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Second Life News for November 6, 2007

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From: Second Life Blog Rolling Restart - Tuesday, Nov. 6th Quote from the site - Linden Labs will be upgrading the server systems making up Second Life on Tuesday, November 6th. This update has a number of bug fixes and some new functionality.


llGiveMoney() will now be throttled to limit disruptive effects on servers
Users with 1.18.4 viewers will see friend glyphs in a different color in the minimap
Bug Fixes:

SVC-94: Build system changes rotations slightly at random (including when “Edit linked parts” is on)
SVC-247: Failed attempt to rez an object from trash results in content loss
SVC-583: Five minute wait due to “System Logging You Out” happens frequently with scripted attachments
SVC-912: Sky Eclipse’s avatar crashes regions EVERYTIME she logs in, regardless of where she logs in
Fix: Can once again set For Sale on an inventory item via right-click Properties

This one stands out as kind of weird, SVC-912: Sky Eclipse’s avatar crashes regions EVERYTIME she logs in, regardless of where she logs in, so I will have to look at it when I get the chance. A lot of the concern in the comments seems to be about llGiveMoney throttling, which Q Linden explains this way,

“Regarding llGiveMoney throttling, it’s being done to make sure that it works properly. The quote from the Linden-internal discussion on this is “At the point where people are hitting this throttle, they’re going to be close to failing on a portion of their transfers already.” And yes, you’ll get a script error if your script hits the throttle.”

From: ZDNet UK Social networking: Not as inclusive as you might think Quote from the site - Simon Stevens has moderate to severe cerebral palsy, which restricts functions such as balance, dexterity and speech. He uses a wheelchair, and wears a helmet to protect his head in case of falls. He sometimes struggles to make himself understood on the telephone.

Yet Stevens is also a highly successful entrepreneur and consultant, and finds time to run a successful nightclub.

From: Techcrunch How Much Is Second Life Worth? Quote from the site - Rumors about a massive valuation of Second Life have been floating around Silicon Valley for months. The original rumors said the company raised a new round of financing at a valuation of somewhere between $500 million and $1 billion. When I asked the company about it over the summer they said, on the record, that they had not raised new money, but declined to comment further.

From: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life Number of “profitable” Second Life businesses up 10 percent in October Quote from the site - It’s really hard to get any kind of true numbers about how many profitable Second Life businesses there are, but Linden Lab does regularly publish one. Whether it’s entirely useful is a much-debated question, but it’s what we’ve got.

From: SL Record The Illusion that Aimee Weber Still Matters Quote from the site - Aimee Weber, whose name is “like” a cheerleader’s name, is doomed to remain in the exact same avatar outfit until the heat-death of the sun, in order to keep her trademark valid.

From: BlogHUD Center for Disease Control Quote from the site - The CDC appears to be in Second Life as well. This small parcel on the mainland advertises itself as a Test Site. There is also a CDC Sim, but access is restricted. The parcel here shows what appears to be a lot of pictures.

From: Educause Connect Breaking the Second Life high Learning curve Quote from the site - Much has been said though little published about the high learning curve in Second Life. In a research study I wrote last year, Second Life an Interactive Qualitative Analysis, students reported a very high learning curve in SL. In fact, the IQA systems map of the affinities reported Anger as a primary outcome of the student Second Life experience. Along with Anger, interface difficulties and technical difficulties were secondary drivers within the system.

From: Virtual Worlds Forum Blog Fujitsu opens three islands in Second Life Quote from the site - Japanese tech firm Fujitsu has opened three interlinked islands in Second Life, as part of its push into virtual reality. There’s a dual aim: to find new ways of interacting with customers, and also to evaluate the potential of such worlds within Fujitsu’s business. The initiative’s being led from Fujitsu’s Japanese headquarters, indicating a rise in corporate interest in Second Life and similar worlds in Japan.

From: Scholarly Communications @ Duke Second thoughts Quote from the site - On Second Life — On a less exalted plane, the New York Post reported last week on a law suit filed by and against Second Life entrepreneurs alleging copyright infringement of products designed and sold entirely within the virtual environment. See another comment on the lawsuit here. As the comment points out, many educators are looking closely to consider the educational potential of Second Life or other virtual worlds.

From: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life Residents Speak: Hyasynth Tiramisu Quote from the site - In Second Life, there are many well-known fashion designers, and as I’ve said before and is well-understood by anyone who has spent much time there, some of the real celebrities of the virtual world are those designing fashion.

From: New Scientist Anti-social bot invades Second Lifers’ personal space Quote from the site - A software bot that masquerades as an ill-mannered human user within the popular virtual world Second Life is being used by UK researchers to investigate the psychology of its inhabitants. The bot starts a conversation with human users and deliberately invades their personal space to see how they will react.

From: The Second Life Herald Replicating The Wall Quote from the site - Pixeleen Mistral of the Herald gets a sneak peak at The Wall, and she says, “Covering this story for the Herald reminded me again why Second Life remains interesting despite the tawdry hyper-commercialism Linden Lab built into the DNA of the metaverse. Occasionally, someone manages to juxtapose the right symbols to create a strong emotional resonance - and for me this was one of those times.”

From: Ambling in Second Life Virtual Vietnam War Memorial Quote from the site - Two months ago I posted a piece about the planned recreation of the Vietnam War Memorial, including the famous Wall, in the virtual world of Second Life. Meme Science have been working hard since then to bring the idea to fruition. It will open to residents on November 7th 2007 at 4pm EST (1pm Second Life time; 9pm GMT) to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the dedication of ‘The Wall’ that took place in Washington DC in November 1982.

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Funny video from mooMoney at Second Life Insider.


From: TheAge Padlocks on the palm trees Quote from the site - Virtual islands need real security systems, writes Cynthia Karena.

MANY companies are investigating business opportunities in Second Life. But are they exposing themselves to security risks in the process?

From: Ars Technica Cops 2.0: law enforcement wants to become better at digital snooping Quote from the site - Though some efforts have been mounted to track down information online for real world crimes, Cohen’s lectures are geared towards beat cops and investigators who haven’t really been clued in to the likes of Second Life and MySpace.

From: Information Week Join Us For GridTalk With Cisco Systems Quote from the site - Join us for GridTalk on Tuesday when our subject will be Cisco Systems upcoming Virtual Career Fair, with guests Christian Renaud, the company’s chief architect for networked virtual environments, and Randy Sisk, new markets and technologies scout for the company. Cisco is a pioneer in using Second Life and other virtual worlds for business, so we’ll also spend some time discussing the broader issues of commercial activities in virtual worlds.

From: Politico Pols get second chance to connect online Quote from the site - Sorry, 2008 candidates. Your Facebook and MySpace accounts are so last campaign season. The newest trend this election season? Campaigning outside of reality.

From: EIR Second Life of Thermodynamics Quote from the site - Along with the other social-control cultural cesspools, such as MySpace and Facebook, there is an even more dehumanizing virtual fantasy, known as Second Life.

From: Online world gives students new ‘life’ Quote from the site - The real and virtual worlds were separate entities - until now.

At the University, Second Life is utilized in the New Media Institute, which owns an island. Director Scott Shamp teaches a class on Second Life.

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