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Second Life News for December 26, 2007

Category: Second Life News by Stone Culdesac

From: Massively Developing tensions Quote from the site - According to Greg Costikyan, 95 percent of MMOs fail. Rough guesstimates put the number of MMO games in development this year at about 100 or so. Some of these will fail shortly after launch.

From: SL I-Reports Why people get married in Second Life Quote from the site - I have come across quite a few married couples in second life. Although some of them are married to their real life partners in second life, a lot of them are second life marriages only, with, or without their real life partner’s knowledge. I find the need for commitment in second life as well as real life fascinating, so I went along to the Moo’nlight Chapel at FairChang Del Sol where I met the owner Marcio Moo (he also performs the ceremonies there).

From: Janey’s place in Second Life Christmas Eve at Cirque Mystique Quote from the site - Thought Christmas Eve was going to be a fairly lonely experience in second life, however, it turned out to be a really good night.

From: Through the filter of a Victorian Aesthetic Santa comes to Caledon Quote from the site - Recently I was happy to get an early visit from Father Christmas and his reindeer as they made sure the sleigh was ready for its exertions in the following days.

From: Looker Lumet Photo contest in Second Life’s Avatrait Gallery: the results! Quote from the site - On December 11, I wrote an article that there was a contest going on at the Avatrait Gallery.

From: The Hindu A merry Christmas for techies Quote from the site - Remember all that elaborate planning and the last-minute procrastination in front of the mirror to brace yourself for that Christmas party at the office? Now replace that with a keyboard touch up and a connectivity check, as you get ready to paint the virtual town red at that virtual office party.

From: Tech Digest 2007 in Review No. 3: Virtual worlds grew… but not the ones you expected Quote from the site - At the start of 2007, we were in the midst of Second Life mania in the media, with newspapers and cultural commentators queuing up to rave about the virtual zeitgeist. Meanwhile, brands were piling into Linden Lab’s world, hoping to share in the euphoria.

From: Ambling in Second Life Al Goes Aladdin Quote from the site - In my country at least, there is a Christmas tradition that goes back hundreds of years. It involves exotic clothing, cheesy music, grotesques and a great deal of innuendo. It features men pretending to be women, and women pretending to be men.

From: New World Notes Open Fields: Still Taking Team Heifer Donations, $95 Left! Quote from the site - I just heard back from AM Radio, creator of The Far Away wheat field, and the campaign to sell plots of that field to raise enough US$ to buy three cows for people in the developing world.

From: Computer Active Review: Simcity Societies simulation game Quote from the site - The new edition, Simcity Societies, takes things in a different direction. Essentially, it’s the game’s answer to virtual worlds such as Second Life.

From: Wayne Porter Knowing You have “Won” Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life, the wild west of the “metaverse” often requires the ability to acclimate to an idiosyncratic culture and complex jargon. How do you know when you have passed into the realm of the accomplished? That you have mastered enough of the culture to blend in? One or more of the following have happened or probably apply….

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