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Second Life News for January 12, 2008

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From: WFAA.com How ‘Second Life’ therapy helps Asperger’s patients Quote from the site - Have you ever been to Second Life?

It’s an online world where people meet, date, conduct business and travel with virtual identities and pseudonyms.

From: US News & World Report A Second Life for Higher Ed Quote from the site - When Prof. Jeremy Kemp entered the classroom to find a student transformed into a giant bowl of Jell-O, he didn’t bat an eye. “I remember one class when a student arrived in a gorgeous monarch butterfly costume complete with gently fluttering wings and bulging eyes,” says Kemp, assistant director of the virtual campus of San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Havok4 Beta Server v77074 Preview refreshed with 16 fixes (2008-01-11) Quote from the site - The Beta Preview has been refreshed with many new fixes, detailed below. The Havok4 project team is working to replace the physics engine in Second Life with a new version. We are now working on vehicles updates, and hope to have another refresh next week.

From: New World Notes Photographer or Image Maker? Quote from the site - Last week when I featured Vint Falken’s handy guide for using Photoshop with Second Life images, I described her as an “image maker”. This provoked a stern reply from Vint, who prefers to be known as an “SL photographer”.

From: Gwyn’s Home No More Banking! Quote from the site - If you haven’t heard the big announcement by Linden Lab that they’re finally closing down “illegitimate virtual bankers” in Second Life, you’ve been missing all the fun.

From: Reuters Showtime mulls expansion of SL presence Quote from the site - Unlike so many corporate presences in Second Life, “The L Word” sim is no ghost town. The virtual home of Showtime’s cable television show buzzes at all hours with activity, full of avatars chatting and dancing.

From: An Engine Fit For My Proceeding Griefbuild Digest, Again Quote from the site - I recently rediscovered a Flickr group that I created some time ago for the posting of pictures of the sort of harassing, usually advertising, builds that plague the Mainland and cause all sorts of heated discussion on the Official Forums. Given that I spent a little while writing a Description that supposedly sums up its nature and purpose, I shall simply repost it here…

From: Mean Girls Guide to SL Blingtards: Stop the Insanity!!! Quote from the site - Yeah, I know… this phenomenon is nothing new.

In fact we have a whole Flickr folder devoted to these misguided individuals. (Scroll down if ya wanna see some of the newer additions). The reason I’m writing this post is because apparently this is more widespread than originally thought.

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