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Previewing The Wall in Second Life

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I had the pleasure of an early look at The Wall, the Second Life representation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. This is one beautiful looking sim and of course it has extra’s the real life wall cannot. When you first get there a video is playing a walk through of the sim, with some real life pics and some second life pics, and music. Note: While you are here, if you hit the play music button, or have it on, a reading of the names will play, and I don’t just mean a random reading of the names, every name on the wall will be read out loud to you if you listen long enough.

This sims opening coincides with the Real Life Reading of the Names on November 7th, 2007 at 1PM SLT time, where they have many people reading out loud the names on the wall, so you can try to teleport there with the slurl I am posting, but you shouldn’t be able to get in until the official opening that day. It will be worth the wait. On November 11th there will be a live event at the wall and it will also be broadcast live on the net, and they will be showing it on, and once it is over, Bleys Chevalier, the lead developer of this sim, will encode it and make it available in the sim as well.

When you start down the left path, you will see The Three Serviceman Statue. The statues were designed by Meleni Fairymeadow.

Three Serviceman Statue

The Serviceman Statues in Real Life

Three Serviceman Statue from Behind

Three Serviceman Statue from Behind in Real Life

More information and some great pics after the break.

If you take the right path, it takes you to the Vietnam Women’s Memorial.

Vietnam Women’s Memorial

Vietnam Women’s Memorial 2

Now, we are getting to the meat of the sim, and something that sets it apart. There are four terminals at which you can do a name search. If you type in the exact name, it will give you a list of possible names if there is more than one match, if there is only one match, you get the menu where you can either teleport directly to the spot on the wall that the name is listed on, or you can leave one of four items, a US Flag, a red rose, a white rose or a yellow rose, or you can just tell it to display a marker over the name. So, you can come to this Second Life sim and leave flowers or flags just like you can in the real life. Everything is free, as this is a non-profit sim.


Here is a shot of the marker, you can’t see it here but it lists the exact spot that name is on the wall.


Some real life details, the real wall contains 58,256 names, the Second Life Wall contains 58,233 names, 33 less than the real life one because it contains 33 names that should not have been listed. The Second Life Wall even has the last three names added. Here are some more great pics I took while I was there.

Marine pic

Real life Marine

Second Life to Real Life Comparison pics

Second Life to Real Life Comparison pics 2

The Wall

The Wall 1

The Wall 2

Here is the Second Life URL.

Now I want to see the one in Washington D.C.

Concept Design by Corwin Chevalier and Evian Argus and Lead Development by Bleys Chevalier. Statues designed by Meleni Fairymeadow.

It has been rumored that Security and Ecommerce top gun Wayne Porter may have had a hand in this project, well, let me go ahead and confirm that he and Corwin Chevalier are one and the same, since I have never seen them in the same room together. When asked about the sim, Wayne had this to say,

“One of the main purposes behind the build was to provide a form of accessibility. Naturally it is hard too capture the subtle nuances and emotional power of the Vietnam Memorial, but we hope it might provide a catalyst for one to remember or a desire to learn more.

Our goal is not to make this a political hot button issue, but to show how 3D environments can teach, educate, and hopefully spark emotion and reflective thought in people. Cultures make memorials to remember, but it is unfortunate how quickly a society can forget. This can be by virtue of age or simply how many never have access to a memorial site.

I feel that most human beings given a chance to go to the memorial in Washington D.C. would be hard pressed not to think long and hard about why it is there and remembers that real people died. I was too young to remember it as a child, but the names…you do not forget or cannot ignore the names…the sheer magnitude of names.

I, speaking for myself, believe that holds true for any culture, for we are all human. I hope other cultures build memorials in this medium so that I might learn, observe and think, so that others may do so. These are the ones I probably will not get to see in “real life”, but that does not mean it cannot have real and lasting impact. The more we understand each other as people, hopefully the less we will need memorials.”

From the Notecard when you first land on the sim:

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Second Life
Created by Meme Science

1. The 3 Servicemen Statue
2. The Vietnam Veterans Women’s Statue
3. The Wall – 58, 223 names of killed or missing

Quick Notes for The Wall directory service:
1. Type in Name
2. Type in Number for Name (if exact or single match not found)
3. Click Teleport or Click Item
4. Right Click directory then click Teleport

Quick Notes for Video: (QuickTime enabled)
1. Stand within 10m of Video screen
2. Click on Video Play button (not the Music button)
3. Wait until Video downloads to auto-view (4 min. Video)

Quick Notes for audio Reading of the Names (Starts Nov. 7th at 1pm SLT)
1. Click on Music Play button to listen
2. Click off Music Play button to turn off.

Quick Notes for viewing the Names on the Wall:
1. You can use CTRL 0 to zoom into names
2. You can use CTRL 8 to zoom out of names
3. You can use Camera Controls to zoom in and out
4. You can use the Mouse View to zoom in and out (Escape then M)

Note: will be updated Nov. 7th (with video link)
1. About Us
2. Partners
3. History
4. Photos/Video
5. Teleport SLURL
6. Second Life

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  1. Lowell November 5th, 2007 10:40 am

    Thanks for a great story - it’s obviously a touching build.

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  7. Stone Culdesac December 31st, 2007 11:50 am

    Bleys has updated the scenery now from the Fall to Winter snow, etc, worth checking out again.

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