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HiPiHi Uninstall Program Infects Your PC with a Trojan

Category: HiPiHi, Security, Virtual Worlds by Stone Culdesac

I haven’t verified this myself yet, I guess I will have to install and then uninstall HiPiHi to know for sure, but, apparently they infect you with a Trojan when you uninstall their software, I guess in a shot to make some money off of you as you leave. In a post over at SLUniverse Forums, someone’s copy of AVG anti-spyware is detecting the uninstall file as being infected with Bifrose.YM backdoor Trojan, which is a keylogger/password sniffer.

I installed 40012 last night and my antivirus reports the presence of the Bifrose.YM backdoor Trojan, a keylogger and password sniffing program.

I told the antivirus program to ignore this warning. I am now getting warnings when using Hipihi.

There have been other reports of this sort about other versions of Hipihi, from folks that reported using antivirus programs other than the one I use. I use AVG from Grisoft. HiPiHi Infected With Trojan?

Here is a pic of the warning message from AVG, courtesy of SL Universe.

Do you like malware with your virtual world?

This isn’t new, apparently, as Wikipedia notes it in their write-up of HiPiHi, and they say this is no accident.

The uninstall routine of HIPIHI tends to be infected with a Trojan. With releases up to 30014 it was BDS/Bifrose.Gen from the Bifrost family. The new releases 40011 and 40012 feature the backdoor program Packed.64. The change indicates that the Trojan is deliberately inserted in the code. Source: HiPiHi Technical Issues

I don’t know about you all, but I like my real world and my virtual world malware and Trojan free, as word of this spreads either people will quit using it or the makers of HiPiHi will change their ways, but if no one knows, they will assume the Trojan or malware came from somewhere else if their computer doesn’t warn them. AVG is a good program, download a free copy here, and there are some good and free online scanners that might detect it, like Spywareguide and you can get a trial copy of CSI from, another good spyware detection program.

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  1. Sisi January 2nd, 2008 2:37 am

    Grisoft has confirmed that HiPiHi uninstall.exe file is virus-free and detection of this file was false alarm. They have released new virus
    base that solves this false alarm. Please update your AVG and scan your files again.

    You can restore already removed files from your AVG Virus Vault this way:
    open this Vault (in AVG -> upper menu Program -> Launch Virus Vault), right-click on the file and choose Restore File(s)


  2. Cristiano June 1st, 2008 4:43 am

    Hi, AVG is an horrible AV program, it gets almost everything as virus, trojan… i uninstalled it from my mother notebook and installed kaspersky, much better with no crap like that ehehehe

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