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Teaser Photos

December 31st, 2007 | Category: Old Sims, Places to Visit, Roleplay

Check out this place that’s almost ready, here are some teaser photos, and no, I’m not naming it yet, it has been around a long time though. Review to come soon. Anyone care to take a shot at namimg what it is or what it was? Note: I may have caught some of the surrounding areas in the pics as well.

Teaser Pictures

Teaser Pictures 2

Teaser Pictures 3

Teaser Pictures 4
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Second Life News for December 31, 2007

December 31st, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Massively Second Life transactions, second half 2007 Quote from the site - From the data we have, it appears that proceeds of the gambling culture that existed prior to that ban did not significantly flow on into the broader Second Life economy, but tended to circulate within itself and via the LindEX currency exchange.

From: Ambling in Second Life Early Days Quote from the site - Here’s a few photos of the company private sim, after (quite) a few hours’ work. I daresay most of this stuff will be torn down, but it provides a start point - and cost nothing to produce, aside from a few L$ to upload some slides. I have also discovered the joys and frustrations of working with .RAW files, finding the free bailiwick software a really useful tool to use alongside my trusty Paintshop Pro.

From: Telegraph New Year’s Eve: Don’t go out - go online Quote from the site - New Year’s Eve is an excuse for inflated door charges and hangovers. Armed with her laptop, Bryony Gordon is staying at home and going to a virtual party instead.

From: TechNewsWorld Survey: Techie Gen Y Is Also Library-Savvy Quote from the site - “Generation Y going to the library … is so counterintuitive to our cultural notion or expectation of this age group,” said Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet & American Life Project, “especially considering all the gadgets they have and their expectation of Internet access.”

From: Not Possible IRL Turning the page on 2007 in virtual worlds - What happened and what’s next Quote from the site - Virtual worlds are at the heart of what Not Possible IRL is about. Without them, our group and our cause would cease to exist. 2007 was the year I discovered Second Life. I am too new to look back and too new to look forward - with any real sense of perspective - so I turned to three thought leaders and veterans of virtual worlds who are deeply in touch with the ups and downs of the metaverse in very different ways.

From: water cooler games Will there ever be politics in Second Life? Quote from the site - Those of you who keep up with game industry news already know that Cory Ondrejka has left his post as CTO of Linden Lab, creators of Second Life. Cory is a respected friend, and I will be interested to see what he does next. On Friday, Cory mused on his last day on his new blog, Collapsing Geography. That may be one you want to add to your readers.

From: Simple Thoughts Second Life Enables Vibrant Virtual Economy With Linden Dollars Quote from the site - Second Life is 3-dimensional online digital world mostly created by its residents. You can buy and sell land and artifacts of this virtual world with Linden dollars. However Linden dollars isn’t virtual. It can be traded for real dollars.

From: NWA News LET’S TALK : Resolved to live, love in new year Quote from the site - They say death and taxes are inevitable. Quick. Somebody add New Year’s resolutions. We may break ’em, but we still make ’em.

From: Fabulously Free in SL: The Original FabFree SL Blog Crap, It’s Cold! So Grab This Coat While You Can! Quote from the site - little bird let me know that Crap is having this cute orange crop fur coat for $1L until the end of the week. The ad is located on the ground in front of the kiosk at Cotton Candy Shopping Mall.

From: Ordinal Mala Prop SVC-1125 and Crumpets Quote from the site - I began to write an entry on the following issue yesterday, but quickly found that it was degenerating into a number of personal anecdotes and supposedly-witty commentary when it should have been short and to the… oh stop it! You are doing the same thing again! *pulls self together* This is a New Feature Of The World of which you should be aware and for the fixing of which I suggest that you vote.

From: New World Notes Rik’s Top Ten Second Life Events of 2007 Quote from the site - These picks obviously reflect my own personal preferences and biases. But hopefully those of you planning events for next year can look to these for ideas on how to make your event as successful as possible. Looking back on the past twelve months of parties, classes, fund raisers, art openings, concerts and wacky Second Life happenings, I’m daunted by the task of picking my ten favorite events of 2007.

From: NY Times Web Playgrounds of the Very Young Quote from the site - Forget Second Life. The real virtual world gold rush centers on the grammar-school set.

From: Second Life Blog Happy New Year, Already! Quote from the site - 2008 is here! Well, not “here” for the majority of us, yet, but definitely advancing upon the Earth.

From: Find Law Are Virtual-World Bank Robbery, Pickpocketing, and Runs on Banks Covered by Real-World Laws? Quote from the site - Second Life is an online virtual world. Recently, its virtual banks experienced a series of virtual bank heists, which netted the thieves/hackers a reported $3.2 million in Linden dollars — the virtual currency used within Second Life, which is operated by Linden Labs. Noting that proper security had not been used by the host of the bank’s server, the CEO of L&L Bank and Trust reported that “a brute force attack cracked the [bank's] database within a few hours.”

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Second Life News for December 30, 2007

December 30th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life JIRA Inter-sim teleports do not provide a red beacon unless made directly from the main map, so sims without point to point TP are disadvantaged Quote from the site - Some sims (Caledon’s older sims for example) do not allow point-to-point TP but require you to go to the nearest hub and then proceed from there. The original reason for retaining this (after it was dropped as the standard method) was no doubt to encourage visitors to explore shops and sights on their way to their destination.

From: Jacek Lives Handling Minor Security Issues in 1 Easy Step Quote from the site - There is a security issues in the German language login screen which could result in your precious login name and password being sent to a third party, namely the operators of the domain name.

From: The Times of India Sex in a virtual world Quote from the site - Let’s talk about sex. Oh, that’s taboo? Then, let’s talk about cybersex. What’s new about that? Well, quite a lot if you are hooked into the phenomenon of Second Life (SL)-the internet-based virtual 3D world where four million people (residents) from across the world are leading an alternate existence.

From: New World Notes New World Newsfeed: Ex-Cory Linden Gets Academic Quote from the site - … at least in part, according to his new blog “Collapsing Geography”:

“[I'm] spending the spring as a visiting professor at USC Annenberg.”

From: Google Docs Blue Hair Episode #15 Presentation on Google Docs Quote from the site - Tracking visitors in the virtual world of Second Life

From: In Kids and Family “Alter Ego” — Who are you online? Quote from the site - Everyone has at least one component of their life that they wish they could change or make better. It can be anything — from a lack of love, a lack of friends, the way they look, or any other major or minor aspect of their life. Some people secretly wish they could become someone else, escape their own reality and begin life anew.

From: Second Life Blogging Civilization Quote from the site - It should come to no surprise that I was going to do a blog on this subject. But what I would enjoy knowing is if you feel this way yourselves or do you just think this is a game and you are waiting to arrive at ‘Colonel Mustard in the skybox with a particle knife”?

From: Digital Life This New Year get a Second Life Quote from the site - Staying at home on the 31st doesn’t make you a ‘loser’. Put on your dancing shoes and travel to the world where the party never ends.

From: Ambling in Second Life Santa Linden Rezzes an Island Quote from the site - I was largely absent from the Yuletide/Solsticial proceedings in Second Life, choosing rather to make merry with friends and family in Non-Digital Life. OK, I admit I did pop in from time to time but not with any great plan in mind. However, while I was over-indulging in roast dinners, wine and prezzies, Santa Linden dropped by Second Life and left me a whole island to start working on. I say “me”, I actually mean “my company.”

From: Traveling Avatar Add-On Games in Second Life Quote from the site - On today’s show we’re going to talk about games. Second Life is a game with a lot of downtime, and sometimes that can get a little annoying. Lately I’ve been using HUD games to break up the monotony of sitting around and waiting for something to happen, and I’m going to share a couple with you today. HUD is short for heads-up display, and a HUD is any tool that sticks to your computer screen.

From: Fashion Reporters Second Life Fashion: Trend-Setting for Real Life Fashion? Part One Quote from the site - In the photos, Princess Hildegarde and Publicist Redgrave. The two Second Life “mentors” will grace the pages of this series of fashion articles about the virtual world in this blog with what they consider their best looks, styled, modelled and photographed “In-World” by themselves.

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Second Life News for December 29, 2007

December 29th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: bMighty Starting Your Business’ Second Life Quote from the site - Going virtual can beef up your brand, build marketing muscle, and open up a whole new world for your small or midsize business.

From: Duncans Thoughts Update on Second Life Quote from the site - Well at he moment I am completely focused upon building my new home in second life. Once i am focused, time seems o go unbelievable fast, even for Second life Standards.

From: cbcnews Virtual crime and punishment vs. free thought Quote from the site - My world view of what you can and cannot do in life is rooted in the lyrics of the 19th century German song Die Gedanken sind frei, which my German-born father used to sing because the Nazis had forbidden it.

From: Ecommerce Times Tech Pathfinders to Watch in 2008 Quote from the site - From a distance, it often seems that Google has all but cornered the market on Internet advertising, but plenty of entrepreneurs believe opportunities remain. Michael Leo, the CEO of New York-based Operative, is one of those businesspeople, and his background gives him an insider’s view.

From: Gwyn’s Home Estonian Embassy Opens in Second Life Quote from the site - Estonia, a small member state of the European Union with 1.3 million inhabitants living by the Baltic Sea, has since the 1990s been labelled as one of the leading “Information Age” countries, having a surprisingly high penetration rate of computer use and Internet.

From: Massively More thoughts for the future in Second Life and beyond Quote from the site - It being the end of the year, people are prognosticating like mad. Analysts for Second Life and virtual worlds are no exception. This time it’s Gartner again, but with a “future of education” slant.

From: Orient Lodge Second Life Trading Predictions Quote from the site - Okay, all of you Second Life traders out there, who wants to make any predictions about trading in Second Life for 2008? I have two types of predictions. First, big picture predictions, how many exchanges will there be in Second Life at the end of 2008? Will any major corporations step into the fray?

From: Wired OSX Leopard Breaks Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life inhabitants running Mac OSX are being cautioned that the latest version of Apple’s Leopard operating system breaks compatibility with the virtual world title.

From: BlogHUD testing sltweets…is cool…great tool for people who wanna twitter from second life… Quote from the site - Someone testing the Sltweets HUD I discussed here.

From: The Streeb-Greebling Diaries Rights and wrongs in Second Life Quote from the site - Here’s an intelligent discussion between Eben Moglen and David Levine regarding the legal and social issues surrounding the use of virtual world environments such as Second Life.

From: Telegraph Google and Second Life will prevail in 2008 Quote from the site - President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan mounts a civilian coup, seizing control of the army and declaring himself General For Life. As head of the army, he then mounts a military coup, declaring himself President For Life.

From: Beth’s Second Life Educational Technology and Web 2.0 in Colleges and High Schools Quote from the site - Okay, it is a long title. But, that is what I just searched on Google because I want to make a few predictions and resolutions.

From: Lee’s Second Life - “Finding the key” Virtual worlds are 2008’s ‘breakthrough technology’ Quote from the site - So said Computer Weekly’s John Riley ages ago, but I’ve only just caught up with it.

From: BlogHUD The L Word Orientation Quote from the site - 4th stop in our tour and listing of public orientation sites for newbies in Second Life is The L Word site from Showtime.

From: What’s the Trouble with Ten Percent? Tateru’s Take (and Mine) on SL’s Low Retention Rates Quote from the site - Over at Massively, erstwhile NWN contributor Tateru Nino has an in-depth look at that obstinately unbudging 10% retention rate, the number of people who try Second Life, and are still logging in three months after account creation.

From: Second Effects Burning After Alexis Quote from the site - Alexis Lange is not only a friend of mine, but also a Battlestar Galactica pilot based in Eleggua (call sign “Panther”.) Last week she came to me looking for a way to make her flyer more realistic, specifically by adding a massive rocket plume.

From: Reuters This week’s events from the AvaStar Quote from the site - This week’s events from the AvaStar.

From: SL Capital Exchange So….what has LLBT been doing these days??? Quote from the site - Ok, I have been lurking in the shadows for a few weeks now because I wanted the next move of LLBT to be protected. I sent a notice providing a bit of a teaser and a few other people got teasers as well but, I wanted to be sure that this stayed under wraps so there have been a ton of Non-Disclosure/No Compete agreements floating around and a bit of pinky swearing. Finally, I can put a light on some things.

From: Second Life Blog [RESOLVED] Windlight and Release Candidate temporarily unavailable Quote from the site - [3:30 PM PST] The updated Windlight viewer is now available for download as well. As mentioned before, these updates are required for anyone using these viewers. -Chiyo

From: Second Life Blog Rolling Restart - Wednesday January 2nd Quote from the site - To push out server-side fixes related to age verification and a few causes of sim crashes, we will be performing a rolling restart of the Second Life servers on Wednesday, January 2nd 2008. Logins will be unaffected, and no new viewers will be required.

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The Far Away - A Wheat Field Helping Fight Poverty

December 28th, 2007 | Category: Charity, Competition, Places to Visit, RL Meets SL

I first met AM Radio, creator of The Far Away wheat field in Second Life, at The Wall in Second Life, I was there talking to Bleys Chevalier, the Wall’s main developer, and AM politely introduced himself and proceeded to tell Bleys just how much he appreciated the build. He impressed me just from that little conversation and now that I have finally visited his wheat field, I think I was right to be impressed.

It’s a nice place for contemplation, but, it’s also fun to explore as well, my advice, touch everything while you are there, you never know what will happen.

The Far Away - Wheat Field for Charity

The Far Away A place for contemplation

My first example, click the top of the train and see what happens.

The Far Away On the Train

The Far Away On the Train Different Angle

You can find something in the train to show you another train.
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Second Life News for December 28, 2007

December 28th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: SLeb SLeb Interview: Komuso Tokugawa, SL King of the Blues Quote from the site - In the first installment of the SLeb interview series. I talked with Komuso Tokugawa. If you’ve been is Second Life for any time at all, you’ve probably seen Komuso in concert. His red robot Avi sings and plays a unique blend of old blues tunes with a dirty electric slide guitar and a mouth harp sound.

From: Nigel Paravane Return to Second Life: Land Quote from the site - After doing a lot of Second Life during the first half of the year, I took a few months off. As I previously mentioned, I needed a break from what I was doing in that virtual environment because I felt I had gotten into a rut. For a social environment, I was being rather anti-social.

From: Forbes Tara Weiss On Careers And The Workplace Quote from the site - Tech for job seekers — Keep an eye out for new technology when it comes to job searches and interviews. Firms like Bain & Co. are using Second Life to conduct networking functions and job interviews, and video résumés continue to be hot.

From: Serendipity35 In My Mind’s Eye, I See Hamlet in Second Life Quote from the site - Part of my list of 2008 education resolutions is to try out some of the more educational uses of virtual worlds and stop being so curmudgeonly about all of it. (Ken doth protest too much, methinks.) Mary Zedeck at Seton Hall University keeps me posted about SL projects, particularly Shakespeare stuff.

From: Grid Blog The 1000 avatar pictures project — want to help? Quote from the site - As I type this I have around 250 unique avatar snapshots sitting on my hard drive. Progress is good. The Nicholaz client is sex, because it isn’t prone to the insane load-thrashing the official client has.

From: The Traveling Avatar’s podcast is riding off into the sunset Quote from the site - What does it mean when a popular weekly podcast about Second Life is going off the air? Will Ross, (William Pitre in Second Life) is pragmatic about the end of his show “The Traveling Avatar”, a short segment that until this week has been part of the family of how-to podcasts.

From: Second Life Blog Certain places, residents not found in “all” search Quote from the site - Second Life recently switched to a new “All” search that functions similarly to web search engines like Google. Today I discovered an issue that leads to some residents, groups and places not being included in the search.

From: Second Life Blog [GRID] 42 Regions Returning to Service Quote from the site - Earlier this hour, the following regions were briefly knocked off line after loss of communication to one of our server racks. They’ve been migrated to a new set of hosts, and are returning to service now.

From: Grid Expectations Eloh’s Christmas present to everyone Quote from the site - It was not too long ago that I’d blogged about Eloh Eliot’s new line of “E” skins at her humble little store, simply called Another shop! Her hand-drawn skins were priced shockingly low; so low, in fact, that I was hesitant about blogging the price because I hadn’t confirmed with her whether or not that was an error.

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Black Swan - Follow the Path

December 27th, 2007 | Category: Places to Visit, Rezzable, Sims Worth Exploring

Had a couple visitors from Rezzable recently checking out my visits to some of their other sims, Stratos Legend, Crimson Shadow, the Greenies and others, and on their blog they mention I haven’t checked out Black Swan yet, so I thought I would. Lots of cool and neat stuff as usual from Rezzable.

The typical nice view to start the sim, with the huge statue and all the stuff going on, falling stars, jumping killer whale, ghostly images, and, as usual, plenty of ways to get hurt.

Black Swan Entrance

Black Swan Statue

Is your name Joe?

Black Swan Face in the Lava

Black Swan to the Sky

Dang, it got hot all of a sudden.
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Second Life News for December 27, 2007

December 27th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life Blog TSL Snowman Build Contest Quote from the site - We had Snowman Build Contest in Voss the other day. We are headed your way too!

Thursday evening, Sejong and I will be hosting an hour-long snowman building contest, followed by a round of quiz questions and a social mixer.

From: Not Possible IRL What every Second Life newbie should know - 10 secret tips that will boost your experience from the get-go Quote from the site - Let’s face it, the first few days and even weeks in Second Life are friggin’ hard. Whether you are a geek or computer-clueless, take my word for it… you are going to be challenged. Looking back, I can’t believe I stuck around. I almost didn’t make it.

From: Canberra Second Life for artist brings in new fans Quote from the site - A NSW artist has become the first Australian to set up an online gallery through the Linden Company’s program Second Life.

From: Second Life Pros in Second Life Quote from the site -’s presence in Second Life is important, and they’re struggling to use it as an alternative educational tool (expecially for AWS developers, their Amazon Web Services).

From: IT Business Edge Games People Play Quote from the site - Earlier this week, South Korean security vendor AhnLab said that a growing number of hackers are going after credit card numbers and other vital information put online by gamers. This Chosun story also reports that Symantec says hackers increasingly are attacking game sites in Korea, Japan and China.

From: Business Communicators of Second Life Colgate Smile Power Un-Fixed Quote from the site - Colgate launched the Second Life version of their Smile Power campaign last Friday. For seven days and encompassing 500 avatar-hours, brightly Colgate T-attired BuzzAgents will be roaming Second Life handing out smile animations and a list of ten places in SL that will make you smile.

From: The Empathic Healer Winter Spirit Festival on Second Life :) Quote from the site - Second life! A free, virtual reality 3D fully voice capable environment built by the people who live there. For more on Second Life or to download the free software, visit

From: Guardian Unlimited A shoulder burden Quote from the site - It always sounds exhilarating, how the internet is going to liberate us from the mundane shackles of a single existence. While the major world religions promise sequential lives (one now, a second instalment after death), cyberspace offers parallel pathways through this vale of tears.

From: Dedric Mauriac A better look between sims Quote from the site - When I purchased the Woodbridge sim, I saw my visitors dropping each month. A report that I made last night showed that my younger visitors were not comming to my Higgins parcel at all.

From: Torley Lives Taking pictures does last longer; the value of intangibles Quote from the site - The above is a snapshot taken inworld @ Second Life’s Brampton Stage by Summer Seale, who sent it to me — I receive many great photos, and this one particularly caught my attention because it somehow feels very old, like the kind of thing that ends up in your library’s historical archives.

From: ClickZ Virtual World Marketing Gets Reality Check in 2007 Quote from the site - It was a year of ups and downs for virtual worlds, as well as the companies that jumped on the bandwagon of creating virtual advertising and branded worlds. As 2007 began, the virtual world environment Second Life was riding high on a wave of interest from users and advertisers, but as time went on, many marketers and agencies began to question the return on investment of their virtual projects.

From: New World Notes 2007 Predictions Recap: 4 Out of 10 Ain’t Bad Quote from the site - I just launched an Open Forum for the future of Second Life in 2008– go there to post your predictions. I’ll choose my favorite ten in a reader survey.

Before you do that, however, maybe you should check the predictions that were made for 2007.

From: Rikomatic Review: Castronova’s Exodus to the Virtual World Quote from the site - I just finished my advance copy of Edward Castronova’s Exodus to the Virtual World: How Online Fun is Changing Reality (2007, Palgrave McMillan.) As anyone familiar with Costronova should expect, the book is provocative and entertaining.

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Stratos Legend - Bones of the Dinosaurs

December 26th, 2007 | Category: Places to Visit, Rezzable

I figured since I was already in the area visiting the Crimson Shadows sim, why not hit Stratos Legend and see the Bones of the Dinosaurs. This is another good looking sim, but, unlike the other rezzable sims I’ve looked at, this one has nothing to keep you hanging around here, unless you just like the company of the dinosaurs.

Stratos Legends Entrance

Stratos Legends Entrance 2

Look, I keep telling you I look better than I taste….

Stratos Legends Into the Mouth

I don’t think they are staying strictly to real life dinosaurs.

Stratos Legend Multi Headed Dinosaur
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Crimson Shadow - Dark Shopping

December 26th, 2007 | Category: Places to Visit, Rezzable, Shopping, Sims Worth Exploring

If you don’t read any reviews before hand, you can never really expect what you are going to see when you visit a sim from Rezzable, Rezzable Productions Ltd. is creating and running one of the largest public entertainment areas in Second Life with more than 30 sims currently. I did expect a dark place just from the name of this one, Crimson Shadow, but that’s about it. It is a dark and crimson place, beautiful like the other Rezzable sims, and little things here and there to keep you interested or want to just hang out.

But first, check out what this sim looks like on the map.

Crimson Shadow on the map

Crimson Shadow Main Entrance

Crimson Shadow Backgrounds

Crimson Shadow Symbols

It is mainly a shopping sim with a different twist, it is a dark, gothic, and vampire related sim, with victims balls and feeder balls for you vampires out there. They are watching you…

Crimson Shadow Shopping Sim

It also has a dance club, although it was pretty empty when I was there.
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Second Life News for December 26, 2007

December 26th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Massively Developing tensions Quote from the site - According to Greg Costikyan, 95 percent of MMOs fail. Rough guesstimates put the number of MMO games in development this year at about 100 or so. Some of these will fail shortly after launch.

From: SL I-Reports Why people get married in Second Life Quote from the site - I have come across quite a few married couples in second life. Although some of them are married to their real life partners in second life, a lot of them are second life marriages only, with, or without their real life partner’s knowledge. I find the need for commitment in second life as well as real life fascinating, so I went along to the Moo’nlight Chapel at FairChang Del Sol where I met the owner Marcio Moo (he also performs the ceremonies there).

From: Janey’s place in Second Life Christmas Eve at Cirque Mystique Quote from the site - Thought Christmas Eve was going to be a fairly lonely experience in second life, however, it turned out to be a really good night.

From: Through the filter of a Victorian Aesthetic Santa comes to Caledon Quote from the site - Recently I was happy to get an early visit from Father Christmas and his reindeer as they made sure the sleigh was ready for its exertions in the following days.

From: Looker Lumet Photo contest in Second Life’s Avatrait Gallery: the results! Quote from the site - On December 11, I wrote an article that there was a contest going on at the Avatrait Gallery.

From: The Hindu A merry Christmas for techies Quote from the site - Remember all that elaborate planning and the last-minute procrastination in front of the mirror to brace yourself for that Christmas party at the office? Now replace that with a keyboard touch up and a connectivity check, as you get ready to paint the virtual town red at that virtual office party.

From: Tech Digest 2007 in Review No. 3: Virtual worlds grew… but not the ones you expected Quote from the site - At the start of 2007, we were in the midst of Second Life mania in the media, with newspapers and cultural commentators queuing up to rave about the virtual zeitgeist. Meanwhile, brands were piling into Linden Lab’s world, hoping to share in the euphoria.

From: Ambling in Second Life Al Goes Aladdin Quote from the site - In my country at least, there is a Christmas tradition that goes back hundreds of years. It involves exotic clothing, cheesy music, grotesques and a great deal of innuendo. It features men pretending to be women, and women pretending to be men.

From: New World Notes Open Fields: Still Taking Team Heifer Donations, $95 Left! Quote from the site - I just heard back from AM Radio, creator of The Far Away wheat field, and the campaign to sell plots of that field to raise enough US$ to buy three cows for people in the developing world.

From: Computer Active Review: Simcity Societies simulation game Quote from the site - The new edition, Simcity Societies, takes things in a different direction. Essentially, it’s the game’s answer to virtual worlds such as Second Life.

From: Wayne Porter Knowing You have “Won” Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life, the wild west of the “metaverse” often requires the ability to acclimate to an idiosyncratic culture and complex jargon. How do you know when you have passed into the realm of the accomplished? That you have mastered enough of the culture to blend in? One or more of the following have happened or probably apply….

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Second Life News for December 25, 2007

December 25th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: The Story of My “Second Life” On focus, growth and educational potential of M.U.V.E.s Quote from the site - It’s Christmas Eve here and I’ve found a quiet moment to blog for the first time in a while. Have been following a few twitters and blog posts about virtual worlds lately and Carl’s recent comment was the catalyst I needed to pull it all together.

From: Massively Play Tiny Empires in Second Life Quote from the site - Tiny Empires is not a craze where you herd tiny avatars, but is a HUD interfaced turn-based game within Second Life.

From: Last Minute Shopping In Second Life? Quote from the site - Neat holiday tale from the BBC news about a Second Life apparel store and how the holiday shopping rush happens in-world, too. Just as retailers market, prepare and decorate for the booming shopping season in the real world, they do so in the virtual space, also.

From: Logging on for Christmas cheer Quote from the site - Like many retailers, Chapeau Tres Mignon started preparing for the Christmas shopping frenzy in mid-November

From: Second Life Blog WindLight survey preliminary results Quote from the site - Hey everyone. Happy holidays! So, the survey I’d created filled up very quickly (surveymonkey’s default account allows up to 100 participants). The results are posted below.

From: New World Notes The Giving Fields: Real Cows Purchased with Virtual Wheat Quote from the site - The Far Away is a field of wheat and a dreamscape Kansas created by the prodigiously talented builder named AM Radio.

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