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Second Life News for November 29, 2007

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From: Gamine Expedition Children’s Rights in Teen Second Life Quote from the site - By way of the MAGIC network, another cool example of gamers using machinima for political expression, this time through a 5-week-long initiative led by Global Kids (with support from UNICEF) and taking place entirely within Teen Second Life.

From: Ambling in Second Life Show Me Shiomi Quote from the site - Another short post for you tonight, and another one strictly for Japanese Sim Collectors. This is the island of Shiomi, owned by Japanese v-learning company, SF3.

From: Health: Second Life Quote from the site - Nanci Schenkein was once a real life event planner but an illness took it all away.

From: Government Executive State Department dispatches virtual jazz ambassadors Quote from the site - In 1956, at the height of the Cold War, when the United States was engaged in an ideological battle with the Soviet Union, the State Department dispatched a new kind of ambassador to carry its message. In an innovative bit of public diplomacy, State sent jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and his band on an acclaimed tour of the Middle East, Asia and South America.

From: msnbc Early adopters driving Web 2.0 explosion Quote from the site - God bless the early adopters — the technology industry would be nowhere without them. But they’re very different than the general consumer.

From: More news on Virtual Reality Room for Educators and Non profits Quote from the site - If you were an educator, wouldn’t you dream of taking your students on exciting field trips but the location is across the country, or even across the ocean? How about a holodeck in a virtual world where, with the click of a mouse, you can be in New York, Chicago, or visiting Chateau Villandry on the Loire river?

From: Tom Cotton’s 8109 My Second Life leaves me with seven to go… Quote from the site - edna’s 10th birthday bash was quite an event. It was multicast through LiveClassroom and Second Life. Not only a birthday but also a celebration of edna’s constant evolution, simultaneously launching the myedna / service.

From: Your2ndPlace The Magic Circles And Second Life Quote from the site - Lately, the phrase ‘Magic Circle’ has been in articles related to Second Life. ‘Is a virtual world publisher within the magic circle?’ is one such example though the topic itself seems almost too subtle and too much of a reach.

From: eFoundations Reflections on a DIY streaming experience Quote from the site - As mentioned here and here, I spent Monday in Birmingham at UKOLN’s Exploiting The Potential Of Blogs And Social Networks workshop in order to video-stream the event live onto the Web and into Second Life. I want to use this blog entry to summarise what we did, why we did it, what worked and what didn’t.

From: Massively This week’s patch process not kind to Second Life Quote from the site - Yesterday saw the preparations for today’s rolling Second Life update - an ‘update to core systems’ (Linden Lab have never really explained what that means, but we can reasonably assume we’re talking central databases, monitoring systems and a chunk of the backbone code).


From: digicmb Academic Research on Second Life Quote from the site - Survey some 170 institutions with a presence in Second Life.

From: Virtual Church Proving Real for Some Quote from the site - Diane Karney was tired of being a short, overweight, 42 year old whose chin-length brown locks revealed a few too many gray streaks. So, she turned herself into Jillian James – a thin, tall, 20 year old with long red hair. An extreme makeover? Radical plastic surgery? No, Diane simply logged onto Second Life, a three-dimensional virtual world created entirely by its residents. It looks very similar to a video game environment.

From: Drupal gets a Second Life framework Quote from the site - Objects in the Second Life virtual world can now be more easily integrated into Web sites running the Drupal content management system thanks to a new third-party module creator released this week.

From: UKPRWire Claremont gets a Second Life Quote from the site - Claremont Group Interiors, the largest office interior design firm outside London, are set to become the first company to offer serviced office space in Second Life, with their virtual building ‘The Breeze’ going live in November.

From: Intel Blogs There is a hack! (for Second Life and the Intel 965 Chipset) Quote from the site - There are hacks for everything, right? Well I have this brand new HP 6910p with the Intel 965 Express chipset running Vista and I could not get onto Second Life. Everytime I tried to connect, it would ask me if I wanted music and then it would crash. Well I thought, maybe my HP doesn’t like music.

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