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Second Life News for November 26, 2007

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From: Nashua Telegraph Online avatars are helping the disabled fight back Quote from the site - After suffering a devastating stroke four years ago, Susan Brown was left in a wheelchair with little hope of walking again. Today, the 57-year-old Richmond, Va., woman has regained use of her legs and has begun to reclaim her life, thanks in part to encouragement she says she gets from an online “virtual world” where she can walk, run and even dance.

From: New York Post LOGGING ON, TUNING OUT IN SO-CALLED LIFE ON WEB Quote from the site - Jennifer Broy is ready for a night out.

With her 15-month-old baby soundly asleep in her crib, Broy escapes her TriBeCa apartment to hang out with gal pals.

From: The Huntsville Times Cyberbullies ‘just want to be mean’ Quote from the site - Local fibromyalgia sufferer abused in virtual community. Phyllis just wanted a second chance at life. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Phyllis knew she would have to find another way to experience the world.

From: Ambling in Second Life Splenda Quote from the site - In the main, Second Life is peopled by a disconcertingly large number of gorgeous avatars - male and female, human and non-human. However, behind each avatar there is a person, sitting in front of a computer screen, somewhere in the real world - and, I am sorry to say, almost certainly not as gorgeous as their avatar.

From: Orient Lodge Commodity Trading, Coming to Second Life Quote from the site - Back in October, I wrote an entry about Ginko Financial Selling land to Quanta Torok. Ginko Financial was the bank in Second Life that collapses and had its deposits turned into bonds on the World Stock Exchange, only to see those bonds become worthless.

From: Soigné: Style in Second Life Optimising Windlight for Avatars Quote from the site - This is a simple method to optimise the First Look Windlight Viewer so the light doesn’t cast those dreaded harsh shadows on your avatar’s face. It also casts the landscape in a softer light, eliminating glare, and making it easier on your eyes.

From: Massively A developer’s comments on Philip’s Second Life vision Quote from the site - Tateru commented on Philip’s blog post about the road ahead for Second Life, and generated some interesting thoughts. She is not the only one to so comment. Nicholaz Beresford, the “mad patcher” of the Second Life client, and the man indirectly responsible for most of my current viewer configuration…

From: Second Life Herald Midas Bank Insolvent - Trouble On The WSE Quote from the site - As suggested in the comments on the SL Crime Wave! - L$3 Million Bank Heist!!! story, Midas Bank is another bank facing insolvency.

Mr. Midas Commons owns Midas Bank. He also ran Empire Funds, one of the last known holdings of Ginko Financial. Midas Bank reported 0.10% daily interest on deposits, which places it in the bottom of the Outlander Bank Survey of daily bank rates.

From: ClickZ 3D Virtual Malls, a Throwback to 1998? Quote from the site - OK. Maybe this isn’t a fair question to ask the Monday morning after Black Friday, especially if you’ve mentally tallied up the dough you blew during a frenzied weekend of shopping, but I’ll do it anyway: did you really enjoy your predawn trip to the mall?

From: geek gestalt Is a virtual world publisher within the magic circle? Quote from the site - The death last month of one of the most successful Second Life fashion designers has sparked a curious dynamic: in an open-ended virtual world, who should take responsibility for issuing public proclamations, the publisher or the users?

From: Will Ross Five Things You Should Know About the ‘Game’ Quote from the site - Dear Second Lifers, I’ve received numerous emails and blog comments regarding my use of the word “Game” in regards to Second Life, and specifically that Linden Labs does not refer to Second Life as a game.

From: New World Notes Second Life User Activity Triples in Under a Year Quote from the site - Most Sundays around 2pm PST, Second Life reaches its highest peak user concurrency for the week. Yesterday that peak reached just shy of 58K (see screencap), evidently a new record.

From: metaversed Join Us Today 11AM PST - Higher Education In Second Life Quote from the site - In today’s Metanomics session we’ll be taking a look at Higher Education in Second Life, exploring how Universities are using the virtual world to educate and do research. Our guests are Chris Collins, IT Analyst in the UCit Instructional & Research Computing department at the University of Cincinati, and Ben R. Konsynski, the George S. Craft Professor of Business Administration for Decsision & Information Analysis at Emory University.

From: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life Remember to include landmarks with your items
Quote from the site - I was looking through the classifieds this morning on the Second Life forums, and came across a posting that made me think of one of the simplest, yet most important things you can do when you’re selling something.

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