Dec 8

Surfline Hang10 by Rezzable

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I just finished visiting another Rezzable creation, Hang10, part of the Surfline sim, and let me tell you, this is a fun build. You can do a little bit of everything there, and it looks like a fun spot to hang out about everyday. I titled this one Surfline Hang10, but there are three Surfline sims, Aloha, Epic and Hang10, and I surfed, flew, swam, dived, relaxed, explored, and played music across all three of them. Here is the Second Life URL for the Hang10 sim.


Hang10 Lobby :)

Hey boy, just gonna sleep right through huh?

Hang10 with spot

Umm, you guys know where the surfboards are?

Hang10 big mosquitoes

Like, I’m riding this baby!

Hang10 Riding the wave

Who’s the man?

Hang10 surfing the tube

This is a nice spot.

Hang10 chilling by the water

I’m a diving machine.

Hang10 Taking a swim

Hey, I think I’m lost, which way to the surface.

Hang10 big squid

Ya, I think you’re cute too….

Hang10 big squid likes Stone Culdesac

Too bad this isn’t lindens, now I could use that.

Hang10 finds some treasure

Got to be someway to convert them using the index…

Hang10 contemplates lindens

What was that?

Hang10 stingray

Hang10 mini squid

Make sure you explore the cave, or the temple

Hang10 explore the cave

When you hit that one design, it’ll shoot you to a psychedelic section.

Hang10 Freaky Deaky

Continued in Surfline Hang10 by Rezzable 2.

Second Life URL

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