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Second Life News for December 27, 2007

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From: Second Life Blog TSL Snowman Build Contest Quote from the site - We had Snowman Build Contest in Voss the other day. We are headed your way too!

Thursday evening, Sejong and I will be hosting an hour-long snowman building contest, followed by a round of quiz questions and a social mixer.

From: Not Possible IRL What every Second Life newbie should know - 10 secret tips that will boost your experience from the get-go Quote from the site - Let’s face it, the first few days and even weeks in Second Life are friggin’ hard. Whether you are a geek or computer-clueless, take my word for it… you are going to be challenged. Looking back, I can’t believe I stuck around. I almost didn’t make it.

From: Canberra Second Life for artist brings in new fans Quote from the site - A NSW artist has become the first Australian to set up an online gallery through the Linden Company’s program Second Life.

From: Second Life Pros in Second Life Quote from the site -’s presence in Second Life is important, and they’re struggling to use it as an alternative educational tool (expecially for AWS developers, their Amazon Web Services).

From: IT Business Edge Games People Play Quote from the site - Earlier this week, South Korean security vendor AhnLab said that a growing number of hackers are going after credit card numbers and other vital information put online by gamers. This Chosun story also reports that Symantec says hackers increasingly are attacking game sites in Korea, Japan and China.

From: Business Communicators of Second Life Colgate Smile Power Un-Fixed Quote from the site - Colgate launched the Second Life version of their Smile Power campaign last Friday. For seven days and encompassing 500 avatar-hours, brightly Colgate T-attired BuzzAgents will be roaming Second Life handing out smile animations and a list of ten places in SL that will make you smile.

From: The Empathic Healer Winter Spirit Festival on Second Life :) Quote from the site - Second life! A free, virtual reality 3D fully voice capable environment built by the people who live there. For more on Second Life or to download the free software, visit

From: Guardian Unlimited A shoulder burden Quote from the site - It always sounds exhilarating, how the internet is going to liberate us from the mundane shackles of a single existence. While the major world religions promise sequential lives (one now, a second instalment after death), cyberspace offers parallel pathways through this vale of tears.

From: Dedric Mauriac A better look between sims Quote from the site - When I purchased the Woodbridge sim, I saw my visitors dropping each month. A report that I made last night showed that my younger visitors were not comming to my Higgins parcel at all.

From: Torley Lives Taking pictures does last longer; the value of intangibles Quote from the site - The above is a snapshot taken inworld @ Second Life’s Brampton Stage by Summer Seale, who sent it to me — I receive many great photos, and this one particularly caught my attention because it somehow feels very old, like the kind of thing that ends up in your library’s historical archives.

From: ClickZ Virtual World Marketing Gets Reality Check in 2007 Quote from the site - It was a year of ups and downs for virtual worlds, as well as the companies that jumped on the bandwagon of creating virtual advertising and branded worlds. As 2007 began, the virtual world environment Second Life was riding high on a wave of interest from users and advertisers, but as time went on, many marketers and agencies began to question the return on investment of their virtual projects.

From: New World Notes 2007 Predictions Recap: 4 Out of 10 Ain’t Bad Quote from the site - I just launched an Open Forum for the future of Second Life in 2008– go there to post your predictions. I’ll choose my favorite ten in a reader survey.

Before you do that, however, maybe you should check the predictions that were made for 2007.

From: Rikomatic Review: Castronova’s Exodus to the Virtual World Quote from the site - I just finished my advance copy of Edward Castronova’s Exodus to the Virtual World: How Online Fun is Changing Reality (2007, Palgrave McMillan.) As anyone familiar with Costronova should expect, the book is provocative and entertaining.

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