Dec 19

CSI:NY Today in Second Life

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With all the talk the past couple days about the ESC, Electric Sheep Company, letting over 20 employees go, it got me to thinking about the CSI:NY episode Down the Rabbit Hole, which got me interested again in seeing what the CSI sim is like today.

This did not last too long, unfortunately. I went there expecting to see another Murder by Zucker mystery, but the first one was still there, so no use going through all of that. I don’t remember what the last Mystery game was, so, I decided to check that out and selected number three on the teleport map.

CSI:NY Today Teleport Map

Once there though, I quickly found out that the crime stuff wasn’t going to work for me, where other avatars received information, all of the scripted objects just stared back at me. Nothing worked, I couldn’t even guess the killer or how the paint got on the body’s arm.

CSI:NY Paint on the sleeve

So, here are the rest of the pics I took as I tried everything out, and a little more commentary at the end.

CSI:NY Today

CSI:NY Today Crime Scene

CSI:NY Today Crime Scene different angle

CSI:NY Today Dead Body

Talk about Bad Santa.

CSI:NY Today Bad Santa

Pick a winner.

CSI:NY Today Pick the Killer

I did like the ads, still using the old school viewer?

CSI:NY Today Billboards

The club had people in it, even though it was just a couple, but the dance sign worked for me, as did all of the teleport maps. Maybe one day I will visit this sim again, but I probably won’t be in a big hurry. There were quite a few residents in this sim, I picked the one with the most traffic, which gave me the opportunity to find out that other residents had trouble clicking on stuff as well, although it was working for them at the time, so I guess it was just my turn.

CSI:NY Today At the club

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