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Second Life News for December 29, 2007

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From: bMighty Starting Your Business’ Second Life Quote from the site - Going virtual can beef up your brand, build marketing muscle, and open up a whole new world for your small or midsize business.

From: Duncans Thoughts Update on Second Life Quote from the site - Well at he moment I am completely focused upon building my new home in second life. Once i am focused, time seems o go unbelievable fast, even for Second life Standards.

From: cbcnews Virtual crime and punishment vs. free thought Quote from the site - My world view of what you can and cannot do in life is rooted in the lyrics of the 19th century German song Die Gedanken sind frei, which my German-born father used to sing because the Nazis had forbidden it.

From: Ecommerce Times Tech Pathfinders to Watch in 2008 Quote from the site - From a distance, it often seems that Google has all but cornered the market on Internet advertising, but plenty of entrepreneurs believe opportunities remain. Michael Leo, the CEO of New York-based Operative, is one of those businesspeople, and his background gives him an insider’s view.

From: Gwyn’s Home Estonian Embassy Opens in Second Life Quote from the site - Estonia, a small member state of the European Union with 1.3 million inhabitants living by the Baltic Sea, has since the 1990s been labelled as one of the leading “Information Age” countries, having a surprisingly high penetration rate of computer use and Internet.

From: Massively More thoughts for the future in Second Life and beyond Quote from the site - It being the end of the year, people are prognosticating like mad. Analysts for Second Life and virtual worlds are no exception. This time it’s Gartner again, but with a “future of education” slant.

From: Orient Lodge Second Life Trading Predictions Quote from the site - Okay, all of you Second Life traders out there, who wants to make any predictions about trading in Second Life for 2008? I have two types of predictions. First, big picture predictions, how many exchanges will there be in Second Life at the end of 2008? Will any major corporations step into the fray?

From: Wired OSX Leopard Breaks Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life inhabitants running Mac OSX are being cautioned that the latest version of Apple’s Leopard operating system breaks compatibility with the virtual world title.

From: BlogHUD testing sltweets…is cool…great tool for people who wanna twitter from second life… Quote from the site - Someone testing the Sltweets HUD I discussed here.

From: The Streeb-Greebling Diaries Rights and wrongs in Second Life Quote from the site - Here’s an intelligent discussion between Eben Moglen and David Levine regarding the legal and social issues surrounding the use of virtual world environments such as Second Life.

From: Telegraph Google and Second Life will prevail in 2008 Quote from the site - President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan mounts a civilian coup, seizing control of the army and declaring himself General For Life. As head of the army, he then mounts a military coup, declaring himself President For Life.

From: Beth’s Second Life Educational Technology and Web 2.0 in Colleges and High Schools Quote from the site - Okay, it is a long title. But, that is what I just searched on Google because I want to make a few predictions and resolutions.

From: Lee’s Second Life - “Finding the key” Virtual worlds are 2008’s ‘breakthrough technology’ Quote from the site - So said Computer Weekly’s John Riley ages ago, but I’ve only just caught up with it.

From: BlogHUD The L Word Orientation Quote from the site - 4th stop in our tour and listing of public orientation sites for newbies in Second Life is The L Word site from Showtime.

From: What’s the Trouble with Ten Percent? Tateru’s Take (and Mine) on SL’s Low Retention Rates Quote from the site - Over at Massively, erstwhile NWN contributor Tateru Nino has an in-depth look at that obstinately unbudging 10% retention rate, the number of people who try Second Life, and are still logging in three months after account creation.

From: Second Effects Burning After Alexis Quote from the site - Alexis Lange is not only a friend of mine, but also a Battlestar Galactica pilot based in Eleggua (call sign “Panther”.) Last week she came to me looking for a way to make her flyer more realistic, specifically by adding a massive rocket plume.

From: Reuters This week’s events from the AvaStar Quote from the site - This week’s events from the AvaStar.

From: SL Capital Exchange So….what has LLBT been doing these days??? Quote from the site - Ok, I have been lurking in the shadows for a few weeks now because I wanted the next move of LLBT to be protected. I sent a notice providing a bit of a teaser and a few other people got teasers as well but, I wanted to be sure that this stayed under wraps so there have been a ton of Non-Disclosure/No Compete agreements floating around and a bit of pinky swearing. Finally, I can put a light on some things.

From: Second Life Blog [RESOLVED] Windlight and Release Candidate temporarily unavailable Quote from the site - [3:30 PM PST] The updated Windlight viewer is now available for download as well. As mentioned before, these updates are required for anyone using these viewers. -Chiyo

From: Second Life Blog Rolling Restart - Wednesday January 2nd Quote from the site - To push out server-side fixes related to age verification and a few causes of sim crashes, we will be performing a rolling restart of the Second Life servers on Wednesday, January 2nd 2008. Logins will be unaffected, and no new viewers will be required.

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