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Second Life News for November 30, 2007

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From: WORLD AIDS Day 2007 in Second Life : expanded Quote from the site - Please join us at HealthInfo Island for World AIDS Day 2007 on December 1st!

From: The Economic Times Now, technology decides your workplace Quote from the site - Ask Ranjani Ranganath, Senior Managing Director, Global Development Centre, Cisco, where her office is and she points to her laptop, a web cam, a pair of headsets and a Nokia E 61i.

From: Winonan Your virtual classroom awaits you Quote from the site - Welcome to, a global Web site designed to create a virtual world, or a second life. Create an avatar, or character, and walk around in a 3-D world to communicate with other avatars. Using Linden dollars, an avatar can buy or sell clothes, furniture, cars, anything. Build a house. Build a business. Create a market. Live another life.

From: Peace, Earth & Justice News PEJ News Establishes Home in Second Life Quote from the site - Thanks to the generosity of Hayduke Ebisu, the Peace, Earth & Justice News established a new home in Second Life November 29, 2007, on Commonwealth Island, a beautiful, Eden-like environment where many progressive organizations have established a virtual home.

From: Virtual Harlem to open in Second Life Quote from the site - If you are an educator or someone interested in the Jazz Age of the 1920s, wouldn’t it be exciting to visit or take your students to locations where jazz of the period could be experienced? Harlem, NY or even Montmartre in Paris would, no doubt, be included among those stops.

From: Second Life Blog Billing Emails to Basic Accounts Quote from the site - Between November 21 and 25, we erroneously charged membership fees to a group of free, Basic accounts. Of course, Basic accounts are not subject to membership or VAT fees.

From: Second Life Blog New Viewer: Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer Now Available! Quote from the site - The Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer is now available. Again, with your help reporting issues in the Issue Tracker and participation in public bug triages, we were able to find and fix bugs in the Release Candidate viewer before making it the latest download. Thanks for your help improving the viewer!

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Havok4 Beta Preview Refresh with New Fixes (2007-11-29) Quote from the site - The Second Life Havok4 Beta Preview has been refreshed with another set of issue resolutions in place…

From: Second Life Blog New WindLight First Look Viewer! Quote from the site - It’s that time again! We’re proud to bring you a new version of WindLight First Look! Read on for the bug fixes…

From: Second Life Blog [RESOLVED] Temporary Issues Within Second Life Quote from the site - As many of you may already be aware, there are currently issues with search, mapping, teleporting, display of inworld L$ balances and other features within Second Life.

From: New World Notes Avatar Avant Garde: Metaverse Orchestra Turns Avatars Into Musical Instruments Quote from the site - Last month, Pavig Lok summoned me mid-performance into the opera house of Intempesta Nox (direct SLURL teleport), to attend a live music performance. Not Residents playing real instruments streamed as audio into Second Life, as usually happens– here, instead, the avatars themselves were the musical instruments, spinning like digital tornadoes around the audience.

From: Shopping Cart Disco AmberScam Project Quote from the site - Oh, look what popped up again.

From: Reuters Second Life News Center Kenzo rejects settlement offer in copyright dispute Quote from the site - Thomas Simon (Second Life: Rase Kenzo), the defendant in a virtual goods copyright infringement lawsuit, has taken a pass on a US$7,000 settlement offer, he told Reuters on Tuesday.

From: metaversed Higher Education Takes On The Virtual World Quote from the site - On November 26th we held the latest session of Metanomics, focused this time on higher education. Our guests were Chris Collins of the University of Cincinnati and Benn R Konsynski of Emory University.


From: Financial Director CIoT opens up shop in Second Life Quote from the site - Tax Anderton, the avatar representing the CIoT, is to wander through Second Life dolling out tax advice for people in an online environment

Yet another example of the profession trying to connect with ‘yoof’ comes from the Chartered Institute of Taxation, which is dipping its toe into the virtual world that is Second Life.

From: The Mancunian Way Go on a cultural tour of Second Life Quote from the site - It seems everyone’s getting into Second Life but if you’re still not sure what it might house that interests you, then this weekend’s event at the Whitworth Gallery could prove useful.

From: Domino’s Pizza topping £1m in weekly e-sales Quote from the site - Domino’s Pizza recorded an all-time high last week as UK internet sales hit the seven figure mark for the first time. Domino’s has used 15 different new media platforms in 2007, including search marketing, viral campaigns and a virtual store on Second Life.

From: Tying the Virtual Knot Quote from the site - I had one of those weeks in Second Life where everything seemed to be about partnering. I’ve got an online sister getting married, another friend breaking up, and a third friend who, when I told her I was writing a show on partnering, suggested I make it three words long: “Don’t do it.” So what is partnering, exactly?

From: Digital Urban Arc to Second Life: Geographic Data Direct to Second Life Quote from the site - As part of our research project funded by the National Centre for E-Social Science we are working on Second Nature Island (part of the NATURE group) on importing geographic data into Second Life.

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