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Second Life News for November 19, 2007

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From: PRWeb Avatar Promotions Creates Virtual Representation of Site of the President Kennedy Assassination in Second Life Quote from the site - Avatar Promotions today announces the Second Life virtual creation of Dealey Plaza, the site where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963. Jason Baird, lead consultant of Avatar Promotions, says he has no opinions on who killed President Kennedy, but he made it possible for users to log on to the internet and visit a virtual 3D version of that part of downtown Dallas.

Two to three million people visit Dealey Plaza every year. Now they no longer have to go to Dallas to “be there and see it.” Those in Second Life can meet in virtual reality to entertain their own theories.

From: Massively Sunday not shaping up well for Second Life either Quote from the site - The new Second Life day is off to a poor start with what looks like another database crash inside Linden Lab’s array of database clusters.

From: Parade Comic Drew Carey says he’s…Totally Wired! Quote from the site - We asked Drew Carey, host of the game shows “Power of 10” and “The Price Is Right,” about his high-tech life.

This business about e-mail and computers keeping you from communicating is nonsense. It’s nice to talk to people in person, but sometimes you just can’t. When my fiancée and I are in different cities, we go on dates in Second Life—a Web site that’s like a virtual world. We could just talk on the phone, but we meet online instead. It’s fun.

From: PR Newswire Alcatel-Lucent Launches Presence on Second Life(R) Virtual Reality Site to Explore the Potential Uses of Next-Generation Technologies, Including 4G Mobile Broadband Networks Quote from the site - Company invites Second Life residents to participate in a contest to design the most innovative 4G end-user devices and applications. Alcatel-Lucent is hosting an open contest for residents of Second Life(R) (SL), the popular social networking and virtual reality site (developed by Linden Labs, Inc.), to envision and design the wireless devices and applications they think will be possible in 2017, when access to extremely high capacity is widely available on always-on networks.

From: The Story of My “Second Life” What are Kids learning in Virtual Worlds? A MacArthur Foundation Panel webcast Quote from the site - This event was last Wednesday night opposite our National Distance Learning Week event at ISTE Island and was streamed into Second Life. (At least one person lamented they could not be in both places at once!) Here is the website providing the background, including pics from the SL venue…

From: Wide Open Education Old Masters Picture Gallery in Second Life Quote from the site - Dresden’s famous art museum, the Old Masters Picture Gallery, has been completed recreated in Second Life. The 37,700 sq ft building has been lovingly cloned down to the smallest details. You can even pick-up a free audio guide to listen to curators as you wander through the exhibits.

From: Ambling in Second Life Thomas Cook (Germany) Quote from the site - Back in September I wrote about German tour operator TUI’s presence in Second Life. Well it seems like they are not the only Germany holiday company to set up a virtual presence, as today I came across the Thomas Cook Island. I tend to think of Thomas Cook as a quintessentially English tour operator.

From: Massively Cinemassively: Windlight - Fleef’s Second Life Sojourn Quote from the site - With Windlight mania turning the heads of even the harshest SL critics (Sorry, Hugh!), it’s safe to say that it will become a staple of Second Life Machinima. FLeeF, aka Frank L. Fox, not only managed to capture the beauty of our new skies, but also provided the score for the film!

From: Ambling in Second Life Al Deals with Dealey Plaza Quote from the site - On November 22nd, 1963, John F Kennedy was assassinated as his motorcade drove through Dealey Plaza in Dallas. With the anniversary looming it perhaps should come as no surprise to hear that a recreation of the Plaza has been constructed in the virtual world of Second Life. The work has been carried out by Avatar Promotions, a build company of indeterminate address, but located in the US.

From: Sunn’s World Nighttime Lights of Second Life Quote from the site - What if you could see the lights produced by 6 billion inhabitants of a blue-green world called Earth? Take an awesome journey to gaze at the nighttime view of our planet from space. Nighttime Lights of Second Life is an immersive experience blending art and science into a thought-provoking exhibition of human technology.


From: Torley Running WindLight + new Search + Dazzle… ALL AT THE SAME TIME Quote from the site - I feel strangely operating systematic! It’s featurefixinlicious. Here’s info-links with more info about each of these projects, which you can have in one viewer (WindLight 1.18.5, and install Dazzle into it)…

From: Second Life Blog Voice not working in-world Quote from the site - The in-world voice facility has been offline since 2.06 AM PST and we are working to have this restored. Sorry for the loss of this function, we know you like to use it. It’ll be back as soon as possible.

From: Glob - The Indusgeeks Blog Content, Community and Second Life Quote from the site - Is content or community the reason that drives Second Life and other virtual worlds? Depending upon who you ask the answer is one or the other. Some like me obviously take the middle path and argue that… it is in fact a combination of both.

From: SLOz - Australia’s Second Life News Source Landbots and drowned avatars Quote from the site - The Second Life Herald ran a story today about landbots, those automated entities that cause all sorts of problems with buying and selling land. The SL Herald is alleging that around 20 avatars placed in water sims are part of the landbot scam. Whatever the reason for the submerged avatars, it’s a little strange.

From: Miami Herald Second Life enables cutting-edge business Quote from the site - When Greg Verdino of Melville, N.Y., gets up to go to work, he no longer makes a dash for the Long Island Rail Road to commute to Manhattan. No, as chief strategy officer of a new marketing company called crayon, on many days he sits down at his home computer and logs into a 3-D virtual world called Second Life.

From: Florida Today Terry Eberle: Living in a virtual world Quote from the site - A speaker at a recent digital conference, however, really got me thinking about how far change should go and where in the world it may be heading. The speaker was Rowan Barnett, editor in chief of The Avastar newspaper. He lives in Germany, but his newspaper is out of this world. You see, his newspaper exists on a computer game called Second Life and is the leading newspaper in this virtual world — a world that lives in the imagination of real people.

From: VOIP Politics in Second life Quote from the site - A good many bloggers probably know by now about Second Life, the virtual world inspired by the stories of Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash) and William Gibson (Neuromancer et al.). More may know about this four-year-old experiment in networking and social contact through recent “appearances” on shows such as C.S.I.: N.Y., and through the discussions about making real money in the virtual world and the potential tax questions it raises.

From: Your 2nd Place All Paths To A Better Second Life Lead Through Linden Lab Quote from the site - I’ve been spending some time away from Second Life due to traveling, meetings and research, and in doing so it has allowed me to distance myself from some of the issues written of about Second Life so much.

From: The Story of My “Second Life” Chris Collins (Fleep Tuque) Gets Published! Quote from the site - Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque), who just moderated the fantastic panel discussion we recently had on ISTE Island, blogs here about several things, including a paper she just co-authored with Nancy Jennings in The Journal of Social Sciences. I first met Chris back in May at the Second Life Best Practices in Education conference, then in real life at the Second Life Community Convention last August. She is as vivacious and tenacious in RL and SL. This young lady rocks!

From: Mashable SECOND LIFE TOOLBOX: 50+ Resources for Second Life Quote from the site - The 3D world of Second Life has taken the real world by storm. It’s a complex beast, though, and sometimes getting the hang of things isn’t too easy; especially if you plan to become a top Second Life entrepreneur. Enjoy our collection of 50+ resources for Second Life consisting of companies, news, tutorials and other stuff which will make your virtual world exploration easier.

From: New World Notes The Avatarization of Angelina: How *Beowulf* Moves Movies Closer to Second Life Quote from the site - Here’s what Angelina Jolie said, after she saw the 3D animated avatar of herself stepping naked out of the water in Beowulf:

I was really surprised that I felt that exposed… There are certain moments where I felt actually shy – and called home, just to explain that the fun movie that I had done that was digital animation was, in fact, a little different than we expected.

From: New World Notes London, Reloaded: UK Spacial Analyst imports and rezzes city data in real time Quote from the site - The mirror world continues to take shape in Second Life. Last week we saw it with Zora Spoonhammer’s 3D globe with dynamic real world weather, this week it’s this video, depicting data from the urban landscape of London being uploaded into SL, then taking on 3D form in a truly mesmerizing, Matrix-worthy way.

From: Grid Expectations Another shop! has another freebie skin Quote from the site - I just found out from Gogo (go check out her website btw!) that Eloh Eliot of Another shop! has generously shared yet ANOTHER freebie skin! This one sports freckles, just like the set of skins I’d blogged a little while ago.

From: What is this crap? Podcasting roundup Podcasting Roundup from What is this crap?

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