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Second Life News for November 30, 2007

November 30th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: WORLD AIDS Day 2007 in Second Life : expanded Quote from the site - Please join us at HealthInfo Island for World AIDS Day 2007 on December 1st!

From: The Economic Times Now, technology decides your workplace Quote from the site - Ask Ranjani Ranganath, Senior Managing Director, Global Development Centre, Cisco, where her office is and she points to her laptop, a web cam, a pair of headsets and a Nokia E 61i.

From: Winonan Your virtual classroom awaits you Quote from the site - Welcome to, a global Web site designed to create a virtual world, or a second life. Create an avatar, or character, and walk around in a 3-D world to communicate with other avatars. Using Linden dollars, an avatar can buy or sell clothes, furniture, cars, anything. Build a house. Build a business. Create a market. Live another life.

From: Peace, Earth & Justice News PEJ News Establishes Home in Second Life Quote from the site - Thanks to the generosity of Hayduke Ebisu, the Peace, Earth & Justice News established a new home in Second Life November 29, 2007, on Commonwealth Island, a beautiful, Eden-like environment where many progressive organizations have established a virtual home.

From: Virtual Harlem to open in Second Life Quote from the site - If you are an educator or someone interested in the Jazz Age of the 1920s, wouldn’t it be exciting to visit or take your students to locations where jazz of the period could be experienced? Harlem, NY or even Montmartre in Paris would, no doubt, be included among those stops.

From: Second Life Blog Billing Emails to Basic Accounts Quote from the site - Between November 21 and 25, we erroneously charged membership fees to a group of free, Basic accounts. Of course, Basic accounts are not subject to membership or VAT fees.

From: Second Life Blog New Viewer: Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer Now Available! Quote from the site - The Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer is now available. Again, with your help reporting issues in the Issue Tracker and participation in public bug triages, we were able to find and fix bugs in the Release Candidate viewer before making it the latest download. Thanks for your help improving the viewer!

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Havok4 Beta Preview Refresh with New Fixes (2007-11-29) Quote from the site - The Second Life Havok4 Beta Preview has been refreshed with another set of issue resolutions in place…

From: Second Life Blog New WindLight First Look Viewer! Quote from the site - It’s that time again! We’re proud to bring you a new version of WindLight First Look! Read on for the bug fixes…

From: Second Life Blog [RESOLVED] Temporary Issues Within Second Life Quote from the site - As many of you may already be aware, there are currently issues with search, mapping, teleporting, display of inworld L$ balances and other features within Second Life.

From: New World Notes Avatar Avant Garde: Metaverse Orchestra Turns Avatars Into Musical Instruments Quote from the site - Last month, Pavig Lok summoned me mid-performance into the opera house of Intempesta Nox (direct SLURL teleport), to attend a live music performance. Not Residents playing real instruments streamed as audio into Second Life, as usually happens– here, instead, the avatars themselves were the musical instruments, spinning like digital tornadoes around the audience.

From: Shopping Cart Disco AmberScam Project Quote from the site - Oh, look what popped up again.

From: Reuters Second Life News Center Kenzo rejects settlement offer in copyright dispute Quote from the site - Thomas Simon (Second Life: Rase Kenzo), the defendant in a virtual goods copyright infringement lawsuit, has taken a pass on a US$7,000 settlement offer, he told Reuters on Tuesday.

From: metaversed Higher Education Takes On The Virtual World Quote from the site - On November 26th we held the latest session of Metanomics, focused this time on higher education. Our guests were Chris Collins of the University of Cincinnati and Benn R Konsynski of Emory University.


From: Financial Director CIoT opens up shop in Second Life Quote from the site - Tax Anderton, the avatar representing the CIoT, is to wander through Second Life dolling out tax advice for people in an online environment

Yet another example of the profession trying to connect with ‘yoof’ comes from the Chartered Institute of Taxation, which is dipping its toe into the virtual world that is Second Life.

From: The Mancunian Way Go on a cultural tour of Second Life Quote from the site - It seems everyone’s getting into Second Life but if you’re still not sure what it might house that interests you, then this weekend’s event at the Whitworth Gallery could prove useful.

From: Domino’s Pizza topping £1m in weekly e-sales Quote from the site - Domino’s Pizza recorded an all-time high last week as UK internet sales hit the seven figure mark for the first time. Domino’s has used 15 different new media platforms in 2007, including search marketing, viral campaigns and a virtual store on Second Life.

From: Tying the Virtual Knot Quote from the site - I had one of those weeks in Second Life where everything seemed to be about partnering. I’ve got an online sister getting married, another friend breaking up, and a third friend who, when I told her I was writing a show on partnering, suggested I make it three words long: “Don’t do it.” So what is partnering, exactly?

From: Digital Urban Arc to Second Life: Geographic Data Direct to Second Life Quote from the site - As part of our research project funded by the National Centre for E-Social Science we are working on Second Nature Island (part of the NATURE group) on importing geographic data into Second Life.

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Second Life News for November 29, 2007

November 29th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Gamine Expedition Children’s Rights in Teen Second Life Quote from the site - By way of the MAGIC network, another cool example of gamers using machinima for political expression, this time through a 5-week-long initiative led by Global Kids (with support from UNICEF) and taking place entirely within Teen Second Life.

From: Ambling in Second Life Show Me Shiomi Quote from the site - Another short post for you tonight, and another one strictly for Japanese Sim Collectors. This is the island of Shiomi, owned by Japanese v-learning company, SF3.

From: Health: Second Life Quote from the site - Nanci Schenkein was once a real life event planner but an illness took it all away.

From: Government Executive State Department dispatches virtual jazz ambassadors Quote from the site - In 1956, at the height of the Cold War, when the United States was engaged in an ideological battle with the Soviet Union, the State Department dispatched a new kind of ambassador to carry its message. In an innovative bit of public diplomacy, State sent jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and his band on an acclaimed tour of the Middle East, Asia and South America.

From: msnbc Early adopters driving Web 2.0 explosion Quote from the site - God bless the early adopters — the technology industry would be nowhere without them. But they’re very different than the general consumer.

From: More news on Virtual Reality Room for Educators and Non profits Quote from the site - If you were an educator, wouldn’t you dream of taking your students on exciting field trips but the location is across the country, or even across the ocean? How about a holodeck in a virtual world where, with the click of a mouse, you can be in New York, Chicago, or visiting Chateau Villandry on the Loire river?

From: Tom Cotton’s 8109 My Second Life leaves me with seven to go… Quote from the site - edna’s 10th birthday bash was quite an event. It was multicast through LiveClassroom and Second Life. Not only a birthday but also a celebration of edna’s constant evolution, simultaneously launching the myedna / service.

From: Your2ndPlace The Magic Circles And Second Life Quote from the site - Lately, the phrase ‘Magic Circle’ has been in articles related to Second Life. ‘Is a virtual world publisher within the magic circle?’ is one such example though the topic itself seems almost too subtle and too much of a reach.

From: eFoundations Reflections on a DIY streaming experience Quote from the site - As mentioned here and here, I spent Monday in Birmingham at UKOLN’s Exploiting The Potential Of Blogs And Social Networks workshop in order to video-stream the event live onto the Web and into Second Life. I want to use this blog entry to summarise what we did, why we did it, what worked and what didn’t.

From: Massively This week’s patch process not kind to Second Life Quote from the site - Yesterday saw the preparations for today’s rolling Second Life update - an ‘update to core systems’ (Linden Lab have never really explained what that means, but we can reasonably assume we’re talking central databases, monitoring systems and a chunk of the backbone code).


From: digicmb Academic Research on Second Life Quote from the site - Survey some 170 institutions with a presence in Second Life.

From: Virtual Church Proving Real for Some Quote from the site - Diane Karney was tired of being a short, overweight, 42 year old whose chin-length brown locks revealed a few too many gray streaks. So, she turned herself into Jillian James – a thin, tall, 20 year old with long red hair. An extreme makeover? Radical plastic surgery? No, Diane simply logged onto Second Life, a three-dimensional virtual world created entirely by its residents. It looks very similar to a video game environment.

From: Drupal gets a Second Life framework Quote from the site - Objects in the Second Life virtual world can now be more easily integrated into Web sites running the Drupal content management system thanks to a new third-party module creator released this week.

From: UKPRWire Claremont gets a Second Life Quote from the site - Claremont Group Interiors, the largest office interior design firm outside London, are set to become the first company to offer serviced office space in Second Life, with their virtual building ‘The Breeze’ going live in November.

From: Intel Blogs There is a hack! (for Second Life and the Intel 965 Chipset) Quote from the site - There are hacks for everything, right? Well I have this brand new HP 6910p with the Intel 965 Express chipset running Vista and I could not get onto Second Life. Everytime I tried to connect, it would ask me if I wanted music and then it would crash. Well I thought, maybe my HP doesn’t like music.

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TUi NEO Level 3: Gazebo with chimes

November 28th, 2007 | Category: Building, Design, Education, Furniture

What: TUi NEO Level 3: Gazebo with chimes

When: Nov 28, 2007 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Wednesday)

Where: Technical User interfacing Second Life

Tags: Education Hempz Rebel learning Second Life Technical User interfacing

Description: TUi NEO LVL3: Gazebo with chimes Instructor: Hempz Rebel Duration: 1 hour Prerequisites (if any): Able to complete LVL 3 courses

Clear night.. sparkling midnight sky. The walk, just the two of you as you spot a beautiful gazebo in the distance. The closer you move toward it the louder the lovely chimes are heard from the midnight breeze. You spot a pose ball, you sit, lean back and relax…. .. so nice. Come on to TUi and make your own gazebo with all textures, scripts complete with poseballs and animations are included.

In the process, learn the basics of several key features of building in Second Life:? - Creating, resizing, and rotating prims - Texturing and coloring prims - Prim linking order - Script placement.

Second Life URL.

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Virtual Starry Night, the Second Life Van Gogh exhibit

We mentioned a blog post from New World Notes, on one of our daily news articles, called the The Best of Second Life’s Ten Best of Second Life, so I thought I would go through them so our readers could check them out if they wanted to.

The first one is Virtual Starry Night, the Second Life Van Gogh exhibit, a sim dedicated to his artwork, with 70 Van Gogh masterpieces from all around the world, each of which you can buy a copy of while you are there. You start out in the square in front of the yellow house that he lived in.

Van Gogh’s Yellow House

Cool see through sections

Lots of great examples of his artwork are all over the place.

Van Gogh paintings

Van Gogh paintings 2
Read more

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Second Life News for November 28, 2007

November 28th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: The Insatiable Zoe Connolly December Party for Second Life Bloggers, Royal Caledon Air Force, and all Caledon Quote from the site - The December Second Life Bloggers Party will be held in 2 parcels in 2 sims in Caledon Mayfair/Penzance on Sunday December 16th from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM.

From: geek gastalt ‘Second Life Herald’ book pulls back historical curtain on virtual worlds Quote from the site - If you’ve followed virtual worlds at all over the last four years, the name Urizenus Sklar will probably mean something to you.

Uri, as he was known, was the muckraking journalist who founded the Alphaville Herald, a blog that reported on, among other things, the seedy underbelly of Electronic Arts’ disappointing virtual world, The Sims Online.

From: Ambling in Second Life Al Joins Fuji Staff Quote from the site - A short one tonight, since I’m a bit pressed for time. In the same general area as last night’s Toshiba island I came across Fuji Staff. At first I assumed it was an island intended for the staff of photographic company, Fuji. While exploring the sim I came across a solitary web link, which told me rather less than I had hoped.

From: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life Read The Second Life Herald by Peter Ludlow and Mark Wallace Quote from the site - I just finished reading Peter Ludlow and Mark Wallace’s new book, The Second Life Herald: The Virtual Tabloid That Witnessed the Dawn of the Metaverse. And I liked it.

From: Massively LNLBT back in business in Second Life Quote from the site - The story we ran about someone brute-force hacking several Second Life banks has a happy resolution, at least for one of the banks: LNLBT is back in business, and their insurance is back in force with The Rock as well.

From: Second Life Herald To Each Their Own - A Primer on Gorean Culture From Two Sides Quote from the site - I’ll be honest. I’m not entirely sure how to write this article. Pix asked me to write a story about Gorean culture, which I knew next to nothing about. She wanted me to find out if the recent griefing increases have affected their population, weakened their demographics. To write about their culture.


From: A Real Girl in a Fake World Confessions of a Wow-tard Quote from the site - It struck me last night that one of the reasons I really like World of Warcraft so much these days is that I have no emotional attachment to it. Playing WoW is something I enjoy doing whether I am questing alone, with a couple of RL friends or with members of the guild or random people doing quests in the general vicinity.

From: Massively Linden Lab on Battery Quote from the site - You may recall that earlier this year (May 12) Linden Lab split their Sansome Street, San Francisco office in two, moving roughly half of their staff to the office around the corner in Battery Street, all observed by curious San Francisco residents.

From: VTOR Heineken passes up advertising inside SL Quote from the site - Ian Delaney is a self-described “SL naysayer” but his blog post about how the beer company Heineken looked at Second Life and chose to pass up having a presence in world offers some interesting tidbits about why a company might be skittish about taking their brand in world.

From: Second Life Blog Rolling Restart in Progress Quote from the site - As announced previously, we’re performing a rolling restart of the Second Life simulators to update the service to server code version 1.18.6. The changes are primarily internal, providing infrastructure for new viewer functionality changes coming up in the Second Life 1.18.6 viewer which should be available soon.

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Second Life News for November 27, 2007

November 27th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: The Roanoke Times Whatcha gonna do in your second life? Quote from the site - Liza Field said in her Oct. 20 column that she had been reading some poems of ancient Zen poets, many of whom considered age 70 to be the “age of enlightenment.” She went on to report how ex-Roanoker Judy Furr continues her work for our environment as she enters her 70s.

From: Economic Times Marketing in the new age media Quote from the site - Social networking is not only for the gum-chewing, game-playing, post-industrial .mp3 generation. It is pervasive and will change the way marketers, media owners, and users interact.

From: Educause Connect Second Life can be better than real teaching Quote from the site - One of my favorite places in Second Life is the Music Academy Online, if you are a music lover and you haven’t visted Benton Wunderlich yet, you need to get there. I met Benton through Joskie, a fellow Educator Coop resident. At my first visit to the music academy Benton was hosting one of his weekly Wednesday night dance parties (9pm) where he was pulling songs from his vast music collection.

From: nashua telegraph Online avatars are helping the disabled fight back Quote from the site - After suffering a devastating stroke four years ago, Susan Brown was left in a wheelchair with little hope of walking again. Today, the 57-year-old Richmond, Va., woman has regained use of her legs and has begun to reclaim her life, thanks in part to encouragement she says she gets from an online “virtual world” where she can walk, run and even dance.

From: Cnet Asia President Arroyo hangs out in Second Life Quote from the site - One of my best buds and fellow gamer, Gabby Dizon, co-owner and head honcho of FlipSide Games (a local game development company), made the news again recently because he was asked to create online avatars of President GMA and other notable IT personalities for the Philippine National Innovation Strategy in the National Innovation Summit in Makati.

From: International Business Times Mindwave, Body-control Technology Pioneered for ‘Second Life’ Avatars Quote from the site - Virtual citizens may one day use their bodies and brainwaves, not their keyboards, to move their cyber identities in online worlds, Japanese technology researchers hope.

From: Fox6 San Diego Second Lives Led by People Online Quote from the site - A petite blonde woman walks down a brightly lit street in the community of “Diegoland.” Replicas of the Gaslamp District, Balboa Park, even the Hotel del Coronado are visible. But this is not real life. It is “Second Life.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer Release Candidate (RC2) is now available Quote from the site - We’re getting closer to finalizing this viewer release! Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer Release Candidate (RC2) is now available. Please go to the test software page to download to try out these pre-production viewers.

From: Videoconference Tips & Techniques edna’s Second Life Party Quote from the site - (Education Network Australia) is 10 years old so they threw a party. Some people attended on-site - drank wine & ate cake. Others attended in Second Life - drank wine & ate cake. First we had the speeches (they were happening in the real world & ‘beamed’ live to us)…

From: The Story of My “Second Life” Best educational use of a virtual world 2007 - VOTE NOW! Quote from the site - It’s been days since I’ve blogged - crushed with multiple of RL priorities at the moment including preparations for two presos at an upcoming EdTech conference at Kean University starting Friday - but wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that the edublog award voting for 2007 is now underway and the virtual worlds category is filled with great contenders, including EdTech Island, Jokadia Island, Schome Park, Second Life in Education, and Suffern middle school in Second Life.

From: Arroyo activates virtual self in Second Life Quote from the site - President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is now literally “in the game.”

Arroyo activated her virtual self called an “avatar” in the Second Life online video game and community as part of the launch of the Philippine National Innovation Strategy in the National Innovation Summit in Makati.

From: Second Life Blog [STABILIZED] Interruption to In World Services Quote from the site - We’re experiencing interruptions to many in world services, including reliable mapping, TPs, search, and correct updating of L$ balances.

From: The Click Heard Round the World Fundraiser dance party for equine therapy center on December 16 Quote from the site - My friend Veri Oddfellow passes along the news about a Second Life fundraiser party for a neat cause called Great Strides. Great Strides is a Maryland-based therapeutic center that employs horses to help people with mental disorders.

From: Grid Expectations Common Courtesy Quote from the site - [15:30] Random Avatar: Hello Shopping Avatar, welcome to Corporation XYZ

Imagine there is an avi named Shopping Avatar, and she has just TP’d in to a store called Corporation XYZ to do some shopping. She is greeted with the benign statement above upon entry.

From: What Is This Crap Never Piss Off Radar Quote from the site - Okay, so I renewed for my mall office on Collins for another two weeks, but then the red-flags popped up on quite a few of the neighboring lots.

From: caliah Some thoughts on avatar identity and style Quote from the site - The Orange series of panels on Identity sparked a brief and engaging conversation with another attendee whom I had the pleasure of meeting previously at a piano concert by Gideon Kappler - Lili Brink (for the non-SLers on my list…yes, Orange the cellphone provider). I’m used to being very enthusiastic, at least in one-on-one conversation, in discussing one of my favourite topics - the particulars of how people choose to represent themselves in online worlds (not necessarily graphical ones).

From: Dr Chris Paton MEFANET 2007 Quote from the site - I presented via videoconference at MEFANET this week. We used a Polycom set-up in the University’s videoconferencing room.

Chris Paton presents at MEFANET 2007 on 3D Anatomy, Adobe Flash Learning Objects and Online Communities.

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Second Life Financial News

November 26th, 2007 | Category: Banking, Second Life Money, Stock Exchanges, Taxes, Virtual Economy

From: Your 2nd Place Taxes……does that mean refunds? Quote from the site - You know I was sitting in the Emergency Room with my mom at hmmmm 3a.m. this morning….reading an August edition of Time magazine. Flipping through the pages I see, oh what do you know?….an article about Second Life….Second life and taxes…..I do not recall (famous last words) the dollar amount they say people made in Second Life……and if the government should tax those monies….well I for one hope they do!

From: Second Life Herald Midas Bank Insolvent - Trouble On The WSE Quote from the site - While there have been some concern about Midas Bank’s financials, no public signs of trouble occurred until November 2nd. Midas Commons released a notecard stating that an interest payment that was due on Hope Capital Bonds (HCB) was not paid. Midas reported having L$3.5 million invested in HCB. The Second Life Exchange Commission reports that L$650,000 was owed to Midas Bank as the interest payment on their HCB holdings.

From: Orient Lodge Commodity Trading, Coming to Second Life Quote from the site - Quanta was planning to set up a bank in Second Life where the deposits where backed by gold bullion at The Bullion Vault in Zurich. I’ve been interested in watching commodity trading coming into Second Life. I had a great discussion about this with Quanta when he first bought the land and I’ve been waiting for the next developments.

From: SLOz World Stock Exchange facing legal problems? Quote from the site - The Second Life Herald are running a story on the Midas Bank saga, alleging that Midas have done some legal investigations around their issues with the World Stock Exchange, run by Australian Luke Connell (LukeConnell Vandeverre).

From: Looker Lumet New Second Life “SLURRENCY EXCHANGE” to offer best rates, preferred programs. Quote from the site - Virtual world developer announced their new ventureinto the world of Second Life currency exchanges, with the openingof the SLURRENCY EXCHANGE,whose main office is located on theSimuality island

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Second Life News for November 26, 2007

November 26th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Nashua Telegraph Online avatars are helping the disabled fight back Quote from the site - After suffering a devastating stroke four years ago, Susan Brown was left in a wheelchair with little hope of walking again. Today, the 57-year-old Richmond, Va., woman has regained use of her legs and has begun to reclaim her life, thanks in part to encouragement she says she gets from an online “virtual world” where she can walk, run and even dance.

From: New York Post LOGGING ON, TUNING OUT IN SO-CALLED LIFE ON WEB Quote from the site - Jennifer Broy is ready for a night out.

With her 15-month-old baby soundly asleep in her crib, Broy escapes her TriBeCa apartment to hang out with gal pals.

From: The Huntsville Times Cyberbullies ‘just want to be mean’ Quote from the site - Local fibromyalgia sufferer abused in virtual community. Phyllis just wanted a second chance at life. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Phyllis knew she would have to find another way to experience the world.

From: Ambling in Second Life Splenda Quote from the site - In the main, Second Life is peopled by a disconcertingly large number of gorgeous avatars - male and female, human and non-human. However, behind each avatar there is a person, sitting in front of a computer screen, somewhere in the real world - and, I am sorry to say, almost certainly not as gorgeous as their avatar.

From: Orient Lodge Commodity Trading, Coming to Second Life Quote from the site - Back in October, I wrote an entry about Ginko Financial Selling land to Quanta Torok. Ginko Financial was the bank in Second Life that collapses and had its deposits turned into bonds on the World Stock Exchange, only to see those bonds become worthless.

From: Soigné: Style in Second Life Optimising Windlight for Avatars Quote from the site - This is a simple method to optimise the First Look Windlight Viewer so the light doesn’t cast those dreaded harsh shadows on your avatar’s face. It also casts the landscape in a softer light, eliminating glare, and making it easier on your eyes.

From: Massively A developer’s comments on Philip’s Second Life vision Quote from the site - Tateru commented on Philip’s blog post about the road ahead for Second Life, and generated some interesting thoughts. She is not the only one to so comment. Nicholaz Beresford, the “mad patcher” of the Second Life client, and the man indirectly responsible for most of my current viewer configuration…

From: Second Life Herald Midas Bank Insolvent - Trouble On The WSE Quote from the site - As suggested in the comments on the SL Crime Wave! - L$3 Million Bank Heist!!! story, Midas Bank is another bank facing insolvency.

Mr. Midas Commons owns Midas Bank. He also ran Empire Funds, one of the last known holdings of Ginko Financial. Midas Bank reported 0.10% daily interest on deposits, which places it in the bottom of the Outlander Bank Survey of daily bank rates.

From: ClickZ 3D Virtual Malls, a Throwback to 1998? Quote from the site - OK. Maybe this isn’t a fair question to ask the Monday morning after Black Friday, especially if you’ve mentally tallied up the dough you blew during a frenzied weekend of shopping, but I’ll do it anyway: did you really enjoy your predawn trip to the mall?

From: geek gestalt Is a virtual world publisher within the magic circle? Quote from the site - The death last month of one of the most successful Second Life fashion designers has sparked a curious dynamic: in an open-ended virtual world, who should take responsibility for issuing public proclamations, the publisher or the users?

From: Will Ross Five Things You Should Know About the ‘Game’ Quote from the site - Dear Second Lifers, I’ve received numerous emails and blog comments regarding my use of the word “Game” in regards to Second Life, and specifically that Linden Labs does not refer to Second Life as a game.

From: New World Notes Second Life User Activity Triples in Under a Year Quote from the site - Most Sundays around 2pm PST, Second Life reaches its highest peak user concurrency for the week. Yesterday that peak reached just shy of 58K (see screencap), evidently a new record.

From: metaversed Join Us Today 11AM PST - Higher Education In Second Life Quote from the site - In today’s Metanomics session we’ll be taking a look at Higher Education in Second Life, exploring how Universities are using the virtual world to educate and do research. Our guests are Chris Collins, IT Analyst in the UCit Instructional & Research Computing department at the University of Cincinati, and Ben R. Konsynski, the George S. Craft Professor of Business Administration for Decsision & Information Analysis at Emory University.

From: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life Remember to include landmarks with your items
Quote from the site - I was looking through the classifieds this morning on the Second Life forums, and came across a posting that made me think of one of the simplest, yet most important things you can do when you’re selling something.

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Second Life News for November 25, 2007

November 25th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: The Spoof New Disney princess Giselle has ‘enchanting’ royal lineage…as Second Life hooker! Quote from the site - Disney’s Internal Affairs department is probing reports that Enchanted’s heroine Giselle is modelled on the hallucinogenic visions of a Texan sleazebag moonlighting as a Second Life hooker who ensnares gullible young men into promiscuous acts of crack cocaine-fuelled bondage.

From Me: Just can’t make stuff up like this, wait, you can, lol.

From: Ambling in Second Life Sogeti Netherlands (and Sweden, a bit) Quote from the site - Last night I got an Instant Message (IM) from my friend VeeJay Burns to let me know that his company island was now open to the public. VeeJay, who blogs at Mindblizzard and is credited with first coining the term “metarati”, works for the Dutch division of global IT company, Sogeti, where he is a Project Manager.

From: The Second Life Newspaper NEW SECOND LIFE “SLURRENCY EXCHANGE™” Quote from the site - Virtual world developer announced their new venture into the world of Second Life currency exchanges, with the opening of the SLURRENCY EXCHANGE™, whose main office is located on the Simuality island.

From: Happy Pixels Great stage for Second Life musicians and performers Quote from the site - Kitty Umarov (who I’m increasingly in awe of) runs Beachwood, the sim where One Up Marketing has its office. Among many very lovely areas on the sim (including a coffee house, art gallery, pool, beach, office building, and apartments), there is now a new addition: the stage area!

From: Massively NHS plans future in Second Life Quote from the site - The National Health Service, the largest health care provider in the world, held an International Clinic Summit earlier this week with the remit of making sure the future of the NHS is clinically led and can meet the demands of delivering health care over the next decade.

From: Beneath the Cover Web-Map to Social Media, Part 5: Second Life Quote from the site - Feel like you’ve got a handle on Internet promotion of your book? Well, check out Second Life. This isn’t your dad’s MySpace page. Widely touted as fertile ground for marketers of the future, hype over this 3D community has recently reached a fever pitch.

From: Natalia Zelmanov’s Second Life Diary Day 426: Giant Snail Racing Quote from the site - Its silly, its slimy, and its a lot of fun!

From: Second Life Herald Philip Linden’s Toy Rocket Keeps Crashing Quote from the site - Can’t fix the game - so fix the mission statement? 20-25% total crash rate unchanged since January - October statistics still MIA

From: Your 2nd Place Build it and they will come, but you need a reason for them to stay Quote from the site - Build it and they will come, but you need a reason for them to stay.

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Second Life News for November 24, 2007

November 24th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life Blog Tip of the Week #12: How to easily boost viewer performance Quote from the site - Here it is, just like I promised earlier, quick tips to speed up Second Life on your side. These aren’t all the ways, but in light of recent features we’ve added to heighten your experience, they’re darn worth showcasing!

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Scheduled Maintenance Nov. 27/28 2007 Quote from the site - We will be upgrading the server systems that provide the Second Life service on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 27th and 28th. We’ll update the central systems on Tuesday and, assuming all goes well, do a rolling restart on Wednesday to update the simulators.

From: metaversed Monday Metanomics - Higher Education in Second Life Quote from the site - The next Metanomics session will be this coming Monday at 11am PST. Entitled “Higher Education in Second Life”, the session will explore how virtual worlds might change the business of education. What are educational institutions currently doing in Second Life?

From: Tao’s Thoughts on Second Life Call for participation: Web Monday, Aachen Euregio, Dec 3rd 2007 Quote from the site - On December 3rd we will be organizing again a Web Monday here in Aachen. We call it Web Monday Euregio because we would also like people from the surrounding countries (Netherlands and Belgium) to attend and make it more international.

From: Second Life Blog [RESOLVED] Problems affecting Second Life Quote from the site - [7:59 AM PST] The recent problems affecting Second Life appear to be resolved. Thank you for your patience while things were not working.

From: The University of Manchester Now can you meet the artist - well, virtually Quote from the site - A famous American artist and filmmaker is to turn dreams into virtual reality at a meeting with a twist - it will be in the cyberspace world of Second Life.

From: The Mercury News The virtual university SAN JOSE STATE JOINS INTERNET-BASED WORLD OF SECOND LIFE Quote from the site - One day Professor Jeremy Kemp entered his classroom and found himself next to a student dressed as a gigantic monarch butterfly.

From: Orlando Sentinel Simulation company to expand in Orlando Quote from the site - A California-based computer-simulation company says it plans a multimillion-dollar expansion of its Orlando division, thanks in part to a venture-capital fund backed by the CIA.

From: Ambling in Second Life TV Seculo21 Quote from the site - Brazil and the Roman Catholic Church seem to be intertwined to a degree far greater than I, a European atheist (and lapsed Catholic), would expect. Although I failed to get around to blogging about it, I noticed a large Brazillian/Catholic cluster of sims many moons ago at Cancao Nova. Tonight I came across another - TV Seculo21.

From: New World Notes The Best of Second Life’s Ten Best of Second Life Quote from the site - “The Best of Second Life” is the name of an in-world group 1200+ members strong, and also the name of a blog run by group co-founder Jenns Hienrichs. I met her in-world recently, and asked her to select ten of her very favorite “Landmarks of the Day”, quality sites worth visiting.

From: OUseful Info Second Life as a Stage Quote from the site - I was fortunate enough to share a coffee and a quick chat Peter Miller at the JISC CETIS do earlier this week, and picked up a new lens to look at Second Life with…

From: Virtual Worlds Forum Blog Informa using Second Life for employee career development Quote from the site - More news from the fast-growing area of corporate collaboration within virtual worlds. Specialist information and services provider Informa is using Second Life to help its employees develop their careers.

From: New World Notes Second Life Events: Rik’s Picks for November 22-25 When discussing the increasing internationalization of Second Life, the difficult subject of the dearth of African residents often gets raised.

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Second Life News for November 22, 2007

November 22nd, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life Blog WindLight First Look Viewer update! Quote from the site - As a last minute treat before Thanksgiving (also known as Thursday and Friday to the rest of the world :)), we’ve managed to get in an update to the newly released WindLight First Look!

Issues fixed in this release (r74061):

* Uninstalling WindLight viewer now deletes settings_windlight.xml
* Fixed various Teleport and Show on Map bugs
* VWR-2030: Avatar only turns half-way in Appearance Mode
* VWR-2920: Sculptie LOD causes object to be deformed into a flattened sphere close while correct far
* VWR-3115: WindLight: Crash when shaders are turned off in Mouselook
* Fixed WindLight installer fails to clean out shader files when installing overtop of an old install
* Fixed 90 second delay before seeing anything on first run of client after install
* VWR-2164: Particle Alpha transition is done incorrectly
* Fixed Invisi-Shiny prims looking weird in WindLight (note- NOT Shiny in general, yet!)
* Fixed setting the WLSkyDetail debug setting too high crashes the viewer
* Fixed WindLight skydome polycount not appropriately accounted for in rendering stats
* Fixed Full-Bright HUD objects are not full-bright
* VWR-1609: disabling “Show Selection Beam” makes beam render incorrectly for others
* VWR-2834: Builds fail on with no mozlib
* More Help Buttons in Graphics Preferences
* Fixed WindLight: Cloud Scroll slider center should be 0 and could be simplified
* VWR-983: Particles -> Offscreen/hidden particles get extended life -> as of 1.16.x at least.
* VWR-2920: Sculptie LOD causes object to be deformed into a flattened sphere close while correct far.

From: New World Notes Babbage Builds a Path: Linden Inventor Releases Open Source Pathfinding Code Quote from the site - In his recent travels, Babbage Linden got word of a plan by veteran Resident Eggy Lippman to create a Tower Defense game in Second Life. This struck Babbage as a great idea (and, I should add, me fricking too), but even top Lindens thought the Linden Script Language was not ideal for handling pathfinding, the deceptively complex game developer challenge of programming an AI to move from point A to point B in a relatively efficient manner.

From: The Wildcat Online Get real: The case against virtual reality Quote from the site - Later this week, a California based company is set to recreate the JFK assassination. Don’t panic; no one’s going to get shot. It’s all going to take place in Second Life. If you don’t know what that is, lucky you.

My comment: Go read this article if you feel like being aggravated by someone who doesn’t get Second Life or virtual worlds and let them know how much they suck in the comments. lol

From: Second Life Research Second Life’s Virtual Potential is Real Quote from the site - Ian Lamont, ComputerWorld’s Senior Editor New Media, wrote on the potential of Second Life. “I’ve been a Second Lifer for a year. I’ve had many of the same problems, experienced some of the same fears, and have repeatedly slammed the relentless hype about the virtual world and the activities there.

From: Virtual Worlds Forum Blog Teenage Second Life machinima promotes UNICEF child-rights campaign Quote from the site - Interesting news of a summer camp run by New York-based organisation Global Kids, which got a bunch of children to make one-minute videos about child rights within Second Life, to promote the 18th anniversary of UNICEF’s Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC). Participants chose a theme raised by the CRC, and then learned how to create machinima within Second Life in order to illustrate it.

From: Virtual Worlds News RTMAsia Bringing Linden Lab’s Second Life to China Quote from the site - RTMAsia, a company that specializes in helping technology companies from around the world accelerate their business in the Asia Pacific region, is representing Linden Lab and its Second Life virtual world and Second Life Grid platform in China.

From: BlogginStocks Hottest Products of 2007: Second Life offers virtual fulfillment Quote from the site - If you find life a little boring, stifling and basically bland, then you may be a prime candidate to check out one of this year’s hottest properties. Second Life is for people who wish to expand the boundaries of their life experience.

From: Pulse Darzi gets a Second Life Quote from the site - As hundreds of NHS managers and clinicians attended an International Clinical Summit in London, as part of Lord Darzi’s NHS Next Stage Review, a simultaneous conference was held online in the ‘virtual world’ Second Life.

From: ABC News Making ‘Second Life’ More Like Real Life Quote from the site - You can always spot the novices in the virtual reality world of “Second Life”: Their online characters or avatars stumble around awkwardly and walk into objects, as their real-world users fumble with the keyboard controls.

From: Techcrunch Chris Collins From Linden Lab: Stability Is The Key Quote from the site - I had the opportunity today to catch up with Chris Collins, the “Technical Assistant to the CEO” at Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. A Commerce graduate from the University of Western Australia he started in tech, then like many locals (Vibe Capital, Mig33) headed off overseas. After working on his own startup 3 years ago in the Valley he fell in love with Second Life and landed a job as a Business Analyst with Linden Lab.


From: SL I-Reports Peace Protest Meeting in Second Life Quote from the site - This past Sunday, THIRTY FOUR avis met at Conscious Lounge to discuss “How to Stop the Next War”. Talk rapidly turned to “political action”… as they planned out a Peace Camp and Demonstrations starting 8am SLT Saturday 1 December 2007 on Commonwealth Island - with protests at SL Capitol Hill, Reuters SL, and CNN SL.

From: SL I-Reports Race to Celebrate Anniversary Quote from the site - Long-term residents are fond of saying that Second Life is like Real Life, but faster. In the case of snails, that is certainly true. At Montmartre on Saturday, 11/17/07, Giant Snails raced for trophies and cash prizes. Kiwi Alpha, an experienced racer, said knowing the course and knowing how to do a ‘flipturn’ are keys to winning.

From: Pacific Epoch Intel Opens Shop In China’s “Second Life” Quote from the site - Intel has partnered with Beijing-based virtual world operator HiPiHi to open a store in HiPiHi’s same-named 3D virtual world on November 22. Intel is the first IT enterprise to set up shop in HiPiHi.

From: Librarians Matter UWA Sharecase: Murdoch University Library gets a Second Life Quote from the site - Here are the slides and notes from my presentation on 23 November 2007 at the Teaching and Learning Sharecase at University of Western Australia. It outlined why we ran workshops in Second Life at our library, how we did it and the outcomes.

From: Virtual Worlds Forum Blog Tokyo researchers working on more intuitive interfaces for Second Life Quote from the site - Earlier this month, I wrote about a new ‘magic carpet’ technology developed at Tokyo University, which would allow Second Life users to control their movement within the world using a waist-mounted camera and printed floor-mat. Associated Press now has more details, including comments from research leader Michitake Hirose.

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Dealey Plaza, Site of the JFK Assassination in Second Life

November 21st, 2007 | Category: Places to Visit, RL Meets SL, Sims Worth Exploring

US firm Avatar Promotions have recreated the Dealey Plaza, the place where President Kennedy was assassinated, in Second Life. The company will be holding a virtual recreation of the later this week, unfortunately, it is invite only, and I’m not sure yet how you can get one.

When you visit the school repository where Jack Harvey Oswald supposedly killed the President, you can get a pretty good idea of what the view must have been like below. When you step into the boxes, the sim plays a sound of three quick rifle shots that Oswald could have fired being a former Marine.

Oswald’s Perch

The limo

What Oswald could have seen

Oswalds Vantage Point

I didn’t compare any of this sim to real life yet, but I am thinking that this is about where it happened.
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