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Second Life News for November 8, 2007

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From: Second Life Blog New Viewer: Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer Now Available! Quote from the site - The Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer is now available as the primary download. Again, with your help reporting issues in the Issue Tracker and participation in public bug triages, we were able to find and fix bugs in the Release Candidate viewer before making it the primary download.

From: Information Week ‘Dilbert’ Creator Scott Adams Comes To Second Life To Get Kicked In The ‘Nads Quote from the site - “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams made the trek to Second Life recently, where he encouraged audience members to step up and kick him in a sensitive private place. “This is what you call being customer focused. I think Nordstrom could learn a thing or two from my example,” Adams said on his blog.

From: You can have a second life Quote from the site - A new way to communicate is being introduced to our society. A three-dimensional world via internet takes instant messaging to another level. The popular cyber-world known as “Second Life” was created by Linden Research Inc. in 2003, and for the last year has been taking the world by storm.

From: ICT for Peacebuilding (ICT4Peace) Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in Second Life Quote from the site - From Bill Warters comes news of a superb new ODR initiative in Second Life. Created by the Portuguese Ministry of Justice in cooperation with the University of Aveiro and the Faculty of Law of the Lisbon New University, this tour de force pushes the envelop in ODR in its use of Second Life.

From: My Life in Second Life A.R.t Quote from the site - I was so disappointed when I first started looking for art in sl. I found awkward sculptures of bulbous horses, high-school styled graffiti ramblings and frustrated scribblings – most of which included long-haired fairy women with big boobs. I was reminded of a stained glass artist I interviewed with years ago.

From: Ambling in Second Life A Bubbly Time at Vranken Diamant Quote from the site - Exclusive brands are not new in Second Life, with luxury lines of clothing, watches and shoes already represented. To be completely accurate, I suppose, I should say that to me these brands class as luxury. However, I do recognise that the truly luxurious and exclusive would have no truck with such low brow, downmarket affairs as Second Life and the hoi polloi who inhabit it.

From: UA News The University is building a “second campus” entirely on the Web via Second Life. Quote from the site - It’s mostly bare bones now, but The University of Arizona’s Second Life community will soon be alive with activity.

From: WorldWideBlog Second Life: Creating a New World for Online Education Quote from the site - Awhile back I talked about how a MySpace-style platform might be a great way to integrate students into an online learning experience. Well, it looks like the virtual world of Second Life may be starting to fill a similar role, although not in as expansive a way as I had discussed. I recently read blogs by Joe Sanchez, a doctoral student at the University of Texas, Austin. He’s using Second Life to teach students how to create and interact with virtual reality in a course aptly called “Working in Virtual Worlds.”

From: Second Thoughts If This is All There is to the Solution…OMG What a Problem! Quote from the site - The special insiders Dev list has an interesting survey result floating around the Met-o-sphere today — supposedly it’s going to be cleaned up soon and put on the blog, but let’s not lose a moment’s delay in understanding the SOLUTION PROVIDERS’ ANSWER TO SECOND LIFE!

From: The Global Geek Podcast Second Life and the GGP Quote from the site - Been checking out Second Life lately. Not sure if many listeners are using Second Life, but wanted to connect with any that are. I have been rethinking my take on Second Life. I am actually enjoying using it and getting into it.

From: Massively Second Life and the powers of ten Quote from the site - In 1977 Charles and Ray Eames created a documentary called the Powers of 10 which gave viewers a mind-changing perspective on just how small we are in comparison to our universe. In the spirit of this film, I thought I would take you all on a quick photographic journey of Second Life, starting with the smallest objects possible and ending with a view of everything, all that there is.

From: Massively Building a better Search tool in Second Life Quote from the site - Finding the right thing right away is of huge importance in Second Life, as it is for the online experience in general. Residents have been stuck with a sometimes-useful Search tool for what feels like forever. According to this article, that might change soon.

From: EdGames People with Disabilities in Second Life Quote from the site - My classmates game the Inevitable Room about ageism got me thinking. Could Second Life be used in the same way for diversity training for those that work with people with disabilities? My research brought me around to another view of the situation.

From: The Corporate Librarian [kmw07] Keynote by Cindy Gordon and John Jainschigg - Second Life: Revolutionizing Online Engagement with Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Cindy Gordon, the CEO of Helix Commerce International Inc. and the founder of and John Jainschigg, Director, CMP Metaverse gave this presentation. They were preceded by Hugh McKellar, editor of KMWorld, who gave Jan Schultes (sp?) an award as well as Bruce Molloy, the CEO of Connotate.

From: The Second Life Grid Grind SL “banks” could go the way of casinos Quote from the site - In a recent governance office hour with Michael Linden, I asked the question as to whether Linden Lab had decided upon an official policy regarding the so called “banks” that have popped up (and crashed down) all over Second Life. This was Michael’s response: Michael Linden: Our legal team is very closely examining that issue, Allana .. probably all I can say.

From: Katherine Berry Foobar Salad transferred and redirecting Quote from the site - Foobar Salad (my sim) has been transferred to Mercury Metropolitan and renamed “Aura” for the fairly low price of L$29,000 (US$101). I am now getting constant emails about stuff having gone off-world, because he apparently keeps raising the terrain. It should, theoretically, transfer to the MG at the end of the month.

Engagement in Second Life Learning. Presentation for Second Life Best Practice Conference May 25, 2007. Okay, so it’s not from today or yesterday, sue me.

From: Wayne Porter Attention Economy is Powered by Stories Quote from the site - Yes- I am going to bore entertain you with Second Life as I have for the last year and half. First, I was partially wrong with a post about emotions and avatars as I forgot about VoIP and that raw emotion can come across with voice. This is when I learned from a colleague that many avatars (people) were actually crying at the build of the Second LIfe Vietnam Memorial.

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