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Second Life News for December 24, 2007

December 24th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Gwyn’s Home Real Life Fashion For Second Life Avatars Quote from the site - Last year, American Apparel, a popular US clothes brand, opened a shop in Second Life with a lot of positive press. Avatars could get for a few L$ relatively faithful replicas of their clothes in SL.

From: Massively Peering inside - Second Life’s user retention Quote from the site - One year ago, Linden Lab gave out the 90 day retention figure for Second Life. That is, the percentage of people who were still logging in to the virtual world after their first 90 days. That figure was 10 percent.

From: Netwoman Overcoming ‘Real Life’ Physical Barriers in Second Life Quote from the site - This video shows Judith, who has cerebral palsy, being interviewed about her Second Life experience by Roger Hudson and Russ who runs the Web Standards Group mailing list.

From: The Arch Architecture and Culture of Ancient Egypt Recreated in Second Life Quote from the site - Aura Lily has been using Second Life to recreate the artifacts and architecture of ancient Egypt. Using maps drawn by one of Napoleon’s artist engineers, she’s also working on an accurate recreation of temples and buildings on the island of Philae.

From: Reuben Steiger’s (Millions of us) interview! Quote from the site - This is great content, and the guy simply rocks: check out Reuben’s interview. His company, Millions of us, is one of the leading businesses in Second Life.

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SLTweets HUD - Metaverse to Real Life Gateway

December 23rd, 2007 | Category: Grid, HUD, Twitter

If you get around Second Life a lot, then you need to check out the SLTweets HUD, available inworld at DarkWood’s Magic Land and on SL Exchange. This handy little HUD allows you to post directly to your twitter account, a handy little feature and if you are interested my account is stoneculdesac.

But, the coolest features by far are the tagging and note taking you can do while in Second Life, and you don’t even need a twitter account for these. Using the command /123 note This is Avilion, Medieval Fantasy Role Play Community while I’m at Avilion, will place a page on your sltweets account map at that looks like this:

Note on Avilion in Second Life

Buy using this command, /123 tag learning in second life, education, while at the Ivory Tower of Primitives will place a page on your maps at that looks like this:

My Tags at the Ivory Tower of Primitives

Here is a pic showing you what the HUD can do:

SLTweets HUD Tour

Here is the complete listing of features from their site:

SLTweets HUD Features: features require that you already have a twitter account.

Send Twitter Posts (Tweets) to your account from within Second Life (Ex. /123 post This is my first twitter post from SL).
Receive incoming Tweets from your Friends Timeline within Second Life.
Incoming Tweets and Alerts are displayed on the SLTweets HUD. (Tweet, who sent it and the time it was sent in SL time).
Tweet indicator notifies you of newly received tweets (flashing green Birdie Icon). Proxy - When a posted Tweet fails due to being unavailable your Tweet will be stored for an attempted automated re-delivery.
Second Life location information is stored for each posted Tweet from within Second Life enabling you to use our Users Area to view interactive SL Maps of your SL Twittering.

SLTweets HUD Tagging and Notes (For research and more):

These features available by simply wearing the HUD and Tagging and Noting. account not required.

Save Tag’s for places you have visited or people you have met. (Ex. /123 tag convention center, nice build, ITE)
Save private Notes for places you visited, people you have met, shops or builds of interest, products, reminders or any other kind of personal note. (Ex. /123 note Great store, nice products, very low lag)
Second Life location information is stored for each Tag and Note made from within Second Life enabling you to use our Users Area to view interactive SL Maps of your SL Tags and Notes.

Additional SLTweets HUD features:

In-World Search - Search your posted Tweets, Tag’s and Notes from within Second Life.
Search results displayed in your chat window (Owner’s chat only), results include a Second Life Link back to the location the Tweet, Tag or Note was made.
Easy access to Users Area by saying /123 usersite.
Minimize button to shrink the HUD to a thin bar.
Completely Hide/Show the HUD while still being able to post Tweets, Notes and Tags and search.

Web based SLTweets features:

SLTweets Web Maps Beta - View your posted Tweets, Notes and Tags on an interactive SL Map.
Maps showing locations (visual map), time, type (Tweet, Note, Tag) and the content of the Tweet, Note or Tag. Source: SLTweets HUD Features and Updates

If you travel around as much as I do, you’ll have many tweets, notes and tags in your maps, and SLTweets makes it easy to search through them inside your account. You can also click on the maps that are created and add in markers that can be searched using the HUD inworld, believe me when I say this is one tool you need.

SLTweets Account

I plan on using it for the next few months and I will post a follow up of how it handles large numbers of notes and tags.

Second Life URL.

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Second Life News for December 23, 2007

December 23rd, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life Pros Detailed SIM statistics are a MUST! Quote from the site - Is Second Life a business for you?
Is a business interested in customers and visitors?
To improve the service, don’t you need a way to understand visitors?

From: Discovery Educator Network FREE 2-month Residency on EduIsland II Quote from the site - Is ‘Increased Involvement in Second Life’ on your New Years Resolution list for 2008? Below is an opportunity to get a head start on that resolution…

From: Sailor’s Cove in Second Life Winter Wonderland Comes to Sailors Cove Quote from the site - It snowed all across the Sailors Cove sims last night, changing our beautiful community into a winter wonderland. Word has it that it’s going to be cold enough for the snow to remain on the ground in Sailors Cove for at least a week.

From: Africa News Virtual Africa gets its shape in Second Life Quote from the site - ‘Creating a virtual place where people in ‘real life’ and ‘Second Life’ can collide and meet.’ This is one of the goals of Uthango, a South African not-for-profit company. Second Life is a virtual space on the internet. Uthango is the first to open its virtual offices in Second Life.

From: The Times of India Virtual Xmas, but joy is real Quote from the site - With Christmas round the corner, Second Life is gearing up for celebrations. And what better to usher in the yuletide spirit than the annual Second Life Winter Festival?

From: Justice ACE Same Feeling, Second Life Quote from the site - So this past weekend, Goku from DBZ, Naruto, Luffy from One Piece, and the Lancelot from Code Geass all made appearances on Second Life to coincide with Jump Festa.

From: The Times Cyberspace cadet Quote from the site - A dazed and confused Ben Trovato struggles to get a life in a virtual world.

Christmas is a time for miracles. Before the week is out, we will look back, shake our heads in wonder and say: “It’s a miracle we survived.”

From: Massively Second Life to become largest medical school in the world? Quote from the site - Even to me, at the moment, that sounds like hyperbole, but there are two recent reports in serious medical media about using Second Life to train medical students, and there are various groups where doctors are trained in Second Life too that we’ve reported on earlier.

From: Ambling in Second Life Vote Now To Increase The Group Limit Quote from the site - As pointed out by New World Notes, Second Life bloggers are being asked to do their bit in raising a “fix” with Linden Lab to raise or remove the somewhat arbitrary group membership limit of 25. If you are not familiar with this, as a Second Life resident you can belong to a number of groups.

From: Second Life Blog WinterFest Snowman Contest Results! Quote from the site - Thank you for your outstanding participation and both unique and seasonal snowman entries in our contest. As you may be aware, there is a 1st place prize awarded to the “best of the best” in this competition. We Lindens had a very difficult time voting for which entry should get the L$5,000 1st Place Prize.

From: New World Notes On the Second day of Christmas, Timeless gave to me… Quote from the site - … a flying angel pig with gossamer wings.

From: Dedric Mauriac On the other side of the painting Quote from the site - I found out about this 3D still life of Vincent Van Goughs Bedroom in Aries though Second Seeker. The sceen looks very similar to the painting itself. Apparently, this is a painting of Vincent’s own room.

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Second Life News for December 22, 2007

December 22nd, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life Blog Updated Release Candidate Viewer: Second Life 1.18.6 RC2 Available Today Quote from the site - Second Life 1.18.6 Viewer Release Candidate (RC2) is now available for download. Please go to the test software page to download and try these pre-production viewers. (Note: This is not an update to the WindLight First Look viewer.)

From: Ambling in Second Life Brush off for Colgate Smile Power Quote from the site - I have now done an extensive and thorough inspection of the Colgate Smile Power site in Second Life - it took about 30 seconds. It is difficult to know how to put this, but I shall start slowly and see how I get on. The first word that springs to mind is “underwhelmed” - but more of this anon. First, let me try and put this site in context.

From: Malaysia Sun Second Life finds new customers Quote from the site - The Second Life virtual computer world, in which users can create characters representing themselves, has had a dramatic shift.

From: Virtual Worlds Forum Blog Second Life has a charitable Christmas appeal Quote from the site - It’s doubtful there’ll be much charity in the air tomorrow, as people rush around the high streets doing their lastminute Christmas shopping. Thankfully, Second Life offers a less frenetic way to honour the traditional spirit of festive giving, with the Second Life Christmas initiative.

From: Rezzable Second Life Market Size? Growth is Slow/Flat LL Leaves Door Open for New Virtual World Competitors Quote from the site - Looking at November Linden data on SL market activity and have some analysis:

Total residents are at 11.5million as of end of Nov. SL Resident growth is down to about 5% month to month…down from the 15% levels back in July, August — even with CSI. So pull CSI out assuming this is about 250,000 in November…and growth is less than 5% monthly.

From: Photoshoot in Second life - Born to be wild Quote from the site - I have taken some snapshots on demand this week.
Sometimes you can find a whole family on the grid, and when they are close, they regularly meet inworld. Now I was asked to take some pictures of the brother, together with his friend online, and his family.

From: Supercharge Push to Expand SL Group Limit Quote from the site - Okay, let’s give a try to up the limit on the number of Second Life groups you can have. Everyone knows how annoying it is. Fellow bloggers. Repost a similar blog posting to this. Just how hard can this be to make the number larger?

From: slog Second Life Statistics: 20-Dec-2007 Quote from the site - The minimum concurrency and new signups are clearly wrong. Guess I really need to do some fixing and changing of how I handle the data, but that is the fun of work in progress. ;) Also it is my Birthday so even more Fun! =)

From: New World Notes Crossing the Chasm: Thoughts on Second Life’s Plateau Phase from Electric Sheep’s COO Quote from the site - This week, top metaverse developer Electric Sheep Company unexpectedly laid off a third of its staff, including NWN contributor Rik Riel. Forseti Svarog, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, has a thoughtful post on their blog, offering observations related to the cutbacks.

From: Second Life Blog New All Search Classified Changes Coming Soon Quote from the site - As previously announced, the new ‘Search All’ feature is currently in beta in two releases; Second Life 1.18.5 and WindLight First Look. We’re planning on making a few changes to how classifieds are displayed in the new Search and wanted to allow enough time for everyone to adjust their listings:

From: Second Life Blog Quicktime Security Update Quote from the site - As I indicated in a prior posting, we became aware of a serious flaw in Apple’s QuickTime software that could cause maliciously crafted movies to either crash your Second Life viewer or, more seriously, to execute arbitrary code contained within the stream. We had warned to take caution when enabling movie playback within the viewer.

From: Second Life Blog The New WindLight Viewer… PONDERING AESTHETICS (76116) Quote from the site - Howdy all. As promised, I’d like to cover the second of three important points with this posting- AESTHETICS (aka textures are too bright, avatars look smelly, etc.) - First let’s get that pesky bugs fixed list out of the way…

From: how to save the world Two Dangerous Lessons from Second Life Quote from the site - I want to confess two things I’ve learned about myself — things I’m not particularly proud of — from my time in Second Life. I suspect I’m not alone in these two sad admissions, and I even wonder if they are precisely what makes Second Life so appealing, and keeps so many addicted to it…

From: Massively Catherine Smith presents Inside Linden Lab Quote from the site - Catherine Linden (Catherine Smith) is doing a new Linden Lab podcast called Inside Linden Lab. The first episode features Philip Rosedale, CEO of Linden Lab.

From: Mentor Volunteers Havok 4 Mentor Q & A Session with Andrew Linden Quote from the site - For those of you who were unable to attend today’s Q & A session on Havok 4 with Andrew Linden as our guest speaker we have posted an edited transcript of the event here….

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Second Life News for December 21, 2007

December 21st, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

Updated: 4PM
From: Ambling in Second Life Brush up on Colgate Smile Power Quote from the site - Hi. Just wanted to give you a heads up that Colgate-Palmolive will be officially entering SL tomorrow (Friday, December 21, 2007). They’re going to offer residents several cool new ways to express themselves and enhance their experience in-world, including a sparkling Colgate Smile they can flash to others, a new dance move to bust out with, and a list of some of the SL destinations most likely to evoke a smile.

From: The Healthcare Information Systems Blog Medical School Comes to Second Life Quote from the site - Several months ago I posted a review about the book Swords & Circuitry: A Designer’s Guide to Computer Roleplaying Games and my motivation for reading in. I believed then, and believe now, that the underpinnings of computer roleplaying games have a direct application to Health2.0, and that one day EMRs and the like will create compelling new ways for people to understand and become engaged in maintaining their own health and wellbeing.

From: Fortune Second Life still living its first one Quote from the site - The buzz has diminished but Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale says his Second Life virtual world is stronger than ever. Now he vows to make it a “stable public utility.”

From: The Channel Wire Accenture Scientist Predicts Death of Second Life Quote from the site - While VARBusiness 500 executives are predicting a surge in the use of new technologies in 2008, everything from software as a service to cloud computing, Accenture’s chief scientist Kishore Swaminathan noted that among the challenges and trends that lie ahead is the “death” of virtual worlds, such as Second Life.

From: The Huffington Post Does your Teen Live a Second Life Through the Monitor? Quote from the site - With competition fiercer than ever before and the media constantly redefining social norms–failure seems to be a steppingstone for adulthood. It’s no wonder teens are turning to escape mechanisms to find comfort and bliss. Just like the lure of Pleasure Island for Pinocchio or the Looking Glass for Alice–today’s teens are being lured into the fantastical worlds of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) and Second Life.

From: Entrepreneur Starting Your Business’ Second Life Quote from the site - If you’ve got a product that’s hard to show off in person or your customer demographic skews thirtysomething, start thinking in 3-D. While skeptics write off virtual worlds on the web as arcades for young folk, research firm Gartner Inc. estimates that by 2011, 80 percent of active internet users will have an identity in a virtual web world.

From: geek gestalt Donate to a ‘Second Life’ Christmas Quote from the site - If you’re a Second Life user and you’re feeling charitable in these last days before Christmas, I’ve got something you may want to look into.

From: Web Access Centre Blog Wheelies in Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life has drawn a lot of attention from accessibility circles this year and has been a hot topic of conversation across the blogsphere. While there are technical barriers of access for some groups of disabled people such as people with sight problems there are some huge benefits for others.

From: Virtual Worlds Forum Blog SL Shakespeare Company gets set for Hamlet in Second Life Quote from the site - The idea of transferring theatrical productions from real-world stages to virtual worlds is rich with potential, and doubtless many people have tried it already. However, a high-profile new venture will see the SL Shakespeare Company put on Hamlet within Second Life, using real-time motion capture technology for the performance, in a virtual replica of London’s Globe Theatre.

From: Digital Planet Nii Quaynor wins Internet Society award Quote from the site - The Internet Society has awarded Internet engineer Nii Quaynor the prestigious Jonathan B. Postel Service Award for 2007 for his pioneering work in advancing Internet technology in Africa.

From: Second Life Blog Tip of the Week #16: How to make a gift box… happy holidays! Quote from the site - In the spirit of the season, here’s a festive Tip of the Week with practical applications — make a gift box to put gifts in and share with loved ones & friends!

From: Second Life Blog Knowledge Base Article of the Week: Getting Some Me (You?) Time Quote from the site - We’re proud of the way Second Life allows you to find people, make friends, and communicate easily, but many of us sometimes want to have some time to ourselves, whether it’s to organize our inventories, go through notecards, be with a certain special someone, contemplate a build, or some other reason entirely.

From: New World Notes New World Tableau: olmia Tenk in Pera Vista Quote from the site - olmia took this seemingly mundane Christmas tableau in Pera Vista, but it comes with several twists. Miss Tenk for example, is actually pictured here, but you need to squint to spot her– she’s the exotic plant next to the snowman.

From: Hibernia on the Skids Reaching from Reality to Virtuality Quote from the site - Having a bit of leave time to burn at the end of the year, my human finds himself at home this week, and blogging more often than he ought. I found myself in world at a very unusual time for me, during daylight EST.

From: Second Life Herald As the Hype Cycle Turns Quote from the site - Google trends shows that the SL Hype bubble continues to deflate while Webkinz pwns.

Theoretically, the Gartner hype cycle is supposed to go like this:

1. “Technology Trigger” — The first phase of a hype cycle is the “technology trigger” or breakthrough, product launch or other event that generates significant press and interest.


From: Second Life Blog Snowball Fight! Snowball Fight! Quote from the site - Beginning at 5 AM - 7 AM the first of our series of snowball fights has started in the region Carpentaria - Make your way over and grab a snowball. Find your resident snow fort and have a blast! The Lindens await you!

I don’t know about you all, but I plan on hunting some Lindens this evening. ;)

From: Second Life Blog ‘Inside the Lab’ podcast with Philip Rosedale Quote from the site - I’m happy to introduce a new podcast series entitled “Inside the Lab.” You can download the first installment here.

From: Massively Colgate-Palmolive’s Second Life site not raising a smile Quote from the site - A few hours ago, I got an invite to zip out to see Colgate-Palmolive’s Second Life promotion, which opens today. Colgate’s Smile Power Team will be handing out free virtual goody bags, we are told. There are also four vending machines at the site that are supposed to give out the same freebies.

So, why aren’t I smiling?

From: Business Center IBM Virtual World Defies Laws of Physics Quote from the site - IBM’s uptight, starched-shirt image has survived for many decades, but the stereotype may finally meet its demise at the hands of a giant boulder and a meeting room up in the sky.

From: UgoTrade A Conversation with Eben Moglen on Second Life Quote from the site - Recently I met with Eben Moglen, the founder, Director-Counsel and Chairman of the Software Freedom Law Center, and David W. Levine, a researcher at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center and IBM representative to the Architectural Working Group, for an informal conversation that looked at many of the fundamental social, technological and legal questions of building 3D immersive online spaces like Second Life.

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Amour Amusement Park Christmas Contest

December 20th, 2007 | Category: Building, Christmas, Contests, Places to Visit

Derrek Pain im’d me tonight to let me know about the Amour Amusement Park XMas Contest, they hold a contest every couple of months I’m told and right now it is the Christmas Build contest. Every competitor gets a 1024 lot with 234 prims each, it must be original, nothing can be for sale and no ban lines. If only we could make those rules in real life, er, I mean in Second Life, ban lines suck. Prize money will be at least 10,000 lindens spread over the first three places

These snowmen from Calvin and Hobbes are great, makes me want to build a couple armies of them and throw em together to see what happens.

Christmas Build Competition

Christmas Build Competition 2

Here is Derrek’s lot.

Christmas Build Competition 3

Christmas Build Competition 4

The other side of Derrek’s lot has a nativity scene, so it has the snowmen and Santa on one side and Jesus on the other.
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Second Life News for December 20, 2007

December 20th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: CodeBastard Redgrave Petition: We need moar than 25 groups in SecondLife! Quote from the site - I wont go in details on how annoying the 25 groups limitation in Secondlife is (yes, you can thank me, I won’t!). Most of you hate it. But groups is essential not only to receive spammage, but also especially to manage property and salespoint. As an aspiring land shark I feel this limitation is seriously borking my ambitions for total world domination.

From: Reuters/Second Life Second Life usage down over five percent in November Quote from the site - Month-to-month usage of Second Life declined sharply in November, according to new statistics released by Linden Lab.

From: ITUG Connection: Real Time View Virtualization? Unreal, mate! Quote from the site - I wandered into Second Life last night and took the opportunity to check out what was going on, and the picture I have included here is of my avatar, RT Writer.

From: Junior Dr Virtual doctors - medical training in Second Life Quote from the site - Forget those late nights on the wards grappling with real patients to perfect taking a history for the MRCP - medical training is going virtual. Second Life, the online 3D world, is set to become the world’s largest medical training institution and, as Bertalan Meskó reports, it could change the way we view education entirely.

From: Rezzable Space Invaders Race Quote from the site - The Greenies invite you to celebrate the holidays as they do! Their delegate, Miki Gymnast, will be awarding Linden dollar prizes to the fastest racer (L$ 10,000) and best racing costume (L$ 5,000) in two hoverboard racing events taking place December 20th and December 25th.

From: Wayne Porter WoW Cheating, Second Life’s Second Iteration and Imaginary Circles Quote from the site - Fleep Tuque (aka Chris Collins), an educator who I have a lot of respect for and know through an interesting string of “chain reactions” incited by micro media, had an interesting comment on the introduction of Live Gamer into the mix…it seemed like cheating. I replied back, but my blog seems to be eating comments so I figured I would expend what thought I had left looking at this and some other topics.

From: metaversed Video Network Of The Future Quote from the site - In the 8 months that SLCN has been streaming video they have revolutionized the way we think about media in virtual worlds. We had the opportunity to speak with Wiz Nordberg, CEO of SLCN, to find out more about what is fast becoming one of the most influential forces in Second Life.

From: metaversed The Foundations Of The Metaverse Quote from the site - This week’s guest on Metanomics was Dr. Yesha Sivan, an Israelean entrepreneur and professor at the Tel Aviv University. He’s the founder of Metaversed Labs (MVL), a think-tank that’s helping to design the standards upon which the future Metaverse will be built.

From: The Click Heard Round the World Put out to pasture Quote from the site - Yes, the stories are true. I got laid off.

Me, along with apparently 21 other employees of the Electric Sheep Company, were informed on Monday that their positions were terminated.

From: New World Notes New World Newsfeed: Ex-Lindens on Cory Linden’s Leaving; Philip Linden Responds Quote from the site - Several people have asked me if I had any inside insights on Cory Linden’s departure from the company last week, giving up his role as Chief Technology Officer; in all honesty, Linden Lab has changed so much since my own exit in February 2006, it’s difficult (and irresponsible) of me to offer anything but wild speculation.

From: Project Good Luck Second Life Cory Ondrejka adieu: virtual world design history Quote from the site - This is an excerpt from my interview with Cory Ondrejka, the CTO of Linden Lab (LL) and the primary author of the Second Life world design and scripting language.

From: Tom Cotton’s 8109 Bottling Second Life in digital video Quote from the site - The first cut of the video showed how unexciting talking heads are in SecondLife. May as well have a simple audio file with a few pictures.

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Grid Shutdown

December 19th, 2007 | Category: Grid, Grid Performance

Linden Labs has just posted notice that they are shutting the grid down to investigate a slowdown of the asset system in Second Life. The slowdown can cause you many problems inworld, including:

  • Inability to save notecards

  • Inability to compile scripts
  • Refusal of rezzed objects to return to inventory.

They recommend that you do not rezz anything of value until they have figured out the problem and fix it.

We’re still scoping this issue, and will keep you updated as we move past diagnosis and toward resolution. Until the scope of this issue is clear, we strongly suggest you avoid rezzing or transferring valuable (no-copy) assets or L$. Source: [GRID] Shutdown Imminent.

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HiPiHi Uninstall Program Infects Your PC with a Trojan

December 19th, 2007 | Category: HiPiHi, Security, Virtual Worlds

I haven’t verified this myself yet, I guess I will have to install and then uninstall HiPiHi to know for sure, but, apparently they infect you with a Trojan when you uninstall their software, I guess in a shot to make some money off of you as you leave. In a post over at SLUniverse Forums, someone’s copy of AVG anti-spyware is detecting the uninstall file as being infected with Bifrose.YM backdoor Trojan, which is a keylogger/password sniffer.

I installed 40012 last night and my antivirus reports the presence of the Bifrose.YM backdoor Trojan, a keylogger and password sniffing program.

I told the antivirus program to ignore this warning. I am now getting warnings when using Hipihi.

There have been other reports of this sort about other versions of Hipihi, from folks that reported using antivirus programs other than the one I use. I use AVG from Grisoft. HiPiHi Infected With Trojan?

Here is a pic of the warning message from AVG, courtesy of SL Universe.

Do you like malware with your virtual world?

This isn’t new, apparently, as Wikipedia notes it in their write-up of HiPiHi, and they say this is no accident.

The uninstall routine of HIPIHI tends to be infected with a Trojan. With releases up to 30014 it was BDS/Bifrose.Gen from the Bifrost family. The new releases 40011 and 40012 feature the backdoor program Packed.64. The change indicates that the Trojan is deliberately inserted in the code. Source: HiPiHi Technical Issues

I don’t know about you all, but I like my real world and my virtual world malware and Trojan free, as word of this spreads either people will quit using it or the makers of HiPiHi will change their ways, but if no one knows, they will assume the Trojan or malware came from somewhere else if their computer doesn’t warn them. AVG is a good program, download a free copy here, and there are some good and free online scanners that might detect it, like Spywareguide and you can get a trial copy of CSI from, another good spyware detection program.

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CSI:NY Today in Second Life

December 19th, 2007 | Category: Places to Visit, Sims Worth Exploring, Sims to Explore, TV

With all the talk the past couple days about the ESC, Electric Sheep Company, letting over 20 employees go, it got me to thinking about the CSI:NY episode Down the Rabbit Hole, which got me interested again in seeing what the CSI sim is like today.

This did not last too long, unfortunately. I went there expecting to see another Murder by Zucker mystery, but the first one was still there, so no use going through all of that. I don’t remember what the last Mystery game was, so, I decided to check that out and selected number three on the teleport map.

CSI:NY Today Teleport Map

Once there though, I quickly found out that the crime stuff wasn’t going to work for me, where other avatars received information, all of the scripted objects just stared back at me. Nothing worked, I couldn’t even guess the killer or how the paint got on the body’s arm.

CSI:NY Paint on the sleeve

So, here are the rest of the pics I took as I tried everything out, and a little more commentary at the end.

CSI:NY Today

CSI:NY Today Crime Scene
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Latest Second Life Financial News

December 19th, 2007 | Category: LindeX, Second Life Money, Stock Exchanges, Virtual Economy

From: Second Life Blog Economic Key Metrics for October and November 2007 Quote from the site - Key takeaways: In November, we had another slight reduction in overall Logged In User Hours (our first drop was back in August) that is related to the Unplanned service outages. Overall economic metrics continue to trend slowly upward, including the Lindex exchange figures and resident-to-resident transactions.

From: Second Life Blog Financial Statements For Everyone! Quote from the site - Many Residents use Second Life in a professional capacity. As such, being able to both keep and present detailed records of financial transactions is vitally important. To help you with this, we’ve added a new page to the “Your Account” section of the website: Account Statements.

From: Second Life Herald Op/Ed: Financial Myth Busting Edition Quote from the site - When Ted Castronova wanted to study a virtual economy, he decided against using Second Life. A number of people thought that was foolish because SL already has an economy. But SL is not like other MMO economies for two reasons; the LindeX makes asset prediction impossible and residents do not make predictable economic choices.

From: The Dewey Blog Second Life Quote from the site - A recent blog entry on foreign exchange rates elicited the comment/question, “Where would you class the Linden dollar?” The answer is that the Linden dollar is classed in 332.4 Money, given its including note for “other mediums of exchange.”

From: Wayne Porter Ebay powers Second Life and Live Gamer and Twitter Blackjack Quote from the site - Mashable reports on a new service that finally gives gamers what they want- a free economy of sorts. Backed with $24 million in VC from Charles River Ventures, Kodiak Venture Partners, and Pequot Ventures, LiveGamer went live targeting MMOGs with a platform to trade virtual goods. Andrew Schneider and Mitch Davis, (ad startup Massive sold to Microsoft) Live Gamer brings a sense of respecatbility to trading virtual goods. Suddenly that +3 Vorpal Blade of Troll Slaying takes on new and potent economic meaning.

From: SL Capital Exchange SL Capital Exchange to replace SkyRanger Hammerer Quote from the site - It is with some regret that I report to you that SkyRanger Hammerer has been relieved of his duties as SL CapEx Compliance Officer and is no longer an employee of the SL Capital Exchange or its parent JT Financial.

To be very frank, the MAJORITY of companies now listed are out-of-compliance in some manner or other - either via Errors and Ommissions in the requisite monthly Financial Reports (at MINIMUM an Income Statement AND Balance Sheet) in a GAAP-compliant format submitted no later than 10 days following the last day of each month, or in the mandatory WEEKLY UPDATES CEO’s are expected to file.

From: SL Reports Press Release: Goldflake comments on WSE notecards Quote from the site - The World Stock Exchange (WSE) has been distributing a notecard to the users registered at their website. While we commend the intention to inform and educate the users, we strongly disagree with section 3 (Banks and Exchanges) in the aforementioned notecard.

First off, the WSE claim to hold a 95% market quota is a joke at the best and we refer you to this post written by an independent and unbiased observer .

From: Orient Lodge Analysis of Second Life Exchanges Quote from the site - People have questioned how this 95% market share is calculated, and I must admit, I have no idea. So, I thought I would do a little digging into data available from the different exchanges. The International Stock Exchange (ISE) appears to provide the most detailed data, which can be aggregated.

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Second Life News for December 19, 2007

December 19th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

Updated @ 4:00PM
From: Wayne Porter Ebay powers Second Life and Live Gamer and Twitter Blackjack Quote from the site - It seems odd that eBay, which powers the land auctions for Second Life, missed out on this incredibly lucrative opportunity. Surely the thought of selling your Blood Rage Armor is no more ridiculous than when Ebay was a simple script designed to pawn off a pez dispenser collection.

From: Second Life Herald Op/Ed: Financial Myth Busting Edition Quote from the site - Many residents view the in-world economy as a virtual one. A fictional economy is what the WSE describes what we are doing, most likely for legal reasons in Australia. Just calling our economy fictional or virtual does not make it so. We, as residents, buy and sell real things.

From: The Click Heard Round the World Filipino-themed Christmas parties December 18-19 in Second Life! Quote from the site - Isadora Fiddlesticks sent me the news that there will be filipino-style Christmas parties happening tomorrow and the day after at Momill (teleport link). Tomorrow the “pasko” party gets started at 8PM PST, and then on December 19 there’s another shindig at 6AM PST, to try and accommodate people in different time zones.

From: SL Reports Sky gets the hammer; Beck issues fierce warning to CEOs Quote from the site - It is with some regret that I report to you that SkyRanger Hammerer has been relieved of his duties as SL CapEx Compliance Officer and is no longer an employee of the SL Capital Exchange or its parent JT Financial.

From: Massively Cinemassively: Plant Pets Quote from the site - If taking care of your plants, pets, and loved ones wasn’t enough for you in your first life, PlantPets has you covered in Second Life. Unlike real life, though, you can apparently pause your pet. It messages you when it needs water, shows particles when it’s happy, and can even have friends.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Havok4 Beta Preview Reconfiguration - New Region List Coming! Quote from the site - The Second Life Beta Preview is being reconfigured for more flexibility and to enable the next phase of simulator validation for the new Havok4 simulator design. The beta preview environment will now be made up of two kinds of regions, core regions and resident testing regions.

From: Information Week Bad News Keeps Coming For Second Life Quote from the site - The bad news keeps coming for Second Life. Linden Lab, the company that develops and operates the virtual world, released October and November economic stats yesterday, which show that total user hours in-world actually declined in November, for the second-ever time in Second Life history.

From: The Dewey Blog Second Life Quote from the site - A recent blog entry on foreign exchange rates elicited the comment/question, “Where would you class the Linden dollar?” (For those who are not in the know, the Linden dollar is the currency used in Linden Lab’s Second Life, a virtual world; the Linden dollar is exchangeable for real-world currencies.)

From: New World Notes Half a Million Member Metaverse: Second Life Plateaus at 538K Active Users Quote from the site - Portland, Oregon is a lovely, livable, mid-sized city with an excellent public transportation system and high property values; surrounded by picturesque mountains, forests, and the nearby ocean, it has thriving immigrant and creative communities, and consequently, is a relatively important center for high-tech business start-ups.

From: Valleywag Electric Sheep lays off 22 Second Life developers Quote from the site - The Second Life bubble may be popping. Electric Sheep, the marketing firm which helped CSI’s a virtual Gary Sinise parade through Linden Lab’s online world, is “rightsizing” the company — or shearing off 30 percent of its staff.

From: Mutant Frog Travelogue Second Life in Japan ‘Depopulating’ - J-Cast Quote from the site - J-Cast news (which, as I may have mentioned, I love for its critical reporting that goes well beyond any of the major newspapers, at least in terms of editorial perspective if not in access or resources) has a report on the “depopulated status” of the Japanese version of Second Life, the massive multiplayer experience popular in the US.

From: heckler spray Look! Here’s C J Davies Slagging Off Second Life! Quote from the site - Eagle-eyed hecklerspray readers might have noticed that our erstwhile scribe - and the man who brought the beauty of Bumrape Island to your attention - C J Davies doesn’t particularly like Second Life.

From: Massively Key Second Life metrics for October and November Quote from the site - The latest Second Life metrics and statistics are out from Meta Linden this month, covering both October and November (presumably due to the lateness of the data). September largely featured a recovery from the service problems of August.

From: Virtual Worlds Management Key Second Life metrics for October and November Quote from the site - This Virtual Worlds Management Industry Forecast 2008 brings together 45 virtual worlds industry leaders, including CEOs of developers, platforms, and agencies, analysts and thinkers, and lawyers and government representatives to offer their thoughts on and predictions for virtual worlds in 2008. Also examined in the report are the 2008 business goals for many of the leading companies in the industry.

From: Your 2nd Place Does Second Life Deserve To Have a Network in Facebook? Quote from the site - I’m in Facebook - my real life avatar, anyway - and I’ve been getting requests to join a group that is lobbying to have Second Life residents to have their own network.

From: eWeek IBM Gulps Its Own Web 2.0 Kool-Aid Quote from the site - Google is often portrayed as the technology hipster, rolling out Web applications almost at whim.

But unseen to the public, IBM is rolling out Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, wikis, mashups and virtual reality technologies to help its employees be more productive. Inside its firewall, Big Blue looks pretty hip.

From: Virtually Blind Madrid’s Campus de la Justicia Building Mysterious Second Life Presence Quote from the site - Madrid’s Campus de la Justicia is under construction in Second Life, but no one can visit and there has been very little press. The virtual campus is described in a September blog post (Spanish language, via Urbanity) as “a three-dimensional space with all kinds of rooms, buildings, streets and open areas, which offer a virtually real image of this great judicial area.”

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