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Second Life News for November 18, 2007

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From: Global Geek Podcast The Global Geek Podcast #69: Special Edition: Second Life Quote from the site - This week we have a very special show and quite different for the GGP. There are a few firsts for The Podcast Network as well.

The show this week was recorded entirely in Second Life, thanks to Mike Seyfang. This is the first TPN Podcast recorded in Second life and Mike did a great job.

From: Millionsofus Splenda–what would make your life sweeter? Quote from the site - Splenda is now open and offering a proposal to all in Second Life! Think to yourself what you would want in Second Life to make it better. A HUD that does amazing things? New animations that allows you do to tricks? Or even a building or sculpture? It is up to you. Now, the contest takes place on Splenda Island, and if you are chosen as the winner you get a 4-day/3-night trip for two to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona! How awesome is that?!

I know I had trouble last night getting a delivery from SLexchange, so this next article is probably part of the reason why as the OnRez people posted that they were having trouble delivering items in Second Life as well.

From: Second Life Blog Recurring Issues Within Second Life Today Quote from the site - We’ve experienced multiple issues within Second Life today as the result of recurring database crashes. This has happened approximately four times today, in each case everything was restored within 30 minutes.

From: OnRez Delivery Problems - being investigated Quote from the site - We think that the IP address changes Linden Lab made yesterday to 2,000 sims might be the root of why some drop boxes are failing in certain sims. It appears to conflicting with certain security procedures we had put in place.

From: Business Communicators of Second Life SL Business Communicators November Meeting: Producing “The Office” in SL Quote from the site - SLBCers unite in Second Life on Tuesday, November 20th to meet with avatar Kiwini Oe a.k.a. Steve Nelson, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer of digital marketing agency, Clear Ink. We’ll be getting first-hand accounts and insights as to what was behind producing the Second Life TV segments for The Office “Local Ad” episode which aired on NBC on October 25th.

From: Virtually Blind Harvard Extension Class on Virtual Law Offers Lectures in Second Life Quote from the site - The Harvard Extension School is running a course focused on virtual law with a Second Life component. Rebecca Nesson (’Rebecca Berkman’ in Second Life) is teaching the class. The lectures, which look fascinating, are available to at-large participants on Berkman Island (SLURL).

From: Exurbanista Sitting around in my second life Quote from the site - One of the questions that came up repeatedly during the Government Consortium on Virtual Worlds on Friday was “Why do our avatars need to sit, when they don’t get tired?”

From: Petone Herald Students Look To Second Life Quote from the site - Petone-based tertiary provider WelTec recently took part in the world’s first Second Life tertiary education fair – the only New Zealand organization to do so. Second Life is an Internet-based virtual world where users can explore, socialize and learn.

From: Brutal Honesty The Catfish called Kettle… Quote from the site - Second Hand yard sales. Seems like it’s a big business in Second Life just as it is in first life…I don’t really get either, but it’s part of both cultures. I am sure that the profits are dwindling for these bottom-feeders in SL because of the permissions frenzy that is happening on the heels of the latest software client loophole. Which brings me to this post.

From: New World Notes The Steampunk Empire Caledon, and last week’s Top 20 Quote from the site - On the vast continent of Caledon, the 19th century of the imagination lives on, as presided over by benevolent hegemon and “the guvnah”, Desmond Shang. It’s one of the top twenty sites in this blog’s ongoing search for Second Life sites with a large and genuinely active community, free from camping and excessive freebies.

From: Fabulously Free in SL Quickies: Tuli Dress Truth in an Unusual Way A bunch of links to free stuff in Second Life.

From: Telegraph Get a life, but make it second life Quote from the site - Most of us have an alter-ego waiting to burst out, and now it can - on the internet, in virtual worlds that are springing up to suit every need and desire. Ian Douglas explores a universe of online possibilities.

From: Natalia Zelmanov’s Second Life Diary Day 419: Creating Poses Part 3 (Animation Priority) Quote from the site - In this Part 3 of the tutorial series, we are going to use multiple animations on our avatar at the same time. So you can burn your tongue on a hot cup of tea while wearing your purse :P This is made possible thru the use of Animation Priority.

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