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The Dresden Gallery in Second Life

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Another post for the Top 10 Sims from the Best of Second Life group, we first mentioned here, this one is a reproduction of the Dresden Gallery. Second Life URL.

Here is a photo of the real life Dresden Gallery which you can compare to these I took at virtual version.
Dresden Gallery

Dresden Gallery in Second Life

Dresden Gallery in Second Life 2

Dresden Gallery in Second Life 12

The Old Masters Picture Gallery (German: Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister) is an art gallery located in the Semper wing of the Zwinger Palace in Dresden, Germany. The gallery holds over 700 old master paintings [1] from Renaissance to Baroque that were collected by the Electors of Saxony August II and his son August III in the first half of the 18th century. In 1746 the latter one bought 100 paintings from the Duke of Modena Francesco III d’Este, gaining the gallery Europe-wide fame [2]. Source: Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

From the notecard:


The virtual branch of the Old Masters Picture Gallery is an experiment in response to the new challenges of 3-D web communication. Your experiences are important to us!

Record your impressions on a Notecard. Tell us about your aesthetic experiences in the virtual gallery. Think about the differences between your perceptions of art in the virtual world and in Real Life. Discuss the question of the atmosphere, the “here and now of a work of art” (Walter Benjamin) when presented via this medium.

Save the notecard and keep it. Open the inventory and search for: “Guestbook SDK” . Drag and drop this notecard out of your inventory on the book.

Your Notecard will be forwarded to the homepage There you can also read the Notecards of other virtual visitors.

The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden reserve the right to shorten Notecards or not to publish them.

Dresden Gallery in Second Life 3

Be sure to get your free Dresden Gallery T-shirt while you are there.

Dresden Gallery in Second Life 5

Dresden Gallery in Second Life 6

Dresden Gallery in Second Life 7

Dresden Gallery in Second Life 8

Dresden Gallery in Second Life 9

Clicking an image, such as the one on the far right in the picture below gives you the information on the painting.

Artist: Titian (c. 1488/90-1576)
Title: Virgin and Child with Four Saints. c.1516/20
Size: 138 x 191 cm
Material: Poplar
Gallery number.: 168

Dresden Gallery in Second Life 11

This really is a beautiful sim, created by Anshe Chung studios, it looks a lot like the photos and there are many, many photos too look at in the gallery itself. Would love to know what someone who has been to the real gallery thought about the SL version.

Second Life URL.

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  1. Hakop Alimian June 14th, 2008 6:06 am

    Dear Sir,
    Is there a painting by armenian artist Ara Bekarian
    in your gallery.
    Thank you

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