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The Far Away - A Wheat Field Helping Fight Poverty

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I first met AM Radio, creator of The Far Away wheat field in Second Life, at The Wall in Second Life, I was there talking to Bleys Chevalier, the Wall’s main developer, and AM politely introduced himself and proceeded to tell Bleys just how much he appreciated the build. He impressed me just from that little conversation and now that I have finally visited his wheat field, I think I was right to be impressed.

It’s a nice place for contemplation, but, it’s also fun to explore as well, my advice, touch everything while you are there, you never know what will happen.

The Far Away - Wheat Field for Charity

The Far Away A place for contemplation

My first example, click the top of the train and see what happens.

The Far Away On the Train

The Far Away On the Train Different Angle

You can find something in the train to show you another train.

The Far Away The Train

Clicking another spot and I am pulling the train, this is a cool looking shot I think, lol.

The Far Away Pulling the Train

Check the buttons on the windmill.

The Far Away Flying with the Windmill

A couple riding in the carriage.

The Far Away Riding in the Carriage

Here is how you can help, “buy” one of the items pictures for the specified donation, I bought myself a plot of wheat field while I was there, it’s the very least someone can do.

The Far Away How you can help

Where are the Red Barron and Snoopy? Note: I never got the plane to do anything, just fooling around in this pic.

The Far Away In the Cockpit

The Far Away On the Train a better shot

Second Life URL.

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The Far Away

The Far Away

The Far Away

The Far Away on Flickr

Where wheat and charity grows

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