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Second Life News for December 30, 2007

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From: Second Life JIRA Inter-sim teleports do not provide a red beacon unless made directly from the main map, so sims without point to point TP are disadvantaged Quote from the site - Some sims (Caledon’s older sims for example) do not allow point-to-point TP but require you to go to the nearest hub and then proceed from there. The original reason for retaining this (after it was dropped as the standard method) was no doubt to encourage visitors to explore shops and sights on their way to their destination.

From: Jacek Lives Handling Minor Security Issues in 1 Easy Step Quote from the site - There is a security issues in the German language login screen which could result in your precious login name and password being sent to a third party, namely the operators of the domain name.

From: The Times of India Sex in a virtual world Quote from the site - Let’s talk about sex. Oh, that’s taboo? Then, let’s talk about cybersex. What’s new about that? Well, quite a lot if you are hooked into the phenomenon of Second Life (SL)-the internet-based virtual 3D world where four million people (residents) from across the world are leading an alternate existence.

From: New World Notes New World Newsfeed: Ex-Cory Linden Gets Academic Quote from the site - … at least in part, according to his new blog “Collapsing Geography”:

“[I'm] spending the spring as a visiting professor at USC Annenberg.”

From: Google Docs Blue Hair Episode #15 Presentation on Google Docs Quote from the site - Tracking visitors in the virtual world of Second Life

From: In Kids and Family “Alter Ego” — Who are you online? Quote from the site - Everyone has at least one component of their life that they wish they could change or make better. It can be anything — from a lack of love, a lack of friends, the way they look, or any other major or minor aspect of their life. Some people secretly wish they could become someone else, escape their own reality and begin life anew.

From: Second Life Blogging Civilization Quote from the site - It should come to no surprise that I was going to do a blog on this subject. But what I would enjoy knowing is if you feel this way yourselves or do you just think this is a game and you are waiting to arrive at ‘Colonel Mustard in the skybox with a particle knife”?

From: Digital Life This New Year get a Second Life Quote from the site - Staying at home on the 31st doesn’t make you a ‘loser’. Put on your dancing shoes and travel to the world where the party never ends.

From: Ambling in Second Life Santa Linden Rezzes an Island Quote from the site - I was largely absent from the Yuletide/Solsticial proceedings in Second Life, choosing rather to make merry with friends and family in Non-Digital Life. OK, I admit I did pop in from time to time but not with any great plan in mind. However, while I was over-indulging in roast dinners, wine and prezzies, Santa Linden dropped by Second Life and left me a whole island to start working on. I say “me”, I actually mean “my company.”

From: Traveling Avatar Add-On Games in Second Life Quote from the site - On today’s show we’re going to talk about games. Second Life is a game with a lot of downtime, and sometimes that can get a little annoying. Lately I’ve been using HUD games to break up the monotony of sitting around and waiting for something to happen, and I’m going to share a couple with you today. HUD is short for heads-up display, and a HUD is any tool that sticks to your computer screen.

From: Fashion Reporters Second Life Fashion: Trend-Setting for Real Life Fashion? Part One Quote from the site - In the photos, Princess Hildegarde and Publicist Redgrave. The two Second Life “mentors” will grace the pages of this series of fashion articles about the virtual world in this blog with what they consider their best looks, styled, modelled and photographed “In-World” by themselves.

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  1. Bounours March 23rd, 2008 11:14 am

    I loved the articles on the FashionReporters blog. i only read two of them… do you know if they are going to write any more? The perspective is stimulating and encouraging for emerging SL fashion designers who really want to create garments and accessories…
    Here are the urls of the two blogposts I am talking about:
    and here is the other one I found, which is a firther post by the same writer.

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