Nov 25

Second Life News for November 25, 2007

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From: The Spoof New Disney princess Giselle has ‘enchanting’ royal lineage…as Second Life hooker! Quote from the site - Disney’s Internal Affairs department is probing reports that Enchanted’s heroine Giselle is modelled on the hallucinogenic visions of a Texan sleazebag moonlighting as a Second Life hooker who ensnares gullible young men into promiscuous acts of crack cocaine-fuelled bondage.

From Me: Just can’t make stuff up like this, wait, you can, lol.

From: Ambling in Second Life Sogeti Netherlands (and Sweden, a bit) Quote from the site - Last night I got an Instant Message (IM) from my friend VeeJay Burns to let me know that his company island was now open to the public. VeeJay, who blogs at Mindblizzard and is credited with first coining the term “metarati”, works for the Dutch division of global IT company, Sogeti, where he is a Project Manager.

From: The Second Life Newspaper NEW SECOND LIFE “SLURRENCY EXCHANGE™” Quote from the site - Virtual world developer announced their new venture into the world of Second Life currency exchanges, with the opening of the SLURRENCY EXCHANGE™, whose main office is located on the Simuality island.

From: Happy Pixels Great stage for Second Life musicians and performers Quote from the site - Kitty Umarov (who I’m increasingly in awe of) runs Beachwood, the sim where One Up Marketing has its office. Among many very lovely areas on the sim (including a coffee house, art gallery, pool, beach, office building, and apartments), there is now a new addition: the stage area!

From: Massively NHS plans future in Second Life Quote from the site - The National Health Service, the largest health care provider in the world, held an International Clinic Summit earlier this week with the remit of making sure the future of the NHS is clinically led and can meet the demands of delivering health care over the next decade.

From: Beneath the Cover Web-Map to Social Media, Part 5: Second Life Quote from the site - Feel like you’ve got a handle on Internet promotion of your book? Well, check out Second Life. This isn’t your dad’s MySpace page. Widely touted as fertile ground for marketers of the future, hype over this 3D community has recently reached a fever pitch.

From: Natalia Zelmanov’s Second Life Diary Day 426: Giant Snail Racing Quote from the site - Its silly, its slimy, and its a lot of fun!

From: Second Life Herald Philip Linden’s Toy Rocket Keeps Crashing Quote from the site - Can’t fix the game - so fix the mission statement? 20-25% total crash rate unchanged since January - October statistics still MIA

From: Your 2nd Place Build it and they will come, but you need a reason for them to stay Quote from the site - Build it and they will come, but you need a reason for them to stay.

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