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Second Life News for November 10, 2007

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From: Business Standard Second Life: Second thoughts Quote from the site - My first experience of Second Life should have been set to uplifting, beautiful arias — it was as much fun as stepping into a Disney movie, and as unreal. When the popular virtual world first threw its doors open in 2003, entering Second Life was like jumping headfirst into a role-playing game minus the swords, dragons and spaceships. The hook dangled in front of us was that this would be a game of you: you were free to create your kind of virtual reality and be the star of your own life.

From: Information Week Join Us For GridTalk Tuesday With Science Fiction Writer Charles Stross Quote from the site - Our guest for our next GridTalk is science-fiction writer Charles Stross, whose most recent novel Halting State, is set in the near future — just 11 years from now, when virtual worlds, massively multiplayer games, advanced mobile computing, and augmented reality are a part of daily life.

From: Times Online Singer and fans free to smoke at virtual gig Quote from the site - The smoking ban has done terrible damage to the karma of rock stars used to wielding cigarettes on stage.

But now Richard Hawley, the rocker from Sheffield nominated for the Mercury Prize, has found a way around the ban with a “live” performance in the 3-D environment of Second Life, the virtual world that operates its own currency, industry – and public health rules.

From ICT for Peacebuilding (ICT4Peace) Second Life avatars aren’t as eco-friendly / carbon neutral as first thought? Quote from the site - Anuradha Vittachi’s presentation at the United Nations OCHA +5 Symposium mentioned that each flight killed a child. She then went on to demonstrate the potential of Second Life to cut down on air travel by meetings in sims and showcased OneClimate Island that will have virtual events running in parallel to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali, 3 - 14 December 2007.

From: AspireNow A Parody on Second Life - Get A Real Life Quote from the site - I think the game has a lot of promise. But, as an avid gamer, I’m a bit lost as to the value of spending hours away from my real life to see billboard after billboard of goth, clothing, widgets, cartoon buildings and trees, and other geeky graphic design stuff pawned off on me in the form of Linden dollars.

From: Discussing Banking and Other Financial Issues in Second Life Quote from the site - For those interested - at 1 p.m. SLT on Saturday, 10 November 2007 I’ll be at the Diversionarium - Pandoria (16,157,23) - talking about the Second Life banking industry as a guest on Sophrosyne’s Salon. I will be caffeinated, prepared, and will deal with hecklers with extreme amusement.

From: The Chronicle Herald On Second Life, it’s the same old strife Quote from the site - SECOND LIFE, the virtual alternate universe, hit the news this week because some website subscribers were living fantasy lives as pedophiles.

Better a virtual pervert than a real one, I guess.

From: SLOz - Australia’s Second Life News Source Australian business interest growing in Second Life? Quote from the site - In the next two weeks I’m involved in two separate events that have the same purpose - to raise awareness of the opportunities that Second Life presents. The first has a corporate focus and the panel discussion involves key people from Telstra, REA and the ABC involved in their respective Second Life presences. The second one is also business orientated with a communications flavour.

From: Second Life Games Virtual Parks & Recreation Service Quote from the site - Second Life is so large now that I know I’ll never see every sim and every build. Like everyone else I rely on recommendations, profile picks, and random exploration to bring places that I might enjoy to my attention. There aren’t very many resources that I know of which try to winnow the data into a useable collection of places of interest, but an old one that has been reborn just recently is doing just that. The old SL Parks and Recreation Service, reborn as the Virtual Parks and Recreation Service, provides a free service to residents looking for greenspaces, activities, and places of interest.

From: eMediaWire Spiral Trance To Perform Virtual Concert In Second Life Quote from the site - November 21st promises to be a rockin’ night at the Psycho Drive Rock Club, located in the 3-D virtual world Second Life, Wisconsin’s 2006 Song of the Year award recipients and 2007 Rock Band of the Year nominees, Spiral Trance, will perform their first ever in-world show.

From: Discovery Educator Network Second Life Blog Wednesday Workshop Highlights Quote from the site - Our first Wednesday Workshops at the DEN was held November 7th. Our guest presenter Thonalon Umurov planned a great session to teach the basics of building. He started out explaining prims and the ways to edit 3D objects. The session began with participants selecting a sphere shape, learning how to enlarge it, move it, and then hollow it out to make a vase or planter. Thon then showed us how to change textures and gave a link a landmark to find some freebie building tools and textures.

From: Massively Intellectual property: If it’s not nailed down … Quote from the site - A person who operates under the name Guide Hawk or guidehawk_ltd has been marketing Second Life related goods on eBay by using an array of images taken from other users. But here’s the kicker … he has watermarked these images and defends them as his own!

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