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The Grid Live Year in Review for 2007

Category: Year in Review by Stone Culdesac

I’m not going to try to do a wrap up on everything that happened in Second Life in 2007, just a little recap of some of the things we’ve covered in the past few months since we’ve opened. Some of you who have recently started reading this blog may want to check out some of the earlier reviews we’ve posted. There are lots more posts not listed here, as they were some educational events that were on a certain day, although, those events may be going on now as well, a simple search of those events in Second Life should pull up the next one for you that is listed.

Interesting posts in July 2007:
Second Life Video Creates Controversy A Video to help promote conflict resolution is viewed as racist by some and is promoting negative stereotypes of Muslims and Turks.

Real Lawyers in a Virtual World Real lawyers making real money from Second Life.

Drexel Campus Opens in Second Life The Drexel Island has officially opened in Second Life, allowing students to access the same materials as are on their website, as well as providing a floor for each college they offer, and allowing each college to design their own floor.

10 Second Life Tips to Make SL Better Here is a great post from Torley Linden on the Second Life blog called 10 debug options you should know about that lets you know how to do things to make your Second Life experiences a little better. Such as turning that annoying typing animation and sound off, or the sound it make when you take a snapshot.

Quest for a Cure, 3rd Annual Virtual Relay American Cancer Society to hold third annual Virtual Relay For Life in Second Life.

The event is today and tomorrow, but the fundraising goals have already been shattered by Second Life volunteers.

Second Life Drops the Hammer On Gambling Looks like the end is in sight for people earning a living using gambling and casinos in Second Life as Linden Labs has posted a new policy concerning gambling inside SL.

More on the Hacking of the WSE I posted in a news roundup last night about the WSE being hacked and L$3.2 million being stolen by the chairman of Mystik Designs, Thurston Hallard. Reuters has posted on their blog about it today, World Stock Exchange hit by L$3.2 million theft, in which they talk about the theft and they mention that Mystik’s account is now open to her again, but fail to mention how it happened, namely, someone giving him rights to do what he did when he was working on their ATM’s.

Missing the Mark On Second Life There have been lots of articles recently about businesses leaving Second Life, although most of those seem to have come about because of the first person posting the article and the others regurgitating it over and over, and others that say businesses are wasting their money there. As an example, this one from Wired magazine titled How Madison Avenue Is Wasting Millions on a Deserted Second Life, and that seems to be the focus, all businesses are wasting money since no one is there when you visit them in Second Life.

SL Globe Theater @ sLiterary’s Cookie Island Here is another of the nominated sims for the 7 Wonders of the Grid, SL Globe Theater @ sLiterary.

Tombstone - Broken Rose 19,121,22 Here is another of the sims nominated for the 7 Wondows of the Grid, Tombstone Where you can roleplay in the Western 1890’s.

S.S. Galaxy Queen of the Sagitarian Sea Here is another of the nominated 7 wonders of the Grid, S.S. Galaxy Queen of the Sagittarian Sea 58, 42, 21.

Greenies Home Rezzable Here is another of the 7 wonders of the Grid, this is for Greenies Home Rezzable 147, 187, 61.

The Pot Healer Adventure - Numbakulla Island Project 214, 17, 22 I am posting some info for the 7 nominated worlds of the Grid, this is for The Pot Healer Adventure - Numbakulla Island Project 214, 17, 22.

7 Wonders of the Grid You know I had never really thought about it until now, but what are the 7 wonders of the world in Second Life? We have the 7 wonders of the planet Earth, well we have the 7 wonders of the ancient world, 7 wonders of the middle ages, 7 wonders of the modern world, we should have the 7 wonders of Second Life, but, I think this will be a little harder to pick as you have to either have been to everything in SL or know someone who has, as there are not too many sites that discuss the specific sim’s in real life, most articles reference SL as a whole, not its parts.

Transformers, Avatars in Disguise I just took my kids to see the Transformers last night, it is a REALLY good movie btw, definitely worth seeing, especially if you have kids, although, there are some cuss words throughout the movie, so, you’ve been warned. Anyway, Second Life Insider just posted a quick review of what they thought of the official Transformers site in SL, and while he definitely liked the detail of the FREE avatars they created, he says they fall short because they don’t transform, and it is certainly possible to do so, because there are already some avatars that do just that, transform.

Second Life Avatar Sued in RL Court An entrepreneur in SL, Kevin Alderman, avatar name of Stroker Serpentine, is suing another avatar, named Volkov Catteneo, for copyright infringement over a sex bed that made Stroker a lot of money. The SexGen bed contains over 150 animations to allow residents to sexually interact with each other, and is sold by Eros LLC for $12,000 Linden, or around $45 dollars, Stroker says that Volkov is copying and selling the bed for much less, $4,000 Linden or around $15 dollars. Stroker’s lawyer plans to subpoena Linden Labs to force them to disclose Volkov’s real identity, chat histories, and financial records from Linden Lab and PayPal.
Interesting post in August 2007:
Second Life - Virtual World Librarianship Courses The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the Alliance Library System of Illinois are offering virtual librarianship courses in Second Life, two six week courses to help introduce you to information services in the virtual world.

Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden, Market & Aquarium and the Crescent Moon Museum Here another great spot for art, the Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden, Market & Aquarium and the Crescent Moon Museum, who are featuring new a new rotating exhibit that celebrates the Second Life of the master of SL sculpture, Starax Statosky.

Alician Fresh Auction Company & Gallery A friend of mine just introduced me to this art gallery in second life, the Alician Fresh Auction Company & Gallery, it’s pretty new, so, the place isn’t full of art, but what they have there is really good. Check out the pics below and the info from the notecard they give you when you get there.

Teaching English in Second Life Nice blog post from a teacher talking about how he is using Second Life to teach his students, and how he made up 7 movies to help them learn how to talk, move around and work in groups in Second Life without disturbing the other groups.

Linden Labs Toying with Google Search for Second Life I have a love/hate relationship with Google, although it seems it’s more hate/hate but I am very interested in the blog post from Nick Wilson of Metaversed saying that Second Life may be integrating Google for their search.

1st Annual Architecture & Design Competition in Second Life 1st annual architecture & design competition in Second Life.

Reinventing the Virtual City – Die virtuelle Stadt neu denken A competition to help find new approaches to shape the growing, or shrinking, virtual world Second Life, I guess it depends on who you talk to about whether it’s growing or shrinking. Can abandoned sims be recycled, can they be reused, or should they be recycled, what happens if the Lindens files bankruptcy, what would happen to all those users?

Virtual Radio Station Launches Virtual World Radio Network - Real Voices, Real News for Virtual Worlds - A very professional sounding radio station has launched in and about Second Life, the Virtual World Radio Network just wants to keep you informed. They are on air at http://radio.vwrn.net:8787 and if you visit the virtual radio station you can get a free radio to listen to the show in your own virtual abode.

Want to Join a Virtual Picket Line? IBM could be facing a strike in September, but not in real life, in Second Life. Apparently the Rappresentanza Sindacale Unitaria IBM Vimercate, or RSU, the trade union that represents the 9,000 IBM workers in Italy, is planning on striking IBM in SL, and they want as many avatars there as possible.

Second Life Tips and Tricks Torley Linden started this off by posting a video of how to turn the typing animation and sound off, something I have been doing for awhile, it is so much better without it.

Oh No, It’s Virtual Tokyo All right, so it’s not that funny. But, it sounds pretty cool, they spent $870,000 thousand on the virtual land and are hoping to recoup some of that by lining up 30 blue chip companies to set up shop there. They are hoping to attract 3 million users the first year, sounds like someone has been hitting the sake pretty hard. I will post the Second Life URL when it’s opened.

SLL Educators Meet and Greet Going on Now Can’t get to Chicago, but want to talk about what will be going on inworld for SLL educators? Stop by for our FIRST meet and greet!

Connecting the Virtual Worlds This is what HiPiHi, a virtual world in China similar to Second Life, wants to do, connect the virtual worlds by creating standards in hardware and software to allow development that will work on them all. This sounds great and all, especially if you can pop into Second Life and then jump over into HiPiHi, but, this will surely not be easy, some virtual worlds will be resistant, for fear of loosing avatars to a competing virtual world, as will some users. But, if everything was easy, what fun would it be?

The Inspire Space Park Found this interesting blog post on New World News about a sim that was created on the mainland called The Inspire Space Park, and how it couldn’t get any traffic there because of the Matrix casino who had avatars camping there all the time, so they could hardly ever get more than 8 avatars in it at one time.

Child Protection Software for Second Life? This sounds like one of those ideas somebody has while they are drinking, but maybe I am just misreading it. Beatnetworks and TUV tekit are forming a contest in which users add-on to a simple script that they have already created, to create an open source tool to control avatar access to content without having to send any information to a third party.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration have created a great sim in which you can see lots of the things they do in real life, flying into hurricanes, ride with a weather balloon, you can see how tsunami’s are made, watch a glacier melt, they have a conference room in which they can transmit to the real world and from the real world to Second Life, lots and lots of great stuff.

Nasty HUD 2.0, Great Second Life Weapon The Nasty HUD is just what it says it is, NASTY. I have used it to my own personal satisfaction many times, this one time; the guy actually stumbled around for a few seconds before blinking offline. If you have problems with griefers, this is the tool for you, click, click, click and their done. Only L$1300 at SL Exchange.

A New Resident’s Guide to the Second Life Art Community Check out this post, it’s a new resident’s guide to the Second Life Art Community, here and it discusses content creation, Second Life’s Third Dimension, Second Life’s Second Dimension, Presentation, Getting Some Space, Joining Art Groups, and Protecting Your Intellectual Property.

Gartner Says Second Life is a Security Risk I know it sounds bad, but they are really right, remember the flying penises incident that happened to news.com? The whole world is pretty much unmoderated, so, when creating sims, businesses haven’t locked them down like they should have, and its not because it’s hard to do, you just need to check a couple check boxes and you are a heck of a lot more secure as far as griefers and other drive by types are concerned.

Great Second Life Railway I visited the Great Second Life Railway today, the idea is each land owner gives a few meters for right of way to allow the train to go through Second Life, I assume as much of it as it can. And it goes through a lot of different properties; I saw castles, pyramids, mansions, horse ranches, combat regions and much more, definitely worth checking out.

Sistine Chapel Re-Creation in Second Life Here is a good looking version of the Sistine Chapel in SL, Sistine Chapel Re-Creation 188, 90, 25. One that is worth checking out for the beautiful artwork alone.

Treasure Island Home of the Sexy Pirate I am posting some info for the 7 nominated worlds of the Grid, this is for Treasure Island 126, 87, 33.

I was the least impressed with this sim, sure, everything looks great, but what is there to do other than shoot cannonballs at the other ships? I guess I missed it.

The Leaky Cauldron in the Wizards Alley I am posting some info for the 7 nominated worlds of the Grid, this is for The Leaky Cauldron in the Wizards Alley - Sunset Harbor 172, 138, 27.

Spook Country in Second Life I wish I would’ve known about this one before it happened, I will post the Second Life URL if they have something that we can watch after the fact. William Gibson, author of Neuromancer and many other books, promoted his latest offering in Second Life, giving an actual reading and answering questions from the crowd.

Possible Second Life Competitors According to Wagner James Au of Gigaom, Second Life finally has some virtual competition, Multiverse has launched, and while I agree they can become some competition, it sounds like Multiverse is more for people wanting to create their own SL competitors, so we could see a lot of competition come from their servers, or maybe not.

Miss SL Tropics 2007 Competition Want a shot at being a top Second Life model? This could be your chance, although the winner will not be added to the roster immediately, you get a big prize package and your foot in the virtual door.

Harry Potter Buzz Created in Second Life I haven’t been to an Imax theater yet, so I have no opinion on anything concerning it, but an interesting marketing campaign was run in SL, This Second Marketing Llc. hired about 2 dozen avatars and paid money, real money even, to act as virtual street teams that handed out promotional items like virtual 3-D glasses, Imax T-shirts, directors’ chairs with the Imax logo and virtual movie tickets, which you could redeem for real life movie tickets, but with only about 300 being released.

Interesting Posts in September 2007:
The IBM Strike Underway in Second Life I did get a chance to go inworld and check out the IBM strike, two of the IBM sims were fairly busy, with one being all strikers, the Italian IBM sim, and the other with quite a few strikers was named, I believe, IBM 101, but the Business center, which included some employees as well as some strikers, wasn’t as busy, but it sure looked a lot better.

Day Trip To Ponderama We have undertaken the long and arduous annual pilgrimage to see Burning Life. To my dismay, the Sherpas began to buckle under the insignificant weight of my essentials and required almost daily rest stops. A lucky pick for just such a break, Ponderama proved to be a small oasis of fun in the entertainment desert.

Google’s Second Life Competitor? Word has been circulating for awhile now that Google has been preparing a virtual world that will use Google Earth, especially since you could already create 3d models using Google Sketchup and then add them as a layer to Google Earth.

Popular Places in Second Life? Is that really the best name for that tab in the search function in Second Life, Popular Places? I’ve been visiting them periodically for different reasons lately, and EVERY ONE of them have been because of camping spots. I was looking tonight and noticed that at least three of them were Brazilian and I thought I would check those out to see if there was anything different from the other popular places.

Exploring the Northland sim Here is the first post, of many I hope, by Aribella Lafleur, roaming the Grid, helping people and more.

3 Show Options to Improve Your Second Life Here’s this weeks video tutorial from Torley Linden, 3 useful “show” options on the tools menu, Show Hidden Selection, Show Light Radius for Selection and Show Selection Beam.

The College of Second Knowledge If you are still looking to learn how to do stuff in Second Life, the College of Second Knowledge might just be for you, classes, tutorials, build it yourself kits, and more available at all times. In five minutes that I was there, I ended up getting notecards with info on making money, getting free lindens, romance, land, groups, some great adventure locations, building and prims and even one on what is Second Life.

More on the Second Life Strike at IBM We posted earlier how the Italian workers for IBM were planning a strike in Second Life to protest the fact that they asked for more wages and IBM said no and actually took away more money, 1,000 euros or about $1300 dollars. New World Notes has an article on it today, and he actually got some interviews from the parties involved.

Newt Gingrich In Second Life Newt Gingrich may be attempting to start his second life in politics in Second Life when he holds some workshops in the SL version of the White House, Second Life URL to come, this September.

Grand Opening of ISTE Island The Grand Opening will begin on September 17th, and run through October 11th. We hope you enjoy the events and festivities! ISTE Island.

How to use beacons and highlights Here is another great tip from Torley Linden, this week he tells you how to use beacons and highlights and he introduces us to some other video tutorial sites and mentions creating a Creation Portal to contain stuff like these video tutorials and other content creation resources.

IBM Union Strike in Second Life The strike by IBM’s Italian employees is only two days away, so I thought I would check out what they have available for people to use to walk the virtual picket line. They have a complete strike kit available that includes three signs with slogans like “We will not let go until the contract is signed”, “We demand the signing of the contract in Second Life”, “Their profits rise and our performance bonus is sacrificed”, “We deserve our performance bonus agreement”, “IBM unilaterally trashes its agreements with the union”, and “They slash 1000 from our income”.

Solar Eclipse Planetarium Here is another great spot to visit, the Solar Eclipse Planetarium by Aimee Weber, although there are not any notecards that I can find with any information, the visuals are most definitely worth checking out.

Interactive Linden Script Tutorial Here is another great site if you are looking to build your own stuff and learn the LSL scripting language, the Interactive Linden Script Tutorial has lots of great info, they have three books available, the first book contains copies of the posters from the LSL tutorial exhibition, the second book looks at using structured design with Linden script and the third book contains a set of structured exercises to help you learn linden scripting.

911 Memorial in Second Life They have been done before, I am told, but this is the first one I have visited in Second Life, and it appears to be a lot like the Vietnam memorials I have seen, but the 9/11 Memorial is one you should visit, check out and drop a few lindens on.

Spaceport Alpha - International Spaceflight Museum Here is a pretty cool place, if you are interested in being an astronaut, a rocket scientist, or just like space stuff in general, the International Spaceflight Museum at Spaceport Alpha (115, 157, 22) PG is a place you ant to check out. They have videos you can watch at anytime, they have one with astronomers talking about stars and some new extra technique, the next one was an early broadcast of a rocket taking off.

TUi For the Love of Teaching If there is one place anyone who is interested in learning more about Second Life, such as scripting, texturing, working with prims, or just getting around in Second Life in general, then Technical User Interfacing, or TUi, is the place to see. I think this paragraph sums it up pretty good, “We feel it is important to provide basic knowledge to residents at little to know cost to them, as we want to make it very simple for them to function within Second Life.

HBO Purchases Television Rights to “My Second Life” In what will be a win/win for everyone involved in Second Life, HBO has bought the television rights for My Second Life, a machinima documentary about Molotov Alva, avatar of Douglas Gayeton, an accomplished multimedia director, and they will promote it as an Oscar nominee contender.

The Enlightenment Gallery Here is another great site for people who are new to Second Life, I met a young avatar tonight who told me about it, she was asking me what kind of stuff she needed to know, and 75% of the time she was like, ya I already knew that, so I’m thinking you’re not the typical newbie. So she told me he learned everything from the The Enlightenment Gallery.

Ivory Tower Library of Primitives I love it when I run into a nice resource on learning how to do stuff in Second Life, because if their is one thing Second Life needs, it’s the ability to quickly get users up to speed and past the aggravation factor of not knowing what to do.

Telos IV - Star Wars Roleplay Planet I’ve mentioned a couple of sims before where people live there and role-play their characters according to whatever sim they are in, the Harry Potter Role-playing area, The Leaky Cauldron in Wizards Alley, and Tombstone, a sim set in the old west in the town of Tombstone, so here is another only this one is for Star Wars fans.

SLart at the Cannery Rezzable Productions Presents SLart at the Cannery - An exhibition bringing together six top Second Life photographers and 40 cream of the crop SL photographs by various Second Life artists or SLartists.

Visual Tutorial of the Second Life Building Interface Here is a great place to start if you are looking to learn how to build stuff in Second Life, the Visual Tutorial of the Second Life Building Interface. This place gives you the basic 101 classes and will be adding more intermediate and advanced building lessons in the future.

Interesting posts in October 2007:
The most popular post to date, although I don’t think it’s for me writing skills, a lot of perves or worse I think. Pedophilia in Virtual Worlds I have to ask this question, even though it creeps me out to even think about it, but is pedophilia really possible in Second Life? One would have to say yes, because it is entirely possible that a youngster playing an avatar could have sex with an adult playing another avatar, but, if you stick to avatars that have payment info on file, that should prevent it from happening accidentally.

caLLie cLine Makes Maxim Top 100 Why is this a big deal? caLLie cLine is a Second Life avatar from this blog, ~•~ mOtoRaTi giRLz ~•~.
Damn, I just noticed they posted the Hot 100 in May, where have I been?

More Second Life in Future for the Office Fans of Second Life may soon become fans of the Office, if they aren’t already, as articles from Tech Blorge and Second Life Insider mention more upcoming episodes with Second Life in them. This would make perfect sense as the some of the last of the Local Ad episode featured Jim’s avatar that he created and Pam giving him a hard time about buffing it up and making sure it looked like him.

Avatar Hair Guide for Beginners Found this blog post from April of 2006, Hair Editing 101: The Ultimate Salon Guide for Beginners, that is still a very good resource for users who want to modify their hair in Second Life.

Avilion Medieval Fantasy Role Play Community I saw this ad in Avastar when I was looking for the Design award winners about a one year anniversary celebration and a Masquerade Ball. The Ball will be held on October 31st, 2007 from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM SLT, in Fae Garden (Avilion), Dress in your Sunday Best the Music will be Classic Rock and the Hostess will be Lady Osiris.

Second Life 1st Annual Architecture Competition Winner? I was just checking out the four finalists for the 1st Annual Architecture and Design Competition in Second Life, well, I was just checking out the three you can visit at your leisure, the first one listed, Berliner Tanja Meyle’s “Living Cloud” project, is a cloud surrounding her avatar Creatina Ferraris and is not only a transportable house; its variability brings in an association with the idea that the house is just an extension of the body of the person who inhabits it.

Dwight’s Second Second Life - Watch It Online For the person who wants to be even more removed from society, Second Second Life, or at least that’s how Jim referred to it.

I believe that’s how he said it; anyway, it was pretty funny, about what I expected from Dwight, who said, he signed up a year ago to Second Life because his first life was going so well that he wanted a second one.

Tzopelic Chantli: Verdant Utopian Encounter The heady scent of frangipane clung in the air, dismissing all our mundane cares with the strength of its perfume. Submerged in the rugged wilderness, my merry band attacked the undergrowth with cutlasses, long knives, scimitars and… a spoon. At this juncture I felt an explanation of the correct usage of cutlery was required, and proceeded to lecture them on matters of table etiquette, after first confiscating the spoon.

CSI:NY What Do You Think & the Aftereffects Well, as usual I missed the first 20 minutes of the episode, daggone kids ;). Anyway, if someone wants to let me know what I missed, I would appreciate it. I am currently downloading, again, the OnRez browser, and it is going painfully slow, about 1/10th of my normal download speeds, so I wonder how many potential users Second Life is losing right now. I wish I would’ve copied my previous download to my flash drive now, dangit.

More on CSI:NY Down the Rabbit Hole & Virtual NY Here is a great video from Anthony Zuiker of CSI:NY fame and in this video he gives out some great information on tonight’s episode, Down the Rabbit Hole featuring Second Life.

Burning Life: Through the Looking Glass I awoke to a soothing, yet strangely perturbing, humming noise emanating from my surroundings. Without opening my eyes I lay, basking in the comfort of the luxurious silken bed linen on the bed I had appropriated for the night. Like Goldilocks, I had made myself totally at ease within someone else’s home, but as no one had come to claim my haven in the night I had slept the full measure in stately affluence.

The Legend of Autumn Hollow The Legend of Autumn Hollow - 3rd annual Halloween event.
Here is a sim worth visiting, they have a pretty good Halloween treasure hunt, it does cost you some lindens, 50 for a 24 hour ticket. If you find all of the items you are entered into a drawing on November 1st for 1/3 of the proceeds they make from the sim. I just gave up, still have to find three items. Here are some screenshots, but no hints!

Halloween Costumes and Sites in Second Life Okay, since Halloween is coming up, thought I would go through some of the places and sims featuring Halloween type stuff.

This first one has loads of Halloween costumes, accessories and stuff you can decorate your house in SL with, it’s named CAS, and it’s loaded full of stuff. Second Life URL.

CSI:NY Down the Rabbit Hole & Second Life Video Preview Here is a preview of the upcoming CSI:NY episode Down the Rabbit Hole which features Detective Mac Taylor going inworld to catch a killer. This is pretty cool looking, showing them fighting as gladiators in an arena, it definitely does not look like it is going to be one of “those” episodes, looks pretty good so far.

Rezzable Playground? Aleister Kronos of the Ambling in Second Life blog has posted about a Rezzable build that could go away at any second because the author just hacked it together in a few hours, called Mars Areas01 Rezzable, it’s really not very functional and you can’t do much with it, but it’s pretty and it’s got some catchy tunes.

Burning Life: Living on the Edge The onerous task of firing my new Sherpa team was simplified by the fact that I now had a much lighter load of luggage. My remaining porters had abandoned all semblance of civility and become the pirates that I knew them to be. One had even found a very seedy looking stuffed parrot, which was perched precariously upon his shoulder in a ridiculous manner.

More Second Life Tips and Tricks Here is a big collection of stuff I have run across today, all intended to help you, our loyal reader, er, I mean readers. Top 5 tips for the newly born This title is a little misleading because it’s a lot more than just 5 tips, this is five tips, with some posting many more than 5, from each user.

CSI: NY - Down the Rabbit Hole I don’t believe I had seen the name of the CSI: NY episode that will feature the star going inworld in Second Life to try to track down a killer, the episode name is Down the Rabbit Hole. I also did not know that game one of the World Series is going to air that night as well, wonder how that will affect viewers?

DarkDharma Avatar Island Haunted House This is a pretty good looking sim, the Ultimate SL Haunted House it says. It is very well done, sitting in a dark room, wandering around this house, I can see a loud sound scaring someone, lol. With some loud noises and a little more interaction, this could be one great Haunted House. Check out the little display out front.

The OnRez Browser and Second Life I just finished reading James Wagner Au’s post about the new OnRez browser form the Electric Sheep Company, he got a little demo from ESC when he was at the Virtual Worlds Expo.

PloppSL Create Sculpties with Ease This looks like a program worth checking out, PloppSL creates Sculpted Prims when run in Second Life. Here is a short video on how to use it.

Space, the Second Life Frontier Just visited a pretty cool sim, Space on Euclidia, a representation of the planets in our Solar System, it certainly doesn’t have the typical layout. Everything is inside this planet.

Tired of Loosing Inventory Items? I have several friends who have lost lots of their inventory recently, one lost all of her shapes skins, etc, and Linden Labs was only able to restore one of them, at least it was the best looking one.

How Do You Feel About Megaprims? In a post on the Second Life blog, Michael Linden has asked the community what to do about megaprims, they want to get rid of them, but are asking residents what are the good uses, what are the bad uses, should they remove them all, or should they just remove the ones down to a certain level, he even mentions that there is one megaprim that is 65,000 meters wide, and says that one is gone. He lists some of the ways that the megaprims are a pain inworld.

CSI: NY and the OnRez Second Life Viewer There has been lots of talk about the upcoming episode of CSI: NY that involves Gary Senise’s character going inworld into Second Life to track down a killer, the video below was released by CBS and it shows an avatar falling to the ground, all bloodied up and dead looking.

All About the Pie Menu Torley Linden has posted another tip and video, this one is all about the pie menu. He gives the basic refresher course, introduces you to the new group invite slice on the menu, changing the pie menu’s appearance, inspecting object details and how to change the appearance of the pie menu.

Virtual Haunted House Annie’s Costumes have created an area in Second Life where you can buy the traditional Halloween costumes for your avatar, you can vote on the Halloween Hall of Fame while you are there and they also have a Haunted House!

Universal Avatars to Roam Virtual Worlds In an announcement before the Virtual Worlds Conference actually began, IBM and Linden Labs, the creators of Second Life, have pledged to create Universal Avatars that will allow users to roam freely between all of the virtual worlds, like There.com, Gaia, Entropa and others, without having to create an avatar for each and every virtual world.

Architectural Wonders - Using Google to Create a Virtual World The Multiverse Network is announcing a partnership today that will allow you to create a virtual world using Google Earth and Google’s 3D Warehouse, a repository of 3D models created using tools like Google Sketchup.

Chevalier Encryption Keyboard Hud If you have been inworld for very long, you know by now that there simply isn’t enough privacy in Second Life, and chat bug scanners can only detects tiny primitives (often called tortured- zero mass prims) or scripted devices.

Movable Life, Second Life Browser Here is another Second Life browser for everyone to try out, Movable Life. Movable Life allows you to connect without the 3D aspect of Second Life, you can chat, IM, search, teleport, manage friends, groups, manage your inventory and more.

Quest For The Burning Man We finally arrived at Burning Life 2007, at the end of a lengthy and exhausting journey. After such a difficult passage I was satisfied with the acceptable loss of only one Sherpa (the singed patches on the back of the bear notwithstanding…). However, following a strenuous recruitment drive, I found myself with ample untrained yet willing vassals.

Second Life Tips and Tutorials Here are some video tips and tutorials for Second Life, this first one is another from Torley Linden, his post here, more inventory management help, Second Life Tutorial - More inventory management tips.

Law & Order SVU, Avatar and Alternate, or Another, Youniverse I just caught part of the Law & Order SVU episode called Avatar, that centered on a virtual reality called Alternate Youniverse, I believe, they referred to it as AY most of the time and I thought I heard the female lead call it Another Youniverse, but, I’ve been wrong before.

Law & Order: SVU Episode: Avatar I just saw an ad on TV for Law & Order SVU (Special Victims Unit) called Avatar, and apparently it involves a virtual world like Second Life, but it didn’t name which one, and I haven’t caught the commercial again to be able to tell for sure, I just caught the tail end of it.

Interesting Posts in November 2007:
Virtual Starry Night, the Second Life Van Gogh exhibit Virtual Starry Night, the Second Life Van Gogh exhibit, a sim dedicated to his artwork, with 70 Van Gogh masterpieces from all around the world, each of which you can buy a copy of while you are there. You start out in the square in front of the yellow house that he lived in.

Dealey Plaza, Site of the JFK Assassination in Second Life US firm Avatar Promotions have recreated the Dealey Plaza, the place where President Kennedy was assassinated, in Second Life.

5th Part of History of Videogames to Feature Second Life According to posts from James Wagner Au, from New World Notes, and a guide from Geoff Keighley, from Kotaku.com, the Discovery Channel’s Guide to Videogames will feature a Second Life segment in Level Five, the fifth segment.

Veterans Day 2007 in Second Life Here is a pretty good video called Veterans Day 2007 in Second Life, it goes into a little detail about how the Wall in SL happened, who built it, and even delves into how some SL groups are trying to help veterans back into society and deal with some of the stuff they’ve had to go through.

An Insurmountable Wall Occasionally, in my nonchalant passage throughout the metaverse, I feel a need for a reflective hiatus, to contemplate the significant matters of subsistence. In that vein, I felt compelled to visit “the Wall”, a thought-provoking and inspirational virtual replica of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Wall.

Windlight Overview and Tips Torley has posted another tip on the Second Life Blog, this one is concerning something he has talked about for a long time, Windlight. He gives you the easy how to get started, an overview of the simplified graphics preferences in the first look client as well as an idea on how to use glow.

Windlight First Look Viewer Updated The day after the new release candidate with the new search is released, Linden Labs has released a new version of the Windlight First Look viewer, version, and this version contains the new search, so I guess one time will be the number of times I log into yesterdays release candidate.

New Release Candidate, New Search and How to Use It In a blaze of posts over on the Second Life blog, Linden Labs has announced a new release candidate, 1.18.5, which includes a new search, the topics covered in the next two blog posts. They have talked about the new search previously, they are going to use some Google appliances for the search, so, right there it should tell you it will be better than it was before, I guess how much better will depend on how it is setup.

Linden Labs Clarifies their “Ageplay” Policy In a post on the Second Life blog, Kend Linden clarifies the ageplay policy from Linden Labs, in which they disallowed depictions of and or engagement of sexualized conduct with avatars that resemble children. Specifically, real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depictions of sexual or lewd acts involving or appearing to involve children or minors are not allowed within Second Life.

Hanging at The Wall in Second Life I have been hanging around The Wall, the representation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Second Life, the past couple days and the reactions from people are far and wide. If one theme runs through them all, it is that it is definitely an experience that everyone should check out at least once, and especially, if you haven’t been to the real one.

Salute to the Troops Day From a Notecard, and hand in hand with the The Wall sim recreating the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall. Salute to the Troops Day, Saturday, Nov 17.

Octoberville: Ethereal Lamentations Gasping for air, chest heaving, lungs a burning inferno, and totally heedless of my surroundings, I lay beside the train tracks, incapacitated by violent paroxysms which seized my body. As the convulsions diminished, my soul shrank in dread from the sounds of demented laughter filling the air.

Previewing The Wall in Second Life I had the pleasure of an early look at The Wall, the Second Life representation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. This is one beautiful looking sim and of course it has extra’s the real life wall cannot. When you first get there a video is playing a walk through of the sim, with some real life pics and some second life pics, and music.

OnRez Viewer Update The Electric Sheep Company have released an update to the OnRez Second Life Viewer with a couple new features and some bug fixes. It certainly was easier to download than the night of the show.

Interesting Second Life Stats Just had an interesting site emailed me, thanks Torley, chock full of interesting Second Life stats that I had not seen anywhere else. Like this one, the recent custom names report, which are the last names that are created and paid for by companies, such as the Reuters reporters, all of their last names are Reuters.

Octoberville: Things That Go Bump in the Night… Landing at an eerie crossroads in the autumn twilight, we stopped to decipher the aged and dilapidated sign posts. The wide, dusty streets were reminiscent of a Western spoof, and I half expected John Wayne to jump out with his six-guns blazing.

AgeLock An Alternative Identity Verification Plan for Second Life I just received a press release announcing the Agelock system an alternative to the identity verification system from Linden Labs. They say in their press release that the Aristotle system not only violates their privacy and is too intrusive, but that it actually breaks privacy laws in several countries.

Interesting posts in December 2007:
Teaser Photos Check out this place that’s almost ready, here are some teaser photos, and no, I’m not naming it yet, it has been around a long time though. Review to come soon. Anyone care to take a shot at namimg what it is or what it was?

The Far Away - A Wheat Field Helping Fight Poverty I first met AM Radio, creator of The Far Away wheat field in Second Life, at The Wall in Second Life, I was there talking to Bleys Chevalier, the Wall’s main developer, and AM politely introduced himself and proceeded to tell Bleys just how much he appreciated the build. He impressed me just from that little conversation and now that I have finally visited his wheat field, I think I was right to be impressed.

Black Swan - Follow the Path Had a couple visitors from Rezzable recently checking out my visits to some of their other sims, Stratos Legend, Crimson Shadow, the Greenies and others, and on their blog they mention I haven’t checked out Black Swan yet, so I thought I would. Lots of cool and neat stuff as usual from Rezzable.

Stratos Legend - Bones of the Dinosaurs I figured since I was already in the area visiting the Crimson Shadows sim, why not hit Stratos Legend and see the Bones of the Dinosaurs. This is another good looking sim, but, unlike the other rezzable sims I’ve looked at, this one has nothing to keep you hanging around here, unless you just like the company of the dinosaurs.

Crimson Shadow - Dark Shopping If you don’t read any reviews before hand, you can never really expect what you are going to see when you visit a sim from Rezzable, Rezzable Productions Ltd. is creating and running one of the largest public entertainment areas in Second Life with more than 30 sims currently.

SLTweets HUD - Metaverse to Real Life Gateway If you get around Second Life a lot, then you need to check out the SLTweets HUD, available inworld at DarkWood’s Magic Land and on SL Exchange. This handy little HUD allows you to post directly to your twitter account, a handy little feature and if you are interested my account is stoneculdesac.

Amour Amusement Park Christmas Contest Derrek Pain im’d me tonight to let me know about the Amour Amusement Park XMas Contest, they hold a contest every couple of months I’m told and right now it is the Christmas Build contest. Every competitor gets a 1024 lot with 234 prims each, it must be original, nothing can be for sale and no ban lines.

Grid Shutdown Linden Labs has just posted notice that they are shutting the grid down to investigate a slowdown of the asset system in Second Life. The slowdown can cause you many problems inworld, including: Inability to save notecards, Inability to compile scripts, Refusal of rezzed objects to return to inventory.

HiPiHi Uninstall Program Infects Your PC with a Trojan I haven’t verified this myself yet, I guess I will have to install and then uninstall HiPiHi to know for sure, but, apparently they infect you with a Trojan when you uninstall their software, I guess in a shot to make some money off of you as you leave.

CSI:NY Today in Second Life With all the talk the past couple days about the ESC, Electric Sheep Company, letting over 20 employees go, it got me to thinking about the CSI:NY episode Down the Rabbit Hole, which got me interested again in seeing what the CSI sim is like today.

Apple Patches Quicktime Exploit Apple has patched the QuickTime bug that could allow someone to take your lindens in Second Life. The patch was released yesterday and is available here, there are several different versions available which is why I linked to the main downloads page instead of the individual updates.

IR Shalom Second Life’s 1st Jewish City Now this is a sim I can get into, not only is it beautiful, it’s full of information, and every time I have been there, there are usually several people there. There is lots of information on the holocaust as well as some pictures and info on famous Jewish people.

Clock Island Another post for the Top 10 Sims from the Best of Second Life group, we first mentioned here, this one is Clock Island.

Clanger’s Inventions Another post for the Top 10 Sims from the Best of Second Life group, we first mentioned here, this one is Clanger’s Inventions.

Adam Ramona’s Garden of Immersive Sound Welcome to a garden of interactive audiovisual sculptures by Adam Ramona.
Currently there are 7 works, some are in the garden here, one is over behind the house, and some are above here in the Sky Gallery.

Surfline Hang10 by Rezzable I just finished visiting another Rezzable creation, Hang10, part of the Surfline sim, and let me tell you, this is a fun build. You can do a little bit of everything there, and it looks like a fun spot to hang out about everyday. I titled this one Surfline Hang10, but there are three Surfline sims, Aloha, Epic and Hang10, and I surfed, flew, swam, dived, relaxed, explored, and played music across all three of them.

Surfline Hang10 by Rezzable Part 2 This is the second part of the Hang10 sim post I just did.

Toxic Garden: Poisoned Paradise Tongues loosened by ale tell strange tales, so I discovered, as the convoluted rumours of a mysterious but deadly jungle were whispered lecherously in my ear. Despite the drunkard’s foetid breath and leering glances, which caused me to recoil in horror, his compelling depiction of fantastic sights in a lethal landscape drew me in and held me in thrall.

The Dresden Gallery in Second Life Another post for the Top 10 Sims from the Best of Second Life group, we first mentioned here, this one is a reproduction of the Dresden Gallery. Here is a photo of the real life Dresden Gallery which you can compare to these I took at virtual version.

The San Francesco Assisi in Second Life Welcome to Second Life Assisi! You are immersed in a nice reproduction of the real Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, one of the most fascinating places in Italy, where religion, art and spirit share their presence

Tip: How to Be Found in Search Need some help with Second Life’s new search? Torley has posted some quick tips on how to get yourself and your stuff listed. I hear that picks from avatars are really important and I bet eventually links from the web will help out as well.

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