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Crimson Shadow - Dark Shopping

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If you don’t read any reviews before hand, you can never really expect what you are going to see when you visit a sim from Rezzable, Rezzable Productions Ltd. is creating and running one of the largest public entertainment areas in Second Life with more than 30 sims currently. I did expect a dark place just from the name of this one, Crimson Shadow, but that’s about it. It is a dark and crimson place, beautiful like the other Rezzable sims, and little things here and there to keep you interested or want to just hang out.

But first, check out what this sim looks like on the map.

Crimson Shadow on the map

Crimson Shadow Main Entrance

Crimson Shadow Backgrounds

Crimson Shadow Symbols

It is mainly a shopping sim with a different twist, it is a dark, gothic, and vampire related sim, with victims balls and feeder balls for you vampires out there. They are watching you…

Crimson Shadow Shopping Sim

It also has a dance club, although it was pretty empty when I was there.

Crimson Shadow Club

I did try my hand a DJ’ing a little.

Crimson Shadow Club DJ

My biscuits are burning!

Crimson Shadow Biscuits Are Burning

One for the ladies, anyone want to meet under the mistletoe? ;)

Crimson Shadow Mistletoe

Crimson Shadow The End is Near

Seems like I’ve been here before….

Crimson Shadow Thrown

How do I end up in these situations? I must use some really good hair mousse…

Crimson Shadow Vampire Pose

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  2. RightAsRain December 26th, 2007 8:25 pm know vampires aren’t too big on holidays… anyway sorry you missed one of the club nights. We are doing at least 30-40 hours a week of live dj and have some live concerts planned for january. We are doing more and more with non-english speaking dj’s also…look for japanesse, russian, german and korean djs on the event schedule.

    Glad to see you hangin out at one of our areas! Full list of open sites at

  3. Stone Culdesac December 27th, 2007 12:56 am

    Ha, I hadn’t even thought about that. ;)

    Looking at the calendar, there are Children of the Night events posted every Monday of the week. The next ones are January 1st at 6 and 8 PM;

    “Heroin Allen Live DJ Trance Music Come and join us for a 2 hour party Great DJ , hosts and dancers. It is our Japanese night very international crowd”

    I’ll try to check one of those out… Thanks for stopping by RightasRain.

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    [...] visitors from Rezzable recently checking out my visits to some of their other sims, Stratos Legend, Crimson Shadow, the Greenies and others, and on their blog they mention I haven’t checked out Black Swan [...]

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