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Second Life News for November 27, 2007

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From: The Roanoke Times Whatcha gonna do in your second life? Quote from the site - Liza Field said in her Oct. 20 column that she had been reading some poems of ancient Zen poets, many of whom considered age 70 to be the “age of enlightenment.” She went on to report how ex-Roanoker Judy Furr continues her work for our environment as she enters her 70s.

From: Economic Times Marketing in the new age media Quote from the site - Social networking is not only for the gum-chewing, game-playing, post-industrial .mp3 generation. It is pervasive and will change the way marketers, media owners, and users interact.

From: Educause Connect Second Life can be better than real teaching Quote from the site - One of my favorite places in Second Life is the Music Academy Online, if you are a music lover and you haven’t visted Benton Wunderlich yet, you need to get there. I met Benton through Joskie, a fellow Educator Coop resident. At my first visit to the music academy Benton was hosting one of his weekly Wednesday night dance parties (9pm) where he was pulling songs from his vast music collection.

From: nashua telegraph Online avatars are helping the disabled fight back Quote from the site - After suffering a devastating stroke four years ago, Susan Brown was left in a wheelchair with little hope of walking again. Today, the 57-year-old Richmond, Va., woman has regained use of her legs and has begun to reclaim her life, thanks in part to encouragement she says she gets from an online “virtual world” where she can walk, run and even dance.

From: Cnet Asia President Arroyo hangs out in Second Life Quote from the site - One of my best buds and fellow gamer, Gabby Dizon, co-owner and head honcho of FlipSide Games (a local game development company), made the news again recently because he was asked to create online avatars of President GMA and other notable IT personalities for the Philippine National Innovation Strategy in the National Innovation Summit in Makati.

From: International Business Times Mindwave, Body-control Technology Pioneered for ‘Second Life’ Avatars Quote from the site - Virtual citizens may one day use their bodies and brainwaves, not their keyboards, to move their cyber identities in online worlds, Japanese technology researchers hope.

From: Fox6 San Diego Second Lives Led by People Online Quote from the site - A petite blonde woman walks down a brightly lit street in the community of “Diegoland.” Replicas of the Gaslamp District, Balboa Park, even the Hotel del Coronado are visible. But this is not real life. It is “Second Life.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer Release Candidate (RC2) is now available Quote from the site - We’re getting closer to finalizing this viewer release! Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer Release Candidate (RC2) is now available. Please go to the test software page to download to try out these pre-production viewers.

From: Videoconference Tips & Techniques edna’s Second Life Party Quote from the site - (Education Network Australia) is 10 years old so they threw a party. Some people attended on-site - drank wine & ate cake. Others attended in Second Life - drank wine & ate cake. First we had the speeches (they were happening in the real world & ‘beamed’ live to us)…

From: The Story of My “Second Life” Best educational use of a virtual world 2007 - VOTE NOW! Quote from the site - It’s been days since I’ve blogged - crushed with multiple of RL priorities at the moment including preparations for two presos at an upcoming EdTech conference at Kean University starting Friday - but wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that the edublog award voting for 2007 is now underway and the virtual worlds category is filled with great contenders, including EdTech Island, Jokadia Island, Schome Park, Second Life in Education, and Suffern middle school in Second Life.

From: Arroyo activates virtual self in Second Life Quote from the site - President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is now literally “in the game.”

Arroyo activated her virtual self called an “avatar” in the Second Life online video game and community as part of the launch of the Philippine National Innovation Strategy in the National Innovation Summit in Makati.

From: Second Life Blog [STABILIZED] Interruption to In World Services Quote from the site - We’re experiencing interruptions to many in world services, including reliable mapping, TPs, search, and correct updating of L$ balances.

From: The Click Heard Round the World Fundraiser dance party for equine therapy center on December 16 Quote from the site - My friend Veri Oddfellow passes along the news about a Second Life fundraiser party for a neat cause called Great Strides. Great Strides is a Maryland-based therapeutic center that employs horses to help people with mental disorders.

From: Grid Expectations Common Courtesy Quote from the site - [15:30] Random Avatar: Hello Shopping Avatar, welcome to Corporation XYZ

Imagine there is an avi named Shopping Avatar, and she has just TP’d in to a store called Corporation XYZ to do some shopping. She is greeted with the benign statement above upon entry.

From: What Is This Crap Never Piss Off Radar Quote from the site - Okay, so I renewed for my mall office on Collins for another two weeks, but then the red-flags popped up on quite a few of the neighboring lots.

From: caliah Some thoughts on avatar identity and style Quote from the site - The Orange series of panels on Identity sparked a brief and engaging conversation with another attendee whom I had the pleasure of meeting previously at a piano concert by Gideon Kappler - Lili Brink (for the non-SLers on my list…yes, Orange the cellphone provider). I’m used to being very enthusiastic, at least in one-on-one conversation, in discussing one of my favourite topics - the particulars of how people choose to represent themselves in online worlds (not necessarily graphical ones).

From: Dr Chris Paton MEFANET 2007 Quote from the site - I presented via videoconference at MEFANET this week. We used a Polycom set-up in the University’s videoconferencing room.

Chris Paton presents at MEFANET 2007 on 3D Anatomy, Adobe Flash Learning Objects and Online Communities.

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