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Amour Amusement Park Christmas Contest

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Derrek Pain im’d me tonight to let me know about the Amour Amusement Park XMas Contest, they hold a contest every couple of months I’m told and right now it is the Christmas Build contest. Every competitor gets a 1024 lot with 234 prims each, it must be original, nothing can be for sale and no ban lines. If only we could make those rules in real life, er, I mean in Second Life, ban lines suck. Prize money will be at least 10,000 lindens spread over the first three places

These snowmen from Calvin and Hobbes are great, makes me want to build a couple armies of them and throw em together to see what happens.

Christmas Build Competition

Christmas Build Competition 2

Here is Derrek’s lot.

Christmas Build Competition 3

Christmas Build Competition 4

The other side of Derrek’s lot has a nativity scene, so it has the snowmen and Santa on one side and Jesus on the other.

Christmas Build Competition 5

Christmas Build Competition 6

Here are some other lots.

Christmas Build Competition 7

Christmas Build Competition 8

Christmas Build Competition 9

See Santa to get your free present.

Christmas Build Competition 10

Christmas Build Competition 11

Amour Amusement Park XMas Contest Rules

Free use of a 1024 lot to build a XMas theme build on! Over 10,000 lindens in prizes!

1. The contest will run from 12 noon SL time on November 16th 2007, until Midnight SL time on December 25th 2007.
1.1 20 lots will be released for grab at 12 noon on November 16. Plots are priced at 1 linden. There will be no tier fee or additional charges.
1.2 A waiting list will be created in the case of any lots being reclaimed.
1.2 Building will start at noon SL time on November 16, and end at noon SL time on December 16.
1.3 Voting will start at noon SL time on December 16 and end at Midnight SL time on December 25th.
1.4 All objects will be returned and the lots reclaimed on January 5th.
1.5 If a lot has no build started by November 23rd, it will be reclaimed and re-released.
1.6 Make sure the lot name remains the same OR is changed to be unique to the builder

2. Prize will be a minimum of 10,000 lindens divided between the first three places as decided as follows.
2.1 Prize fund will start at 10,000 lindens and will increase from donations.
2.2 Prize will be given out as follows: 1st - 60%, 2nd - 25%, 3rd - 15%
2.3 Placement will be determined by both popular votes of the visitors during the voting period, and a celebrity judging panel. A contest / voting system will be used.

3. All builds must fit within the 1024 lot and use a maximum of 234 prims.
3.1 No temp rez devices may be used to circumvent the prim limit.
3.2 All builds must be original works.
3.3 No vendors or items for sale.
3.4 A sign can be used to give out notecards or landmarks. The sign is limited to a maximum of 2.5 meters in any dimension.
3.5 No ban lines!!!

NOTE: Anything considered offensive or not in the theme of the contest will be removed and the lot will be reclaimed. All decisions are final.

Just can’t get enough of these guys, I loved those comic strips with the snowmen.

Christmas Build Competition 12

Christmas Build Competition 13

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