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Second Life News for November 28, 2007

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From: The Insatiable Zoe Connolly December Party for Second Life Bloggers, Royal Caledon Air Force, and all Caledon Quote from the site - The December Second Life Bloggers Party will be held in 2 parcels in 2 sims in Caledon Mayfair/Penzance on Sunday December 16th from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM.

From: geek gastalt ‘Second Life Herald’ book pulls back historical curtain on virtual worlds Quote from the site - If you’ve followed virtual worlds at all over the last four years, the name Urizenus Sklar will probably mean something to you.

Uri, as he was known, was the muckraking journalist who founded the Alphaville Herald, a blog that reported on, among other things, the seedy underbelly of Electronic Arts’ disappointing virtual world, The Sims Online.

From: Ambling in Second Life Al Joins Fuji Staff Quote from the site - A short one tonight, since I’m a bit pressed for time. In the same general area as last night’s Toshiba island I came across Fuji Staff. At first I assumed it was an island intended for the staff of photographic company, Fuji. While exploring the sim I came across a solitary web link, which told me rather less than I had hoped.

From: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life Read The Second Life Herald by Peter Ludlow and Mark Wallace Quote from the site - I just finished reading Peter Ludlow and Mark Wallace’s new book, The Second Life Herald: The Virtual Tabloid That Witnessed the Dawn of the Metaverse. And I liked it.

From: Massively LNLBT back in business in Second Life Quote from the site - The story we ran about someone brute-force hacking several Second Life banks has a happy resolution, at least for one of the banks: LNLBT is back in business, and their insurance is back in force with The Rock as well.

From: Second Life Herald To Each Their Own - A Primer on Gorean Culture From Two Sides Quote from the site - I’ll be honest. I’m not entirely sure how to write this article. Pix asked me to write a story about Gorean culture, which I knew next to nothing about. She wanted me to find out if the recent griefing increases have affected their population, weakened their demographics. To write about their culture.


From: A Real Girl in a Fake World Confessions of a Wow-tard Quote from the site - It struck me last night that one of the reasons I really like World of Warcraft so much these days is that I have no emotional attachment to it. Playing WoW is something I enjoy doing whether I am questing alone, with a couple of RL friends or with members of the guild or random people doing quests in the general vicinity.

From: Massively Linden Lab on Battery Quote from the site - You may recall that earlier this year (May 12) Linden Lab split their Sansome Street, San Francisco office in two, moving roughly half of their staff to the office around the corner in Battery Street, all observed by curious San Francisco residents.

From: VTOR Heineken passes up advertising inside SL Quote from the site - Ian Delaney is a self-described “SL naysayer” but his blog post about how the beer company Heineken looked at Second Life and chose to pass up having a presence in world offers some interesting tidbits about why a company might be skittish about taking their brand in world.

From: Second Life Blog Rolling Restart in Progress Quote from the site - As announced previously, we’re performing a rolling restart of the Second Life simulators to update the service to server code version 1.18.6. The changes are primarily internal, providing infrastructure for new viewer functionality changes coming up in the Second Life 1.18.6 viewer which should be available soon.

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