titled “Down the Rabbit Hole”. It aired yesterday, and while I wasn’t directly involved with the internal machinimations at Linden Lab to make it possible, my respects go to my fellow Lindens and Electric Sheep Company personnel who were — and I got to enjoy watching the episode as a (pretty much) casual bystander, curled up on the couch with my wife JennifeRavenelle.

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Dwight’s Second Second Life - Watch It Online

October 26th, 2007 | Category: RL Meets SL, TV

By Stone Culdesac

For the person who wants to be even more removed from society, Second Second Life, or at least that’s how Jim referred to it.

I believe that’s how he said it; anyway, it was pretty funny, about what I expected from Dwight, who said, he signed up a year ago to Second Life because his first life was going so well that he wanted a second one.

Some links from the Office section on

Watch full episode of the Office here, looks like they put up every odd numbered episode, they have posted the new one, it is called Local Ad and you cn watch it right now online. Pretty cool NBC, now I can watch the end of it, as I think I feel asleep. ;)
Schrute Space Dwight’s blog.

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Tzopelic Chantli: Verdant Utopian Encounter

October 25th, 2007 | Category: Aribella Lafleur, Places to Visit, Sims Worth Exploring

By Aribella Lafleur

The heady scent of frangipane clung in the air, dismissing all our mundane cares with the strength of its perfume. Submerged in the rugged wilderness, my merry band attacked the undergrowth with cutlasses, long knives, scimitars and… a spoon. At this juncture I felt an explanation of the correct usage of cutlery was required, and proceeded to lecture them on matters of table etiquette, after first confiscating the spoon.


The rainforest of Tzopelic Chantli yielded reluctantly to our fevered slashing, although after an hour we had made enough progress to see glimpses of red peeking through the foliage. Within a short space of time we broke through to a picturesque clearing overshadowed by a sweeping mountain range. We stepped out of the trees, heading towards a whimsical toadstool house, adjacent a droll little leaf swing, which was swaying gently in the faint breeze. Perched upon seats of bright fungi in the shade of the quaint dwelling, we supped on tea and crumpets….


With weapons in hand, we forged upward to the zenith. Reaching the summit, my drowsy company of marauders would go no further. Feeling no desire to weary myself with flogging them, I wandered around the peak, searching for a cool spot to stretch out my legs and rest. Without warning the ground beneath my feet caved way and I collapsed into a vast, cool cavern, splashing into an underground lake. Leaf litter, soil and debris fell atop me, muddying the crystal-clear, frigid water. The once-sweet liquid increased in turbidity as my eager crew plunged in around me. Scouting around the hollow we found signs of previous habitation behind the waterfall which supplied the mountain lake.

Behind the Waterfall

Green glowing rocks in the cavern walls and floor gave off an eerie glow, making my companions look fiendish as they dove off the rocks to break through the surface, showering me with a fine mist. Fishing my sodden luggage out of the pool, we followed the light out through the gaping mouth of the grotto to the balmy jungle beyond.

Traversing rivers by tenuous bridges and entangling ourselves in root systems of majestic arboreal giants, we slowly hiked through the untamed wilds until we encountered a staircase reaching up to the heavens….

Sitting on the Bridge

With much trepidation I ascended the treacherous steps. Loud complaints from my fellows, as they ported my baggage up the slope, began to set my head throbbing. I would have ordered one of my crew to carry me to the top, were it not for the likelihood their clumsiness would cause my rapid descent to the bottom….
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CSI:NY What Do You Think & the Aftereffects

By Stone Culdesac

Well, as usual I missed the first 20 minutes of the episode, daggone kids ;). Anyway, if someone wants to let me know what I missed, I would appreciate it. I am currently downloading, again, the OnRez browser, and it is going painfully slow, about 1/10th of my normal download speeds, so I wonder how many potential users Second Life is losing right now. I wish I would’ve copied my previous download to my flash drive now, dangit.

So, I will limit myself in this post to talk about the episode and virtual New York. More and more avatars are showing up, but most have been here awhile, and as my download is stuck at 3%, we may not see too many newbies for awhile. As I type this, the download site has gone down a couple times at least, I wonder if anyone has been able to get it as the logged in numbers have not changed much tonight, or, they are separate and secret, like everything else.

So, I don’t know what to think about the download, either they planned poorly, or many more tried to get it than they planned for, either way, they should have had some other sites to download it from, such as Amazon S3 or Second Life itself. This is certainly a poor way to start thousands of possible users in Second Life, at least they could download the client from Linden Labs, if they knew how.

Mozy Pera
There was one lady here answering questions, but she left after a bit and no one was there to help newbies. The beautiful Mozy Pera, a veteran of SL and accomplished builder, and I helped a few of them, we tried to take some dancing, which probably wasn’t the best move, although I can see one still shaking his groove thing right now. Mozy and her husband were helping some the last I chatted with them. Mozy said, “I think the people who are involved in that CSI sim should have been around to offer some support to visitors, “networking is the key to success” …and there was nobody on that sim to offer anyone any help getting around when I visited. I felt bad for the noobies….many were so new and so lost.” She mentioned having trouble getting anything to work, couldn’t download the toolbar or the OnRez browser. I hope some try at least one more time, or visit Second Life site itself and get the SL viewer. Visit Mozy’s sim Pera Home & Garden Center for some great deals on all kinds of cool stuff, waterfalls, furniture and more.

While the sim certainly could have used some help, what I saw of the show was very good, it didn’t try to make anyone look like a loser, the fight scene was okay, although, I don’t really have an opinion on the hand to hand fighting yet, as I have not tried it out. I saw somewhere someone was complaining because they thought he was using a gamepad or something, when it looked to me like a numberpad from the keyboard, but, again I missed the beginning of it. Of course it leaves you hanging at the end, the show itself will wrap it up in February, but you can try to catch her inworld, the whole point of the sim.

Note: The download is working fine now, so either everyone quit trying or they fixed the problem, still no more users online than before.

On the orientation section of Virtual New York City, they have several stations setup to tell you how to do stuff. You can even get a Rookie Detective Badge.

NY Orientation

Some basic help and a message from Anthony Zuiker.

NY Orientation 2

How to communicate and meet the team.

NY Orientation 3

Test finding the evidence and checking to review in the toolbar.
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