Nov 21

Dealey Plaza, Site of the JFK Assassination in Second Life

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US firm Avatar Promotions have recreated the Dealey Plaza, the place where President Kennedy was assassinated, in Second Life. The company will be holding a virtual recreation of the later this week, unfortunately, it is invite only, and I’m not sure yet how you can get one.

When you visit the school repository where Jack Harvey Oswald supposedly killed the President, you can get a pretty good idea of what the view must have been like below. When you step into the boxes, the sim plays a sound of three quick rifle shots that Oswald could have fired being a former Marine.

Oswald’s Perch

The limo

What Oswald could have seen

Oswalds Vantage Point

I didn’t compare any of this sim to real life yet, but I am thinking that this is about where it happened.

Isn’t this about where it happened?

AS the car was passing by this grassy knoll when it happened, and some have said the assassination came from this vantage point.

From the grassy gnoll

Another look from the gnoll

You can even take a tour in the President’s limo, and get a look at how it must have looked for the President before he was killed.

From inside the limo

Do I look like a President?

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