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Second Life News for December 28, 2007

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From: SLeb SLeb Interview: Komuso Tokugawa, SL King of the Blues Quote from the site - In the first installment of the SLeb interview series. I talked with Komuso Tokugawa. If you’ve been is Second Life for any time at all, you’ve probably seen Komuso in concert. His red robot Avi sings and plays a unique blend of old blues tunes with a dirty electric slide guitar and a mouth harp sound.

From: Nigel Paravane Return to Second Life: Land Quote from the site - After doing a lot of Second Life during the first half of the year, I took a few months off. As I previously mentioned, I needed a break from what I was doing in that virtual environment because I felt I had gotten into a rut. For a social environment, I was being rather anti-social.

From: Forbes Tara Weiss On Careers And The Workplace Quote from the site - Tech for job seekers — Keep an eye out for new technology when it comes to job searches and interviews. Firms like Bain & Co. are using Second Life to conduct networking functions and job interviews, and video résumés continue to be hot.

From: Serendipity35 In My Mind’s Eye, I See Hamlet in Second Life Quote from the site - Part of my list of 2008 education resolutions is to try out some of the more educational uses of virtual worlds and stop being so curmudgeonly about all of it. (Ken doth protest too much, methinks.) Mary Zedeck at Seton Hall University keeps me posted about SL projects, particularly Shakespeare stuff.

From: Grid Blog The 1000 avatar pictures project — want to help? Quote from the site - As I type this I have around 250 unique avatar snapshots sitting on my hard drive. Progress is good. The Nicholaz client is sex, because it isn’t prone to the insane load-thrashing the official client has.

From: The Traveling Avatar’s podcast is riding off into the sunset Quote from the site - What does it mean when a popular weekly podcast about Second Life is going off the air? Will Ross, (William Pitre in Second Life) is pragmatic about the end of his show “The Traveling Avatar”, a short segment that until this week has been part of the family of how-to podcasts.

From: Second Life Blog Certain places, residents not found in “all” search Quote from the site - Second Life recently switched to a new “All” search that functions similarly to web search engines like Google. Today I discovered an issue that leads to some residents, groups and places not being included in the search.

From: Second Life Blog [GRID] 42 Regions Returning to Service Quote from the site - Earlier this hour, the following regions were briefly knocked off line after loss of communication to one of our server racks. They’ve been migrated to a new set of hosts, and are returning to service now.

From: Grid Expectations Eloh’s Christmas present to everyone Quote from the site - It was not too long ago that I’d blogged about Eloh Eliot’s new line of “E” skins at her humble little store, simply called Another shop! Her hand-drawn skins were priced shockingly low; so low, in fact, that I was hesitant about blogging the price because I hadn’t confirmed with her whether or not that was an error.

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