Dec 26

Stratos Legend - Bones of the Dinosaurs

Category: Places to Visit, Rezzable by Stone Culdesac

I figured since I was already in the area visiting the Crimson Shadows sim, why not hit Stratos Legend and see the Bones of the Dinosaurs. This is another good looking sim, but, unlike the other rezzable sims I’ve looked at, this one has nothing to keep you hanging around here, unless you just like the company of the dinosaurs.

Stratos Legends Entrance

Stratos Legends Entrance 2

Look, I keep telling you I look better than I taste….

Stratos Legends Into the Mouth

I don’t think they are staying strictly to real life dinosaurs.

Stratos Legend Multi Headed Dinosaur

Stratos Legend Horned Ram Dinosaur

Is this homage to the fish from Finding Nemo, or to all those swimming swans in Second Life?

Stratos Legend Lighted Fish

Looks like this dinosaur killed itself when it caught its own tail, and the other dinosaur laughed itself to death.

Stratos Legend Tail Chasing Dinosaur

I tried hatching one of these babies, it would have to be worth a few lindens.

Stratos Legend Dinosaur Eggs

I don’t think this is the best spot to be standing in, even if it’s a dinosaur.

Stratos Legend Bad Spot

Of course they have the shopping areas….

Stratos Legend Cars

Stratos Legend Shop

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  1. RightAsRain December 26th, 2007 10:52 pm

    yeah, the dinosaur thing is more of a art show for Madcow…we just thought all that stuff was too cool not to show people! They car area on the other sim is more serious place though. The Stratos all metaverse sports car can be driven through the frozen city below the iceberg. Don’t run over the penguins though!

  2. Stone Culdesac December 27th, 2007 12:58 am

    I must’ve missed that, I’ll try to go back tonight and check it out, and, it’s on the penguins to get out of the way. ;)

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