Jan 18

The Mystery Around Monolith 8

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Looking for something to do in Second Life? Looking for a little mystery? How about checking into the ongoing thematic riddle at Fastlane revolving around the Monument of Time and Monolith 8.

Monolith 8

Close up

From a notecard:

This is a brief notice to let members know of a new and ongoing “exercise” currently located on currently being constructed “fastlane” island.

Mythically- “The Monument of Time is a place where the magic of art, technological sorcery and old school wizards blaze up to meet in secret and trade spell craft, knowledge, power, build alliances and puzzle out what the timeless monolith is spelling out. The actual lore behind this exercise was the construction of seven (7) black granite textured monoliths by a long-time resident years ago- not all have been found. Some are “lost”.

Recently a “Monolith 8″ surfaced at the top of seven scripted steps. This piece was acquired by the head of this group though terms undisclosed for the exercise.

As per the charter there are no “right answers”, it is more important to ask the right questions about our virtual worlds and engage in conversation. Participants will find many recurrent mathematical symbols, historical symbols and formulas in the build. In addition obvious themes could time, virtual age, genetics, memetics, scarcity, authenticity, value, and aesthetics- even economics.

Members are welcome to study the build, interact with items from inside Second Life or other media to see what type of questions these recurrent themes and symbols stimulate- if any. The build is not static and will change over time.

All are welcome.

Play close attention to dates, scripts, effects, Second Life history, art, search results and other mediums that might produce thought or a different view of the virtual. Members are welcome to create, within good “prim limits” visual interpretations (submit to members with title Historian) or Officers, or post on their land. In addition comments via blogs, twitter, BlogHud, SlTweets, or writing about what questions or thoughts you have on any “social media”. At times disabling spatial music may allow you to hear other sounds.

Page Preview

Below some factoids about “8″ will be forthcoming to help stimulate thought.

Thank you for your time (and use of a precious group- since we only have 25). You are also welcome to walk around the rest of the island as it is being constructed.

Best regards,
Corwin Chevalier

ON 8 …….

I removed the facts on 8 at from the end of the notecard. But, as Corwin said in the notecard, look everywhere for information, there are even some in the description of some objects. There is also stuff hidden everywhere, even in plain site.

Look everywhere for information

Monolith 8 Symbols

Wow, is this underwater? :)

Monolith 8 Mirror

The 7 scripted steps leading up to the Monolith are full of information as well.

Scripted Steps

I am Step One. Not a Wand, but a Sword of Kingship bringing gifts from the Twelve, our stars. A state not meant for humans.

I am Step Two. Not Wands but the blunt Swords of Peace, Listen Hail Gerona I have a delta invariant of two too. I am a Cartesian coordinate system. A grid.

I am Step Three. The Swords of Sorrow, of Saturn, not morrow. Not of Wands but Listen to the rhythm of my ribbon. A pendant ribbon! Hippopede of Proclus- Conjure a curve of four degree and zero genus…

I am Step Four. Not Three Point One Four, but Four. Not Wands nor Cups, but the paradox of the Swords of Truce. Jupiter’s Irony No Less. Xeno would have never moved had he listened to paradox in a box. There is reason in unreason.

I am Step Five. Bringing the torrid Swords of Defeat. Venus floats above in your chromatic vision and Winds of Light. Collid and Go or did you ever go? I am but Five. Your virtual Age is the sum of your identity. You identies may be greater than one.

I am Step Six. Swords of Science not Wands do I Mix. Gifts of Mercury. Wisdom Wise, Shadows Agile I can Surmise the nature and the origin of your Digital DNA, UUID, and GUID. A number is a number and I am Six.

I am Step Seven. I am the Swords of Futility. Gifts of the Moon. Bernoulli and the spiral…EADEM MUTATA RESURGO He Said- before dead… Changed and yet the same, like Lazarus you rise again. Alas it was Archimedian folly , the helix of your genes, yo

Check it out, start here.

And now for something completely different….

Finally, the spotlight is on me ;)

Stone Spotlight

All I can see is Uranus.

Monolith Telescope

Raining frogs, inside even. Ribbit, ribbit, splat, ribbit splat…

Raining Frogs


On the mushroom

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