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Second Life News for December 19, 2007

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From: Wayne Porter Ebay powers Second Life and Live Gamer and Twitter Blackjack Quote from the site - It seems odd that eBay, which powers the land auctions for Second Life, missed out on this incredibly lucrative opportunity. Surely the thought of selling your Blood Rage Armor is no more ridiculous than when Ebay was a simple script designed to pawn off a pez dispenser collection.

From: Second Life Herald Op/Ed: Financial Myth Busting Edition Quote from the site - Many residents view the in-world economy as a virtual one. A fictional economy is what the WSE describes what we are doing, most likely for legal reasons in Australia. Just calling our economy fictional or virtual does not make it so. We, as residents, buy and sell real things.

From: The Click Heard Round the World Filipino-themed Christmas parties December 18-19 in Second Life! Quote from the site - Isadora Fiddlesticks sent me the news that there will be filipino-style Christmas parties happening tomorrow and the day after at Momill (teleport link). Tomorrow the “pasko” party gets started at 8PM PST, and then on December 19 there’s another shindig at 6AM PST, to try and accommodate people in different time zones.

From: SL Reports Sky gets the hammer; Beck issues fierce warning to CEOs Quote from the site - It is with some regret that I report to you that SkyRanger Hammerer has been relieved of his duties as SL CapEx Compliance Officer and is no longer an employee of the SL Capital Exchange or its parent JT Financial.

From: Massively Cinemassively: Plant Pets Quote from the site - If taking care of your plants, pets, and loved ones wasn’t enough for you in your first life, PlantPets has you covered in Second Life. Unlike real life, though, you can apparently pause your pet. It messages you when it needs water, shows particles when it’s happy, and can even have friends.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Havok4 Beta Preview Reconfiguration - New Region List Coming! Quote from the site - The Second Life Beta Preview is being reconfigured for more flexibility and to enable the next phase of simulator validation for the new Havok4 simulator design. The beta preview environment will now be made up of two kinds of regions, core regions and resident testing regions.

From: Information Week Bad News Keeps Coming For Second Life Quote from the site - The bad news keeps coming for Second Life. Linden Lab, the company that develops and operates the virtual world, released October and November economic stats yesterday, which show that total user hours in-world actually declined in November, for the second-ever time in Second Life history.

From: The Dewey Blog Second Life Quote from the site - A recent blog entry on foreign exchange rates elicited the comment/question, “Where would you class the Linden dollar?” (For those who are not in the know, the Linden dollar is the currency used in Linden Lab’s Second Life, a virtual world; the Linden dollar is exchangeable for real-world currencies.)

From: New World Notes Half a Million Member Metaverse: Second Life Plateaus at 538K Active Users Quote from the site - Portland, Oregon is a lovely, livable, mid-sized city with an excellent public transportation system and high property values; surrounded by picturesque mountains, forests, and the nearby ocean, it has thriving immigrant and creative communities, and consequently, is a relatively important center for high-tech business start-ups.

From: Valleywag Electric Sheep lays off 22 Second Life developers Quote from the site - The Second Life bubble may be popping. Electric Sheep, the marketing firm which helped CSI’s a virtual Gary Sinise parade through Linden Lab’s online world, is “rightsizing” the company — or shearing off 30 percent of its staff.

From: Mutant Frog Travelogue Second Life in Japan ‘Depopulating’ - J-Cast Quote from the site - J-Cast news (which, as I may have mentioned, I love for its critical reporting that goes well beyond any of the major newspapers, at least in terms of editorial perspective if not in access or resources) has a report on the “depopulated status” of the Japanese version of Second Life, the massive multiplayer experience popular in the US.

From: heckler spray Look! Here’s C J Davies Slagging Off Second Life! Quote from the site - Eagle-eyed hecklerspray readers might have noticed that our erstwhile scribe - and the man who brought the beauty of Bumrape Island to your attention - C J Davies doesn’t particularly like Second Life.

From: Massively Key Second Life metrics for October and November Quote from the site - The latest Second Life metrics and statistics are out from Meta Linden this month, covering both October and November (presumably due to the lateness of the data). September largely featured a recovery from the service problems of August.

From: Virtual Worlds Management Key Second Life metrics for October and November Quote from the site - This Virtual Worlds Management Industry Forecast 2008 brings together 45 virtual worlds industry leaders, including CEOs of developers, platforms, and agencies, analysts and thinkers, and lawyers and government representatives to offer their thoughts on and predictions for virtual worlds in 2008. Also examined in the report are the 2008 business goals for many of the leading companies in the industry.

From: Your 2nd Place Does Second Life Deserve To Have a Network in Facebook? Quote from the site - I’m in Facebook - my real life avatar, anyway - and I’ve been getting requests to join a group that is lobbying to have Second Life residents to have their own network.

From: eWeek IBM Gulps Its Own Web 2.0 Kool-Aid Quote from the site - Google is often portrayed as the technology hipster, rolling out Web applications almost at whim.

But unseen to the public, IBM is rolling out Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, wikis, mashups and virtual reality technologies to help its employees be more productive. Inside its firewall, Big Blue looks pretty hip.

From: Virtually Blind Madrid’s Campus de la Justicia Building Mysterious Second Life Presence Quote from the site - Madrid’s Campus de la Justicia is under construction in Second Life, but no one can visit and there has been very little press. The virtual campus is described in a September blog post (Spanish language, via Urbanity) as “a three-dimensional space with all kinds of rooms, buildings, streets and open areas, which offer a virtually real image of this great judicial area.”

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