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Second Life News for November 21, 2007

November 21st, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life Blog [RESOLVED] DNS Failures Affecting Logins, Main Site Access, Region Crossings Quote from the site - Operations teams at the Lab and the co-location facility are working to address the DNS failures which are inhibiting logins and Website access.

All regions should be up and running. There are still some background issues we are working on but Second Life should be running normally for residents.

From: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life Residents Speak: Kim Anubis Quote from the site - It’s been a busy fall for books about Second Life.

I was at a book store in San Francisco yesterday–ostensibly to attend a book signing by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, but while there I just “happened” to go and notice that they had mine on an outward-facing display–and it turned out they had a whole shelf of Second Life books.

From: Between the Lines On getting a Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life is a virtual world “populated” by “avatars” (cartoonish remote controlled mannequins, basically) driven by “real” people sitting in front of their PCs. (One of the hazards of writing about Second Life is that you use a lot of quotation marks.) Second Life is “constructivist:” Its owner (Linden Lab) builds nothing but empty islands one mile square. The avatars (actually their human controllers) are responsible for creating roads, buildings, trees, cars, pathogens, etc. The result is a visually rich and eclectic “world.”

From: Personneltoday Second Life systems reinvigorate e-learning Quote from the site - Tired of dull old e-learning programmes? Second Life systems could be the answer.

From: Light on Light Through Conversation with Ken Hudson/Kenny Hubble: Second Life! Quote from the site - Welcome to Episode 49 of Light On Light Through in which I converse with digital artist Ken Hudson aka Kenny Hubble of and about Second Life. At 10,000 accounts and growing, the vibrant virtual community of Second Life is becoming a way of life for many.

From: The Second Life Grid Grind A Challenge Proposed Quote from the site - This post isn’t about Second Life. This is about life, real life, the one that doesn’t often give us second chances to do what’s right.

From: Valleywag The secret to making money in Second Life Quote from the site - CNET senior writer Daniel Terdiman says Second Life is rife with business opportunities. While researching his book The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life: Making Money in the Metaverse, he interviewed a whopping two dozen residents who count on Second Life for their monthly income.

From: WebCPA CPAs Find an Island on Second Life Quote from the site - Accounting firms are starting to go virtual and setting up shop on Second Life.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how futurist Edie Weiner recently predicted that accountants might need to start keeping track of money in Second Life’s virtual currency, Linden dollars.

From: aethans|exchange University Students Get A (Second) Life Quote from the site - University student Matt Griffin has two lives, one in this life and another in Second Life.

Three or four times a week, he logs on to Second Life, an online community built and owned by its residents and joins his avatar ‘Rufio Rau’ to the other 9.7 million avatars in Second Life.

From: Wired No Shortcuts to Success for Virtual Entrepreneurs Quote from the site - Despite bank collapses, Ponzi schemes, bans on gambling, and cries for more financial oversight and regulation, Daniel Terdiman still thinks Second Life is a great place to do business.

From: Sydney Morning Herald How about living twice? Or is once enough? Quote from the site - If you’ve paid any attention to the media and the who’s who of marketing in the last 18 months you would have some vague impression of a buzzing Second Life community out there in cyberspace.

From: unicef Virtual video-making in Teen Second Life spreads the message on child rights Quote from the site - To mark the 18th anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC), a group of teenage videographers has given an online screening of their short videos made in the virtual world of Teen Second Life.

From: Business Communicators of Second Life SL Business Communicators Transcript: The Office in SL with Clear Ink Quote from the site - Kiwini Oe (aka Steve Nelson, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer) of Clear Ink is a great typist! And beyond that, he is funny, incredibly interesting and opened up a view for us into Clear Ink’s production of their machinima segments and “back lot production” for NBC’s The Office episode, Local Ad which aired October 25.

From: Second Life Blog Knowledge Base Article of the Week #5: Getting the Most Frames for Your Seconds Quote from the site - This edition of the Knowledge Base Article of the Week is a guide to improving region performance. Though this article is mainly geared toward the owners of estates and private regions, it contains advice that every Resident should find thought-provoking, if not downright useful…

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5th Part of History of Videogames to Feature Second Life

November 20th, 2007 | Category: Machinima, Media, RL Meets SL, Roleplay, Second Life Videos, TV, Virtual Worlds

According to posts from James Wagner Au, from New World Notes, and a guide from Geoff Keighley, from, the Discovery Channel’s Guide to Videogames will feature a Second Life segment in Level Five, the fifth segment. The series will start this Wednesday, November 21st, 2007, at 8pm and continue until the fifth episode on Wednesday, December 19th at 8pm. From the guide posted at Kotaku:

Can a computer game make you cry? With the introduction of PlayStation 2’s “emotion engine” in 1999 game developers had the technology to enable deep, moving stories that tugged at gamers’ heartstrings. The rise of online virtual world games added another emotional dimension, letting players make real connections (including marriages) through a virtual game and helping them escape a world rife with violence and terror. Source: Discovery Channel to Air 5 Hour Videogame Documentary

The documentary will cover the entire history of the videogame industry, from the early 70’s when Atari ruled until today’s virtual worlds, with interviews of Ralph Baer, David Jaffe, Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, and Ken and Roberta Williams, who founded Sierra Online. The series will take a look at how the social and political climate shaped games and game designers throughout the piece. From New World Notes,

The in-world machinima for the SL segment is from the team of Silver and Goldie Goodman, and when they took footage of me at my office, had my avatar sign the virtual release form above. I’m looking forward to seeing this, totally apart from my minimal involvement in the production. Along with every other US-based Resident, I’m among the last to see it– judging by e-mails I’ve been getting about it, this past year, it’s already aired in the UK, Poland, China, and India. Source: Second Life to be featured on the Discovery Channel’s mini-series on videogames

So, apparently this has already aired over seas, and I will be looking forward to seeing it, and will catch, at a minimum, the Second Life, or virtual world portion of it.

Silver and Goldie Goodman produced the following video, Second Life: Get One, winner of the Second Life Trailer Contest.

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Second Life News for November 20, 2007

November 20th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: MTV Movie News Gerard Butler, Ludacris Show What Happens When ‘Second Life’ Becomes Real Life In Upcoming Flick Quote from the site - When invited to the set of the new film from the makers of “Crank,” the e-mail said the flick was simply called “Game.” The backs of the director’s chairs, the clapboard and everything else around the set also referred to the winter ‘08 release with the same word.

From: Tech Digest JFK assassination to be recreated in Second Life Quote from the site - Conspiracy theorists wanting a new spin on the Kennedy assassination can now visit a virtual version of Dealey Plaza in Second Life. Created by US firm Avatar Promotions, it lets you nose around the downtown Dallas district, watch a ghostly-empty version of JFK’s car go by, and even goggle at the infamous Grassy Knoll.

From: Digital Trends Second Life Climate Change Conference Quote from the site - The virtual world might be largely immune to climate change, but the real world isn’t. That was one of the implicit points made when minister from the Maldives, Malta and the UK hosted a virtual climate change press conference on Second Life.

From: ad hoc news New Guide Shows You How to Enrich your ‘Second Life’ By Teaching Skills as Building, Texturing, Clothes Making, Scripting, Animating, and Terraforming Quote from the site - “Creating Your World: The Official Guide to Advanced Content Creation for Second Life” will explain in detail how to create and use Second Life content, covering such important skills as building, texturing, clothes making, scripting, animating, and terraforming.

From: Inside System Storage Updates on Second Life Quote from the site - This Thursday is U.S. Thanksgiving, so I the blogosphere is probably going to be quiet this week. I found some interesting posts and articles on Second Life that might be of interest.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer RC1 Release Candidate Update Quote from the site - We just made Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer Release Candidate (RC1) available on the site. Please go to the test software page to download and try these pre-production viewers.

From: Massively Academic research on Second Life Quote from the site - Although you may not realize it, Second Life has a huge group of educators active within it, many of whom have been active for some time. The process of writing academic papers however, is long and sometimes painful.

From: Second Life Blog [RESOLVED]Network problems affecting some logins Quote from the site - As of 15:53 today, we are experiencing network-related issues. You may experience problems logging in , or accessing some regions.


From: Massively Kindly State University - School is back in session Quote from the site - The Kindly High School students have graduated and entered college this fall. After closing down the high school, amidst pressure from anti-ageplay groups in Second Life, Redd Columbia immediately began working on the new campus, which opened last month. With a grown-up look and feel, school is officially back in session.

From: Chris Bowen’s Blog C# Day Goes Virtual on December 8th in Second Life Quote from the site - Why should we keep all the fun for ourselves here in New England? Michael de la Maza is taking his successful C# Day series to the virtual world of Second Life!

From: A Stroll Through Caledon Steelhead Mad Scientist Night Quote from the site - Steelhead’s own mad scientist (who blows things up and has plans for world domination) Miss Hilra inspired a night of dancing where they all came out, yours truly included…

From: Second Life Blog [Resolved] Background Maintenance affecting Second Life Quote from the site - Residents may still be encountering various difficulties in-world and in logging in at this time. There appear to be additional technical complications at present. Apologies for the ongoing inconvenience. Our engineers are working hard to resolve the situation.

From: Engadget Mobile Vodafone “InsideOut” connects phones to Second Life Quote from the site - Vodafone customers now have access to a new service called “InsideOut” that allows interaction between characters in the vast virtual world Second Life and real, actual phones (you know, like in the real world) operated by Voda.

From: Trading Markets Sun Brewing Trainings via Virtual Community Quote from the site - Sun Microsystems, Inc. is currently developing applications and courseware to be used in the trainings in Second Life, revealed Kevin Ng, chief learning officer of its Greater China Region.

From: Second Life Blog WindLight Update 2007-11-20 Quote from the site - The good news is that the WindLight First Look debut has been a smashing success! We’ve had some amazing results thus far from Residents…

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Second Life News for November 19, 2007

November 19th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: PRWeb Avatar Promotions Creates Virtual Representation of Site of the President Kennedy Assassination in Second Life Quote from the site - Avatar Promotions today announces the Second Life virtual creation of Dealey Plaza, the site where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963. Jason Baird, lead consultant of Avatar Promotions, says he has no opinions on who killed President Kennedy, but he made it possible for users to log on to the internet and visit a virtual 3D version of that part of downtown Dallas.

Two to three million people visit Dealey Plaza every year. Now they no longer have to go to Dallas to “be there and see it.” Those in Second Life can meet in virtual reality to entertain their own theories.

From: Massively Sunday not shaping up well for Second Life either Quote from the site - The new Second Life day is off to a poor start with what looks like another database crash inside Linden Lab’s array of database clusters.

From: Parade Comic Drew Carey says he’s…Totally Wired! Quote from the site - We asked Drew Carey, host of the game shows “Power of 10” and “The Price Is Right,” about his high-tech life.

This business about e-mail and computers keeping you from communicating is nonsense. It’s nice to talk to people in person, but sometimes you just can’t. When my fiancée and I are in different cities, we go on dates in Second Life—a Web site that’s like a virtual world. We could just talk on the phone, but we meet online instead. It’s fun.

From: PR Newswire Alcatel-Lucent Launches Presence on Second Life(R) Virtual Reality Site to Explore the Potential Uses of Next-Generation Technologies, Including 4G Mobile Broadband Networks Quote from the site - Company invites Second Life residents to participate in a contest to design the most innovative 4G end-user devices and applications. Alcatel-Lucent is hosting an open contest for residents of Second Life(R) (SL), the popular social networking and virtual reality site (developed by Linden Labs, Inc.), to envision and design the wireless devices and applications they think will be possible in 2017, when access to extremely high capacity is widely available on always-on networks.

From: The Story of My “Second Life” What are Kids learning in Virtual Worlds? A MacArthur Foundation Panel webcast Quote from the site - This event was last Wednesday night opposite our National Distance Learning Week event at ISTE Island and was streamed into Second Life. (At least one person lamented they could not be in both places at once!) Here is the website providing the background, including pics from the SL venue…

From: Wide Open Education Old Masters Picture Gallery in Second Life Quote from the site - Dresden’s famous art museum, the Old Masters Picture Gallery, has been completed recreated in Second Life. The 37,700 sq ft building has been lovingly cloned down to the smallest details. You can even pick-up a free audio guide to listen to curators as you wander through the exhibits.

From: Ambling in Second Life Thomas Cook (Germany) Quote from the site - Back in September I wrote about German tour operator TUI’s presence in Second Life. Well it seems like they are not the only Germany holiday company to set up a virtual presence, as today I came across the Thomas Cook Island. I tend to think of Thomas Cook as a quintessentially English tour operator.

From: Massively Cinemassively: Windlight - Fleef’s Second Life Sojourn Quote from the site - With Windlight mania turning the heads of even the harshest SL critics (Sorry, Hugh!), it’s safe to say that it will become a staple of Second Life Machinima. FLeeF, aka Frank L. Fox, not only managed to capture the beauty of our new skies, but also provided the score for the film!

From: Ambling in Second Life Al Deals with Dealey Plaza Quote from the site - On November 22nd, 1963, John F Kennedy was assassinated as his motorcade drove through Dealey Plaza in Dallas. With the anniversary looming it perhaps should come as no surprise to hear that a recreation of the Plaza has been constructed in the virtual world of Second Life. The work has been carried out by Avatar Promotions, a build company of indeterminate address, but located in the US.

From: Sunn’s World Nighttime Lights of Second Life Quote from the site - What if you could see the lights produced by 6 billion inhabitants of a blue-green world called Earth? Take an awesome journey to gaze at the nighttime view of our planet from space. Nighttime Lights of Second Life is an immersive experience blending art and science into a thought-provoking exhibition of human technology.


From: Torley Running WindLight + new Search + Dazzle… ALL AT THE SAME TIME Quote from the site - I feel strangely operating systematic! It’s featurefixinlicious. Here’s info-links with more info about each of these projects, which you can have in one viewer (WindLight 1.18.5, and install Dazzle into it)…

From: Second Life Blog Voice not working in-world Quote from the site - The in-world voice facility has been offline since 2.06 AM PST and we are working to have this restored. Sorry for the loss of this function, we know you like to use it. It’ll be back as soon as possible.

From: Glob - The Indusgeeks Blog Content, Community and Second Life Quote from the site - Is content or community the reason that drives Second Life and other virtual worlds? Depending upon who you ask the answer is one or the other. Some like me obviously take the middle path and argue that… it is in fact a combination of both.

From: SLOz - Australia’s Second Life News Source Landbots and drowned avatars Quote from the site - The Second Life Herald ran a story today about landbots, those automated entities that cause all sorts of problems with buying and selling land. The SL Herald is alleging that around 20 avatars placed in water sims are part of the landbot scam. Whatever the reason for the submerged avatars, it’s a little strange.

From: Miami Herald Second Life enables cutting-edge business Quote from the site - When Greg Verdino of Melville, N.Y., gets up to go to work, he no longer makes a dash for the Long Island Rail Road to commute to Manhattan. No, as chief strategy officer of a new marketing company called crayon, on many days he sits down at his home computer and logs into a 3-D virtual world called Second Life.

From: Florida Today Terry Eberle: Living in a virtual world Quote from the site - A speaker at a recent digital conference, however, really got me thinking about how far change should go and where in the world it may be heading. The speaker was Rowan Barnett, editor in chief of The Avastar newspaper. He lives in Germany, but his newspaper is out of this world. You see, his newspaper exists on a computer game called Second Life and is the leading newspaper in this virtual world — a world that lives in the imagination of real people.

From: VOIP Politics in Second life Quote from the site - A good many bloggers probably know by now about Second Life, the virtual world inspired by the stories of Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash) and William Gibson (Neuromancer et al.). More may know about this four-year-old experiment in networking and social contact through recent “appearances” on shows such as C.S.I.: N.Y., and through the discussions about making real money in the virtual world and the potential tax questions it raises.

From: Your 2nd Place All Paths To A Better Second Life Lead Through Linden Lab Quote from the site - I’ve been spending some time away from Second Life due to traveling, meetings and research, and in doing so it has allowed me to distance myself from some of the issues written of about Second Life so much.

From: The Story of My “Second Life” Chris Collins (Fleep Tuque) Gets Published! Quote from the site - Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque), who just moderated the fantastic panel discussion we recently had on ISTE Island, blogs here about several things, including a paper she just co-authored with Nancy Jennings in The Journal of Social Sciences. I first met Chris back in May at the Second Life Best Practices in Education conference, then in real life at the Second Life Community Convention last August. She is as vivacious and tenacious in RL and SL. This young lady rocks!

From: Mashable SECOND LIFE TOOLBOX: 50+ Resources for Second Life Quote from the site - The 3D world of Second Life has taken the real world by storm. It’s a complex beast, though, and sometimes getting the hang of things isn’t too easy; especially if you plan to become a top Second Life entrepreneur. Enjoy our collection of 50+ resources for Second Life consisting of companies, news, tutorials and other stuff which will make your virtual world exploration easier.

From: New World Notes The Avatarization of Angelina: How *Beowulf* Moves Movies Closer to Second Life Quote from the site - Here’s what Angelina Jolie said, after she saw the 3D animated avatar of herself stepping naked out of the water in Beowulf:

I was really surprised that I felt that exposed… There are certain moments where I felt actually shy – and called home, just to explain that the fun movie that I had done that was digital animation was, in fact, a little different than we expected.

From: New World Notes London, Reloaded: UK Spacial Analyst imports and rezzes city data in real time Quote from the site - The mirror world continues to take shape in Second Life. Last week we saw it with Zora Spoonhammer’s 3D globe with dynamic real world weather, this week it’s this video, depicting data from the urban landscape of London being uploaded into SL, then taking on 3D form in a truly mesmerizing, Matrix-worthy way.

From: Grid Expectations Another shop! has another freebie skin Quote from the site - I just found out from Gogo (go check out her website btw!) that Eloh Eliot of Another shop! has generously shared yet ANOTHER freebie skin! This one sports freckles, just like the set of skins I’d blogged a little while ago.

From: What is this crap? Podcasting roundup Podcasting Roundup from What is this crap?

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TUi NEO Level 3: Prim Animation

November 18th, 2007 | Category: Animation, Building, Prims

What: TUi NEO LVL3: prim animation

When: 10pm SLT November 17, 2007

Where: Located in Polarity

Description: Have you ever wanted to animate prims, be it flapping wings a simple door or a full stop motion animation sequence? Well then this is the class for you. In this class we will learn to use the helpful puppeteer software this software allows users to move prims with out having to learn to script. This is a level 3 class and you will need to be able to rez, move, link prims and know your way around the build menu. LVL 3, Class Cost : Free & Puppeteer free edition software available in the class room. Please note spaces are limited.

Second Life URL.

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Second Life News for November 18, 2007

November 18th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Global Geek Podcast The Global Geek Podcast #69: Special Edition: Second Life Quote from the site - This week we have a very special show and quite different for the GGP. There are a few firsts for The Podcast Network as well.

The show this week was recorded entirely in Second Life, thanks to Mike Seyfang. This is the first TPN Podcast recorded in Second life and Mike did a great job.

From: Millionsofus Splenda–what would make your life sweeter? Quote from the site - Splenda is now open and offering a proposal to all in Second Life! Think to yourself what you would want in Second Life to make it better. A HUD that does amazing things? New animations that allows you do to tricks? Or even a building or sculpture? It is up to you. Now, the contest takes place on Splenda Island, and if you are chosen as the winner you get a 4-day/3-night trip for two to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona! How awesome is that?!

I know I had trouble last night getting a delivery from SLexchange, so this next article is probably part of the reason why as the OnRez people posted that they were having trouble delivering items in Second Life as well.

From: Second Life Blog Recurring Issues Within Second Life Today Quote from the site - We’ve experienced multiple issues within Second Life today as the result of recurring database crashes. This has happened approximately four times today, in each case everything was restored within 30 minutes.

From: OnRez Delivery Problems - being investigated Quote from the site - We think that the IP address changes Linden Lab made yesterday to 2,000 sims might be the root of why some drop boxes are failing in certain sims. It appears to conflicting with certain security procedures we had put in place.

From: Business Communicators of Second Life SL Business Communicators November Meeting: Producing “The Office” in SL Quote from the site - SLBCers unite in Second Life on Tuesday, November 20th to meet with avatar Kiwini Oe a.k.a. Steve Nelson, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer of digital marketing agency, Clear Ink. We’ll be getting first-hand accounts and insights as to what was behind producing the Second Life TV segments for The Office “Local Ad” episode which aired on NBC on October 25th.

From: Virtually Blind Harvard Extension Class on Virtual Law Offers Lectures in Second Life Quote from the site - The Harvard Extension School is running a course focused on virtual law with a Second Life component. Rebecca Nesson (’Rebecca Berkman’ in Second Life) is teaching the class. The lectures, which look fascinating, are available to at-large participants on Berkman Island (SLURL).

From: Exurbanista Sitting around in my second life Quote from the site - One of the questions that came up repeatedly during the Government Consortium on Virtual Worlds on Friday was “Why do our avatars need to sit, when they don’t get tired?”

From: Petone Herald Students Look To Second Life Quote from the site - Petone-based tertiary provider WelTec recently took part in the world’s first Second Life tertiary education fair – the only New Zealand organization to do so. Second Life is an Internet-based virtual world where users can explore, socialize and learn.

From: Brutal Honesty The Catfish called Kettle… Quote from the site - Second Hand yard sales. Seems like it’s a big business in Second Life just as it is in first life…I don’t really get either, but it’s part of both cultures. I am sure that the profits are dwindling for these bottom-feeders in SL because of the permissions frenzy that is happening on the heels of the latest software client loophole. Which brings me to this post.

From: New World Notes The Steampunk Empire Caledon, and last week’s Top 20 Quote from the site - On the vast continent of Caledon, the 19th century of the imagination lives on, as presided over by benevolent hegemon and “the guvnah”, Desmond Shang. It’s one of the top twenty sites in this blog’s ongoing search for Second Life sites with a large and genuinely active community, free from camping and excessive freebies.

From: Fabulously Free in SL Quickies: Tuli Dress Truth in an Unusual Way A bunch of links to free stuff in Second Life.

From: Telegraph Get a life, but make it second life Quote from the site - Most of us have an alter-ego waiting to burst out, and now it can - on the internet, in virtual worlds that are springing up to suit every need and desire. Ian Douglas explores a universe of online possibilities.

From: Natalia Zelmanov’s Second Life Diary Day 419: Creating Poses Part 3 (Animation Priority) Quote from the site - In this Part 3 of the tutorial series, we are going to use multiple animations on our avatar at the same time. So you can burn your tongue on a hot cup of tea while wearing your purse :P This is made possible thru the use of Animation Priority.

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SL Teaching Tools

November 18th, 2007 | Category: Education, Second Life Tips, Teaching, Tools

What: SL Teaching Tools

When: Saturday 1st December, 08.00-09.00 (SL time)17.00-18.00 (UTC)

Where: Edunation III Conference Crossover Space (EduNation III 202, 27, 21)

Description: Dudeney Ge will be be giving an introduction to some of the tools available for teaching in Second Life (free gift for teachers included!)

This first event will be followed by others, approximately once a month, so it should be a great way to meet interesting people and find out about Second Life educational initiatives, etc. Here are the details:

Education@Edunation is a series of free monthly talks, workshops and discussions on education in-and-outside of Second Life, organised by the Consultants-E (

Meet fellow educators and trainers at Edunation III for sessions dealing with:

  • Teaching Tools

  • Teacher Training
  • Gaming & Education
  • Materials Design
  • Language Education

and many more…from seminars to pecha kucha sessions

Second Life URL.

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TUi Lvl1: Scripted Snacks

November 18th, 2007 | Category: Animation, Eating, Education, How To, New Residents, Poses

What: TUi Lvl1: Scripted Snacks

When: 11:05pm SLT November 17, 2007 NOW!

Where: TUi

Description: Ever wanted to make something truly delicious? Why not feast on a corndog. Get your lick on with an ice cream. Or, get your hands all sticky with a caramel apple. That’s right come to this class and learn how to make many great snacks that you can enjoy in your second life without gaining a pound! This is a beginner class at 11:05pm :)
Second Life URL.

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Veterans Day 2007 in Second Life

November 17th, 2007 | Category: Memescience, Memorials, RL Meets SL, Second Life Videos

Here is a pretty good video called Veterans Day 2007 in Second Life, it goes into a little detail about how the Wall in SL happened, who built it, and even delves into how some SL groups are trying to help veterans back into society and deal with some of the stuff they’ve had to go through.

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An Insurmountable Wall

An Insurmountable Wall by Aribella Lafleur

Occasionally, in my nonchalant passage throughout the metaverse, I feel a need for a reflective hiatus, to contemplate the significant matters of subsistence. In that vein, I felt compelled to visit “the Wall”, a thought-provoking and inspirational virtual replica of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Wall.

The entry portal, an unblemished, pearlescent-paned dome, greeted our arrival with its bright aspect. Our eyes were drawn to the serene autumn vista beyond, and to a screen playing excerpts from the real-life counterpart to this subdued site.

The rotunda

A hushed silence descended over our number, as if we had been relocated to a time and place beyond our understanding. The dying leaves, dropping gently from the trees encircling us, took my heart with them on their graceful flight. No joyous laughter filled the air, yet the powerful and majestic sentiment pervading this location was palpable.

My habitually rowdy crew were uncharacteristically stilled by a respectful awe as they gazed upon a shining memorial to the men who rose to the challenge set by their country. The Three Servicemen statue stood proudly, as if safeguarding the location marking their lost and fallen comrades.

Soldiers Memorial

As I looked up, I wondered at the courage of these men, many still in their teens, thrust into the totally alien landscape of Vietnam, witnessing unimaginable horrors without respite. I was struck by the impression that, though not my land and not my war, simply by being here I was engulfed in a history that was far larger than my small existence.

Three soldiers

Like an oyster covering a speck of grit, modern society strives to hide death, camouflaging it with the mundane. Shielded by the closed coffin, as if we have disguised the inevitable, we forget that life is a gift, and sometimes hard-won by the sacrifice of others. This “pearl”, now mirrored in two worlds, yields the beauty of remembrance grown around, and become a part of, the history that bore so much pain of loss and sacrifice. Gazing upon the extensive expanse of polished black granite, inscribed with the names of men and women whose service helped keep this dream of freedom alive, I could almost glimpse the faces peering out from the smooth, cold surface.

The names

We set off in search of the name of one of my team’s relatives who had fallen in combat. Using a directory terminal we easily located the correct wall panel (after a false start with the incorrect name), and all joined in the quest with surprising enthusiasm.
Read more

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Second Life News for November 17, 2007

November 17th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Metaversed Philip Rosedale on Managing Virtual Distance Quote from the site - The Managing Virtual Distance conference held by the Institute for International Research began yesterday at The Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA. The keynote speaker was Philip Rosedale, CEO of Linden Lab. While he couldn’t be there in person, he still managed to attend the conference by interacting with the audience through Second Life.

From: Caleb Booker Create Ted Castranova’s Avatar! Quote from the site - Monday at 11am PST Metanomics will be host to Ted Castranova, world-renowned expert on MMORPG economies and one of the first economists to do serious studies there. He has a request: “make me a dwarf female, high fantasy style.”

From: Massively Beowulf novelisation author interviewed via Second Life Quote from the site - Caitlin Kiernan, who wrote the novel to go with the movie Beowulf, is following in Neil Gaiman’s and Roger Avary’ s footsteps by being interviewed in Second Life. However the interview with Kiernan will be broadcast on BBC2’s ‘The Culture Show’ at 7pm GMT (11am SL Time) tomorrow.

From: Dizzy Banjo Philip’s first voice presentation in Second Life! Quote from the site - Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend a talk by Philip Rosedale CEO of Linden Lab speaking at the Managing Virtual Distance conference held by the Institute for International Research in Anaheim, California.

From: Metaversed Virtual Finance And The Reality Of The Linden Dollar Quote from the site - Our latest Metanomics session featured financial entrepreneurs, some of whom work in a real world financial institution and some who focus their efforts on financial business inside the virtual world. It was recorded and re-broadcast across the Second Life grid by, and can be screened by clicking on one of the links above.

From: Wayne Porter Second Life Griefing- “Raid Warning” Virtual War Quote from the site - Following was passed to me from a trusted colleague. As with any coordinated attack in Second Life it may or may not materialize. I would recommend SIM owners being alert. If none of this makes sense to you then it is not a problem you have to contend with. For some reason this reminds me of my interview with the SLLA (Second Life Liberation Army). So long ago .They apparently have NOTHING to do with this “Raid”, and again this is a general warning. Take it for what it is worth.

From: Massively Linden Lab readdressing servers Quote from the site - Linden Lab have been restarting Second Life servers all day. Well, since about 1pm, at any rate. Suddenly, with not really any notice, all these servers need new IP-addresses. Linden Lab’s operations team is working on assigning the new addresses and restarting the servers.

From: the Beijinger Second Life Moves To Beijing Quote from the site - If you’ve dared to step inside an internet bar anywhere in China, you may have immediately realized two things: it is easy to inhale the second-hand smoke equivalent of an entire Zhongnanhai cigarette, and kids and adults are more than willing to spend bleary-eyed days playing fantasy dragon-slaying games and chatting online. Whether they will take to chat-based fantasy worlds like Second Life or its Chinese equivalent HiPiHi is not yet clear.

From: Pioneer Online Student earns big money with Second Life Quote from the site - Music has given Kerry Lowery the opportunity to travel all over the nation, and the Internet has given him the opportunity to perform for people all over the world.

Lowery currently is playing eight to 10 shows a week on Second Life, an online video game where real people get together to live out virtual lives.

From: Yahoo Pipes Second Life in dutch media Quote from the site - Collection of Dutch media, marketing and news sites that are filtered on containing Second Life.


From: Blog-EFL Education@Edunation - Second Life Teaching Tools Quote from the site - I’m now getting excited about the new initiative that the Consultants-E are launching in two weeks: a new series of monthly events, Education@Edunation, which I’ve been asked to help co-ordinate. The first one, which unfortunately I won’t be able to attend (I’ll be on a plane coming back from Venezuela) looks like a very promising launch to what I’m sure will be a very popular event in Second Life.

From: Discovery Educator Network SHOUT OUT TO RIPTIDE FURSE Quote from the site - I KNOW he’s gonna kill me when he reads this post, but too bad!!!

I’ve posted elsewhere, and I believe I might even have posted here how I believe we are no longer dealing with the ‘read/write’ web, but rather with what I’ve coined ‘Web C3‘ which is Consume, Contribute, and Collaborate. I know that we use different tools for the collaboration portion.

From: Beth’s Second Life Second Life and NCTE Quote from the site - What happens when 14,000 English teachers and professors gather in New York City for a conference?

I can’t think of a good punch line. I am taking punch line donations down there in the comments tab ;p

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TUi After Dark

November 17th, 2007 | Category: Appearance, Building, Education, Poses, Sex

What: TUi After Dark

When: 11pm SLT

Where: TUI AD

Description: PLEASE NOTE: This class deals with explicit subject matter that could upset people who are offended by things of a sexual nature. TUi After Dark classes are intended for those who are not. Please bring your maturity with you, and your sense of humor. No child avatars are allowed. Eyes dropped down, a look of intensity across the face that vanishes quickly and then the word nadu passes across sweet lips. But why the intense look? Because the floor hurts! Come to TUi After Dark and create sub cushions so next time the look on that face is as pleasing as the position. This is an INTERMEDIATE level course. Cost is 0L.
TUi After Dark ~ We do it for the LUST of teaching!

Second Life URL.

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