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Second Life News for December 31, 2007

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From: Massively Second Life transactions, second half 2007 Quote from the site - From the data we have, it appears that proceeds of the gambling culture that existed prior to that ban did not significantly flow on into the broader Second Life economy, but tended to circulate within itself and via the LindEX currency exchange.

From: Ambling in Second Life Early Days Quote from the site - Here’s a few photos of the company private sim, after (quite) a few hours’ work. I daresay most of this stuff will be torn down, but it provides a start point - and cost nothing to produce, aside from a few L$ to upload some slides. I have also discovered the joys and frustrations of working with .RAW files, finding the free bailiwick software a really useful tool to use alongside my trusty Paintshop Pro.

From: Telegraph New Year’s Eve: Don’t go out - go online Quote from the site - New Year’s Eve is an excuse for inflated door charges and hangovers. Armed with her laptop, Bryony Gordon is staying at home and going to a virtual party instead.

From: TechNewsWorld Survey: Techie Gen Y Is Also Library-Savvy Quote from the site - “Generation Y going to the library … is so counterintuitive to our cultural notion or expectation of this age group,” said Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet & American Life Project, “especially considering all the gadgets they have and their expectation of Internet access.”

From: Not Possible IRL Turning the page on 2007 in virtual worlds - What happened and what’s next Quote from the site - Virtual worlds are at the heart of what Not Possible IRL is about. Without them, our group and our cause would cease to exist. 2007 was the year I discovered Second Life. I am too new to look back and too new to look forward - with any real sense of perspective - so I turned to three thought leaders and veterans of virtual worlds who are deeply in touch with the ups and downs of the metaverse in very different ways.

From: water cooler games Will there ever be politics in Second Life? Quote from the site - Those of you who keep up with game industry news already know that Cory Ondrejka has left his post as CTO of Linden Lab, creators of Second Life. Cory is a respected friend, and I will be interested to see what he does next. On Friday, Cory mused on his last day on his new blog, Collapsing Geography. That may be one you want to add to your readers.

From: Simple Thoughts Second Life Enables Vibrant Virtual Economy With Linden Dollars Quote from the site - Second Life is 3-dimensional online digital world mostly created by its residents. You can buy and sell land and artifacts of this virtual world with Linden dollars. However Linden dollars isn’t virtual. It can be traded for real dollars.

From: NWA News LET’S TALK : Resolved to live, love in new year Quote from the site - They say death and taxes are inevitable. Quick. Somebody add New Year’s resolutions. We may break ’em, but we still make ’em.

From: Fabulously Free in SL: The Original FabFree SL Blog Crap, It’s Cold! So Grab This Coat While You Can! Quote from the site - little bird let me know that Crap is having this cute orange crop fur coat for $1L until the end of the week. The ad is located on the ground in front of the kiosk at Cotton Candy Shopping Mall.

From: Ordinal Mala Prop SVC-1125 and Crumpets Quote from the site - I began to write an entry on the following issue yesterday, but quickly found that it was degenerating into a number of personal anecdotes and supposedly-witty commentary when it should have been short and to the… oh stop it! You are doing the same thing again! *pulls self together* This is a New Feature Of The World of which you should be aware and for the fixing of which I suggest that you vote.

From: New World Notes Rik’s Top Ten Second Life Events of 2007 Quote from the site - These picks obviously reflect my own personal preferences and biases. But hopefully those of you planning events for next year can look to these for ideas on how to make your event as successful as possible. Looking back on the past twelve months of parties, classes, fund raisers, art openings, concerts and wacky Second Life happenings, I’m daunted by the task of picking my ten favorite events of 2007.

From: NY Times Web Playgrounds of the Very Young Quote from the site - Forget Second Life. The real virtual world gold rush centers on the grammar-school set.

From: Second Life Blog Happy New Year, Already! Quote from the site - 2008 is here! Well, not “here” for the majority of us, yet, but definitely advancing upon the Earth.

From: Find Law Are Virtual-World Bank Robbery, Pickpocketing, and Runs on Banks Covered by Real-World Laws? Quote from the site - Second Life is an online virtual world. Recently, its virtual banks experienced a series of virtual bank heists, which netted the thieves/hackers a reported $3.2 million in Linden dollars — the virtual currency used within Second Life, which is operated by Linden Labs. Noting that proper security had not been used by the host of the bank’s server, the CEO of L&L Bank and Trust reported that “a brute force attack cracked the [bank's] database within a few hours.”

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