Jan 9

Logins Down, Again

Category: Grid Performance, Second Life News by Stone Culdesac

Is it just me or is Second Life experiencing problems on an almost constant basis this new year? Let’s check:

Logins Down
[Resolved] Live Chat Support
[Resolved] Login issues

January 7th:
[RESOLVED] Login Difficulties
In-world map and wiki problems

January 6th:
[Resolved] Group Dividends
[RESOLVED] Intermittent asset server issues

January 3rd:
[RESOLVED] SL Inventory Issues at this time
[Resolved] Second Life Support Portal Restored

January 2nd:
[RESOLVED] Various inventory problems affecting some residents
Previous Login Difficulty
[COMPLETE] Rolling Restart - Wednesday January 2nd
[RESOLVED] Difficulties Rezzing Objects and Connecting To Second Life

Now, it is hard to tell, exactly, which days some of these took place, as they will post an announcement, and move it to the top when they update it. There were also numerous problems at the end of December, but not anywhere near as many as in January. Is this a sign of things to come? As more residents come online, and some even stay, it will probably get worse and worse. As Tateru notes on Massively,

When can we expect the current spate of problems to end? We honestly have no idea - there’s just not enough information to even guess; which is sort of the point here. Things seem to be getting worse, though, rather than better. It gives the feel of the service falling apart in a serious way. If that’s not the case, maybe someone should say something about that, and why that’s the wrong impression. Source: Peering inside - Second Life grid problems a daily occurrence for 2008

Me, I’m still waiting to be able to sign in tonight, looks like yet another night without any sim reviews or anything other than news being posted here.

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