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Second Life News for December 18, 2007

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From: Second Life Blog New WindLight Viewer + extended commentary! (75762) Quote from the site - Hey Residents. So, in addition to the usual links and bug fix listing, I’m going to use this blog posting to cover the first of three topics I want to address this week…

From: New World Notes Second Life on the Discovery Channel, this Wednesday at 8pm SLT/EST Quote from the site - This week, Part Five of Rise of the Videogame, the Discovery Channel’s acclaimed documentary mini-series, should feature Second Life, as described in interviews with myself and, ironically enough, the now ex-Cory Linden.

From: Game Life Publisher Sanctioned Virtual Item Sales Service Launches Quote from the site - A group of industry veterans has just launched Live Gamer, a service designed to facilitate the sale of virtual items for real world money, that, unlike competitors, has the support of many game publishers.

From: Ambling in Second Life Alexander Mann Solutions Quote from the site - 2007 has seen a number of memes in Second Life - I’ve certainly blogged a few - but perhaps the most pervasive from a business perspective has been the use of SL as a recruitment office. One company I’ve not seen here before is Alexander Mann Solutions - an expert in “RPO”, which I find stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

From: oc register Second Life as a simulation tool Quote from the site - UC Irvine computer scientist Crista Lopes was happy to do all her work in the real world – until February, that is.

Now she also devotes time to programming in the computer-based world Second Life, where she is creating software to control a virtual rapid-transit system called SkyTran.

From: Massively Must see: Grendel’s Children Quote from the site - When it comes to impressive builds in Second Life , one of the more impressive ones is actually actually not a strictly an architectural showcase, role-playing setting, or corporate-funded park. It’s a shopping mall.

From: Massively Electric Sheep Company lays off 1/3 of their staff Quote from the site - In a shocking blog entry today, Jeremy Flagstaff noted that the Electric Sheep Company has laid off approximately one-third of their staff, or about 22 people. It has been previously noted that ESC had to cut back on the number of islands for CSI: NY, and now both AOL Pointe and Pontiac are pulling out of Second Life.

From: SL Podcast 22 Electric Sheep Employees fired Quote from the site - One of my former employers, The Electric Sheep Company have fired 22 employees today.

I’m told they cited financial problems and refocusing the business.

From: Virtual Worlds News Interview: Electric Sheep Company Lays Off 22, Repositioning for 2008 Quote from the site - The Electric Sheep Company, one of the leading virtual worlds developers, laid off 22 members of its staff today in a rightsizing and repositioning of the company to address the changing virtual worlds market, Valerie Williamson, VP of Marketing and Business Development, for Sheep tells in a telephone interview.

From: Technology Review Second Chance for Second Life Quote from the site - During a summer of (virtual) scandals, lawyers and the press routinely referred to the financial markets of the immersive digital playground Second Life as “lawless” and “a Wild West” (see “The Fleecing of the Avatars”). The flip side of these derogatory terms is that Second Life is a libertarian’s dream.

From: Techcrunch No Dreams For One Third Of Electric Sheep Company Employees This Christmas Quote from the site - The Electric Sheep Company, regarded by many to be the leading Second Life development company, has parted company with one third of its workforce (22 people).

From: training zone Virtual Office Offers On-Line Training Quote from the site - A law firm, Simpson Millar, is to hold training sessions for its employees – who are based in seven offices throughout the UK – within a virtual office in Second Life.

From: Buena Vista University BVU Students Make a Case for “Second Life” at Great Ape Trust Quote from the site - Students from Dr. Ken Schweller’s First Year Seminar class at Buena Vista University recently visited Great Ape Trust of Iowa to make a case for the creation of a virtual orientation and education center on “Second Life,” a 3-D virtual world created by its residents.

From: Between the Lines IBM cooks up internal virtual world for confidentiality, security Quote from the site - IBM has created its own internal virtual world called Metaverse for corporate meetings and collaboration. Why not use Second Life? “If you really want to make most of these (virtual world) meetings it has to be confidential,” said IBM CIO Mark Hennessey.

From: oc register Working in the virtual world of Second Life Quote from the site - Using Second Life as a testing ground for real-world applications

UC Irvine computer scientist Crista Lopes was happy to do all her work in the real world – until February, that is.

From: Computerworld IT Recruiting: Time to put on the war paint Quote from the site - The demand for quality IT talent is booming, while the talent pipeline is more constrained than ever — setting the stage for a battle for top talent.

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