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Second Life News for December 25, 2007

Category: Second Life News by Stone Culdesac

From: The Story of My “Second Life” On focus, growth and educational potential of M.U.V.E.s Quote from the site - It’s Christmas Eve here and I’ve found a quiet moment to blog for the first time in a while. Have been following a few twitters and blog posts about virtual worlds lately and Carl’s recent comment was the catalyst I needed to pull it all together.

From: Massively Play Tiny Empires in Second Life Quote from the site - Tiny Empires is not a craze where you herd tiny avatars, but is a HUD interfaced turn-based game within Second Life.

From: Last Minute Shopping In Second Life? Quote from the site - Neat holiday tale from the BBC news about a Second Life apparel store and how the holiday shopping rush happens in-world, too. Just as retailers market, prepare and decorate for the booming shopping season in the real world, they do so in the virtual space, also.

From: Logging on for Christmas cheer Quote from the site - Like many retailers, Chapeau Tres Mignon started preparing for the Christmas shopping frenzy in mid-November

From: Second Life Blog WindLight survey preliminary results Quote from the site - Hey everyone. Happy holidays! So, the survey I’d created filled up very quickly (surveymonkey’s default account allows up to 100 participants). The results are posted below.

From: New World Notes The Giving Fields: Real Cows Purchased with Virtual Wheat Quote from the site - The Far Away is a field of wheat and a dreamscape Kansas created by the prodigiously talented builder named AM Radio.

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