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IR Shalom Second Life’s 1st Jewish City

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Another post for the Top 10 Sims from the Best of Second Life group, we first mentioned here, this one is IR Shalom. Second Life URL.

Now this is a sim I can get into, not only is it beautiful, it’s full of information, and every time I have been there, there are usually several people there. There is lots of information on the holocaust as well as some pictures and info on famous Jewish people.

IR Shalom

IR Shalom 2

IR Shalom 3

IR Shalom 4

IR Shalom 5

IR Shalom 6

This place has lots of info with the pictures, the picture below when clicked on gives you the information below on a notecard, as do all the others.

IR Shalom 7

The Jewish Historical Museum and Synagogue

One of the other most infamous concentration camps of Nazi Germany was a camp called Mauthausen Concentration Camp.

The commander in charge of this camp (built over a granite quarry) instituted a policy of “death by work”. The prisoners were, literally, worked to death in the stone quarries. The commandant of the camp purposely gave them primitive tools or no tools to work with, and gave them very little food.

It is estimated that approximately 200,000 people came to this camp. And, it is estimated that between 105,000 and 122,000 people died here.

IR Shalom 8

Second Life URL.

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  1. Teri Stratford July 29th, 2009 10:20 pm

    Would you have a hi res of one of the top 2 images on this page showing the Jewish star? I am gathering photos for a college textbook and would like to represent religion in Second Life. I will need to know by August 7th if at all possible. I appreciate your help. We can pay a fee if necessary and print a photo credit in our book.
    Thank you!

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